1 Accordion contains about 1200 pieces constructed with 14 different materials:
Wood - leather - brass - alluminium - steel- harmonic steel- felt - various materials - motherpearled - celluloid - plastic - fibre for cases - cardboard - different glues.

The internationally famous "Stradella bass system", which is still used nowadays, consists in a series of chords "built-in" the keyboard and was invented and developed by Mariano Dallapè at the end of the nineteenth century.


Comune di Stradella
Ufficio Interventi Culturali/Civica Biblioteca

Ufficio  Cultura del Comune 0385 249238
Civica Biblioteca 0385 48870
Carlo Aguzzi/Direttore 338 7150543

Email: info@museistralla.it

Sito Museo della Fisarmonica

Sito Comune Stradella

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