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Step Three: Pay for the Convention!
Cancellation Date: Full refunds are available, if the Association is notified on a timely basis.

2021 Convention-related Rates and Dates:
Payment Option 1: Send an old-fashioned check to:
Payment Option 2: Use QuickPay to send fees to the NAA Secured Bank Account: NatlAccordion@sbcglobal.net

Payment Option 3: Use this PayPal "Add to Cart" button to pay 2021 Convention Fees using PayPal or other credit cards.
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"Need to Know" Convention Fees, Menu, and Hotel Information

Saturday Evening Banquet Information:
Plated Entrees:
    1. Thin Cut Flat Iron Beef with Chef Ning's Cream Flavor Sauce
    2. Oven Roasted Chicken Breast
    3. Blackened Tilapia
      Sides: Mix Fingerling with Red Potatoes and Soft Seasonal Vegetables

Preset Family Style Salad and Dressing:
    Texas Mixed Greens, Candied Pecans, Cherry Tomatoes, and Cucumbers
    Cilantro Vinaigrette and Ranch Dressing on the side

Preset Alternating Desserts:
    Raspberry Chocolate Cake
    Carmel Apple Crumble
Vegetarian Entree
    Soft Noodle Vegetable Lasagna with Marinara Sauce
    Cauliflower Mash
    Soft Seasonal Vegetables

Cash Bar Available: This is not a BYOB event.

The lunch and dinner musicians' times will be listed on the schedule page.

Hyatt-Regency Lake Fork Restaurant Schedule:
Dining Options:

Thursday, March 18, 2021 Buffet:

Friday, March 19, 2021 Buffet:

Saturday, March 20, 2021 Buffet:

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2021 Convention Fees

Fee Category * Fee Rates
Fee For 1 Accordionist    (90% select this option) $300.00
Fee For 2 (Accordionist & Non-Accordionist) $400.00
Daily Fee: (Tell Us Which Day You Are Coming) $200.00
Saturday Fee with Banquet $250.00
Wednesday (Convention Warm-up Party) Complementary
Youth (under 21) Complementary
Extra Concert Tickets $10.00 Each
Extra Banquet Tickets $50.00 Each
* Fees include all related activities, such as the concerts, etc.

Dining Music by Accordionists
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General Information Related to the Hyatt-Regency Hotel Registration System:
The National Association Association (NAA) has a special agreement with Hyatt-Regency; therefore:

Electronic Help Desk:

If you need additional assistance with the hotel registration system, contact "Hyatt Central Reservations" at Hyatt Regency Help Desk. If the system fails, contact Norman Seaton at Cell :214-938-5984 and/ or e-mail NatlAccordion@sbcglobal.net .

Hotel rates and complementary breakfast buffet are guaranteed until Feb 22, 2021.

After the expiration rate expires, prevailing rates (without the breakfast buffet) will be offered.
However, the complementary $20 breakfast buffet will not be available without an extra charge.

February 22, 2021 is the extended and absolute closing date:

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