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Mika Väyrynen was the first accordion soloist ever to perform in Vienna's famed Musikverein.

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Mika Väyrynen - Photo Gallery

mika vayrynen
mika vayrynen
mika vayrynen
mika vayrynen
Mika Vayrynen
mika vayrynen
Mika Väyrynen - Please click on image for high resolution photo

Left: Oviedo,Spain, (November, 2008)
Center: Erkki-Sven Tüür (composer), Olari Elts (conductor), Mika Väyrynen - Tallinn, Estonia (November, 2007)
Right: with Composer Erkki-Sven Tüür after Estonian Premiere of Tüür´s Concerto (November, 2007)
finland day
Left: Mika was the first accordionist to perform at Vienna's famous Musikverein Golden Hall (November, 2007)
Center: Ikaalinen, Finland (July, 2004)
Right: President of Finland´s Independence Day Reception, "Tango for Four" performed comprising Mika, Jaakko Kuusisto - violin, Kalle Elkomaa - piano, Jaan Wessman - bass (
6 December 2000)
mika vayrynen tango group mika vayrynen bandoneon
Left: Concert in Norway on the "Piazzolla: Tango!" Project Tour (February, 2009)
Center: Concert in Norway on the "Piazzolla: Tango!" Project Tour (February, 2009)
Right: Concert with "La Camorra" Quintet at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland (January, 2006)
Above: Castelfidardo, Italy (October, 2006)

mika vayrynen norway
mika and juha nikkola
Left: at the Sibelius-Academy with famous Finnish composers, from left to right: Prof. Aulis Sallinen,
Jouni Kaipainen, Mika, Juhani Nuorvala and Paavo Korpijaakko (
19th November 2009)
Center: On "Piazzolla: Tango!" Project Tour in Norway with musicians and Argentinian Ambassador (2009)
Right: With longtime close friend, conductor Juha Nikkola (b. 15 September 1962 - d. 19 June 2009)
in Helsinki in March, 2009
Above and Left: Mika performing for renonwed Finnish composer
Prof. Aulis Sallinen, his new work
'Preludes and Fugues for Accordion Solo, Opus 95.

The work is dedicated to Mika and was premiered at the "Lux Musicae" Festival in Siuntio, Finland - 13th November 2009.
Left: Good friends Raquel Ruiz, Angel Luis Castano and Mika in Segovia, Spain (2007)
Center: With Olari Elts (Conductor) & Erkki-Sven Tüür (Composer) after Concert with Tallinn Philharmonic (2007)
Right: With Angel Luis Castano, James Crabb and Geir Draugsvoll in Helsinki, FInland (2007)
Left: With friends in Serbia
Center: Mika Väyrynen with his good friend Yuri Shishkin in Kragujevac, Serbia (2006)

Right: With Russian master Reed builder of Mika´s instrument, Maestro Tschernow in Moscow (2005)

Left: During Summer holiday, fishing with his son Juho (2008)
Center: Mika with daughter Elisa

Left: During a Concert Tour to Lisbon, Portugal (June, 2008)
Center: Holiday in Thailand (2007)

Right: View from Hotel Room in Tokyo, Japan during concert tour performing Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach (2007)
Left: On vacation in Thailand with conductor Maestro Okko Kamu, winner of Karajan competition in 1968 (2006)Left: Center: Concert Poster - Pablo Casals Festival (2006)
Right: Going to Concert - 2006 Pablo Casals Festival - Prades, France (2006)

Serbia Masterclass
Above left: Teaching at Kragujevac, Serbia (July, 2011)
Above Center: Teaching at "Portico do Paraiso", in Ourense, Spain (March, 2010)
Above right: With the Seminar participants in Ourense, Spain (March, 2010)
mika with jacques and franck
Above left: with Jacques Mornet and Franck Angelis during Master Classes in Saint Sauves, France, (July, 2009)
Center and Right: teaching at Zaragoza Superior Conservatory, Spain, (Spring, 2009
Above: teaching at Zaragoza Superior Conservatory, Spain, (Spring, 2009)
Above: Teaching Master Classes and Seminars in Oviedo,Spain, (November, 2008)
Above: Teaching Master Classes and Seminars in Oviedo,Spain, (November, 2008)


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