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2020 Workshop Schedule, Descriptions, and Comments

Accordion Orchestra and/or Group Training Sessions

Dick Albreski
NAA Convention Band Director: Dick Albreski
NAA Famous Fun Band

Sam FalcettiSam Falcetti: Springfield, MA. https://www.FalcettiMusic.com/

Sam Falcetti will conduct a pure digital Orchestra. Conventioneers must sign up before the convention on a first come first serve bases. Most likely the titles will be "Fiddler on the Roof", a Tex-Mex Medley and God Bless America. He will provide sheet music upfront and also files for a USB drive to practice. We need at least 12 digital players.

Shelia Lee Shelia Lee: The Whole World including Texas https://SheliaLee.wordpress.com/
NAA Dance Band Music 2020
    1. Achy Breaky Heart 1992 / Elvira 1981
    2. Old Time Rockin Roll - Bob Seger 1978
    3. Crazy Patsy Cline 1961 - Willie Nelson - 1962
    4. You've Lost that Loving Feeling - Righteous Brothers 1964
    5. Twist and Shout - Beatles 1964
    6. What a Wonderful World 1967 / Over the Rainbow 1939
    7. Save the Last Dance for Me (Latin) Ben E King 1960
Line dance, Rock N Roll, Slow Country, Latin, Dreamy Slow – all the bases are covered!!!

Matthias Matzke
2020 Symphonic Orchestra director: Matthias Matzke
(Germany) https://www.facebook.com/MatzkeMatthias/

Rehearsal Times: Ballroom Thursday 9:00 - 10:20 am., Friday and Saturday 11:00 am. until noon.

Matzke is sending his favorite musical arrangements. After the initial read-through, Matthias and the orchestra participants will select the actual arrangements to be preformed on the evening concert.
    Wintergames (David Foster, Arr.: Matthias Matzke)
    The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley (Koji Kondo, Arr.: Matthias Matzke)
    November Rain (Guns n’ Roses, Arr.: Matthias Matzke)
    Trossinger Morgensupp (Georg Penz)
    Conga del Fuego Nuevo (Arturo Marquez)
Maestro Matzke explains:
    1. Wintergames is an orchestral overture with a pop touch.
    2. The Legend of Zelda classical sound track.
    3. November Rain would compliment the rock workshop very well.
    4. Trossingen Morgensupp is an uplifting polka from "Hohner City“ Trossingen.
    5. Conga del Fuego Nuevo is classical music with latin influences.
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Individual/Team Workshop Information

Dick Albreski Dick Albreski: Oklahoma City Accordion Club    www.OklahomaAccordionClub

Gary Blair from Scottland Gary Blair: Scotland www.facebook.com/GaryBlairAccordionist.com/ www.accordions.com/GaryBlair/
Proposed Workshops:
    1. How to improve technique
    2. Tips and tricks for better accordion playing

Sam FalcettiSam Falcetti: Springfield, MA. https://www.FalcettiMusic.com/
Sam Falcetti has proposed to teach the following two 2 sessions:
1. Left Hand patterns and how to improve them
2. How to memorize a song an d how to fake music.

Gordon KohlGordon Kohl: California
Proposed Workshops:
1. Playing the Beautiful Music of Austria.
2. Accordion stylings for both a Tango waktz and a new pop musette piece.
3. Playing Dance Standards with musical flair.
4. Teaching plan and music used in a 12-week elementary school program (including the cost for accordions, stands, and music.)

Shelia Lee Shelia Lee: The Whole World including Texas https://SheliaLee.wordpress.com/
NAA Dance Band Music 2020
    Shelia is offering a Saturday workshop of the Conventioneer's choice.

Matthias Matzke
Proposed workshops by Matthias: www.facebook.com/MatzkeMatthias/

1. Reading music vs. understanding music:

2. Playing digital accordion in a rock band
3. Orchestrating Evergreens (German for Classic Standards) :
Funky Ginnie
Ginny Mac (Cowtown USA aka Fort Worth, Texas) http://www.GinnyMac.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/GinnyMacInTexas

1) Stage Presence and Building Your Show, Exploring all the elements that go into building a set or a show; finding your “voice” as an artist; allowing your personality to shine; connecting with the audience.

2) Accordions & Western Swing, Explores some of the great accordionists of the genre and their playing styles; incorporating songs and stylistic elements of the genre; also covers the many roles of the accordion in Western swing bands, accompanying vocalists, and improvisation.

Randy McPeck
Randy McPeck: Minnesota      www.Facebook.com/Randy.Mcpeck
Accordion bellows in’s and outs Randy is the Room Coordinator for Salon A. He does his own scheduling. Accordion bellow repairs
Bellow tape repair, bellow corner service, repair bellow leaks, and bellow gasket repair

Richard NoelRichard Noel (Bakersville, CA): www.NoelAccordion.com Proposed Workshop Titles
    1. From Acoustic to Digital: A Transformative Journey.
    2. Preparing and Playing Your Digital Accordion for All Occasions

Cory PesaturoCory Pesaturo (Worldwide Accordionist and Flirt) www.facebook.com/CoryPesaturol/ or www.CoryPesaturo.com/
Proposed Workshops:
1. Italian / French Looking into the high level of flamboyance in French Musette Music, both in constant tempo changes, thumb slides and how to add notes / fills. We will also go over Tarantella rhythm, and the strange forms and phrasing of Italian music. Plus the Neapolitan b2. Musical examples will be played from recordings for each.

2. Klezmer / Balkan: The scale is both these genres are very different than most music accordionists play. We’ll go over the intricacies of Klezmer, with the many different grooves it offers, and try to get Odd Meters into people’s playing for Balkan! 7/8, 11/8, 13/8, etc..

3. Tango / Brazilian: How to play Not on the beat but a constant flow of being ahead & behind it; that is Tango. Also, various aspects of Brazilian music, including 3/3/2 & 3/4/4/3/2+ grooves. Musical examples will be played from recordings for each.

Cory says: I feel these workshops should Be Interactive, “Masterclass” style. I will be able to teach much better using examples as people try and figure out the details of which I am giving for each genre.

Jim RommelJim Rommel: (Dallas area)
Workshop Proposals:
1. Rock and Roll workshop
2. Haven’t thought about a second one yet.

Sharon Seaton Sharon Seaton: North Texas      www.SharonSeaton.com

Duet: Tutto a DioTutto a Dio (Lithuania): www.facebook.com/TuttoaDio/
Has proposed the following workshops:
    1. How to improve your playing accordion technique? (Augustinas Rakauskas)
    2. The art of improvisation - Me (Greta) & Augustinas
    3. Individual or open Masterclass (duo for chamber music | Augustinas for accordion)

Arlyn V. Arlyn Visentin: Houston Area
Mom’s 15 Minutes of Fame and On-going Photo Op:
  Winner of the 2019 Most Popular Event!

Salon C- 9:00-5:00 Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Hosted by Arlyn & Tom Visentin

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2020 Business-Related Presenter Information