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Concert Accordionist, Mary Tokarski performs both nationally and internationally as a soloist, with Symphony Orchestra and as a member of The 'K' Trio. For 20 years Mary served as Director of Music Education at Tokarski Music Center in North Haven, Connecticut, where she taught piano and accordion, as well as conducted the choral & ensemble programs, and supervised the pre-school programs. Mary currently teaches piano and accordion at her home in Hamden, Connecticut.

Currently, Mary serves as a Board of Director with The American Accordionists' Association (AAA) a national member organization of the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes, (IMC- an official NGO partner of UNESCO).
Need help with getting ready for a major performance, but you’re not close to Connecticut?  Working for a competition?  Need help understanding the musicality of a piece?  I can help.  Contact me at , and we can arrange a  Skype lesson.  It’s amazing what can be done through your computer – it turns out we’re not so far away after all!
New: Xmas CD.. Just released! (see in CDs below)
New: Skype Lessons! Please enquire today. Skype address: mary.tokarski2
Now Available: New Book - An Accordion! What Is That?
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Concert Accordionist, Mary Tokarski performs both nationally and internationally as a soloist, with Symphony Orchestras, with String Quartets and as a member of The 'K' Trio. Mary has appeared as a soloist with the Prince George’s Philharmonic (Maryland), the Moravian Symphony (Czech Republic), the Auckland Symphony (New Zealand), The Pioneer Valley Symphony Orchestra (Massachusetts), the Waterbury Symphony (Connecticut), the Bronxville Pops Orchestra (New York), the Hamden Symphony Orchestra (Connecticut) and most recently with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (Massachusetts). She’s toured mainland China with the Mantovani Orchestra, performing both in the orchestra and as a soloist, appeared in the orchestra for the musical “Fiddler On The Roof”, performed with the Wolf Trap Performing Arts Center Orchestra in the full sound track for “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” complete with the film, and in the Opera “Four Saints In Three Acts” by Virgil Thomson and Gertrude Stein. This Spring, Mary will be featured in the Westport Country Playhouse production of “Sing For Your Shakespeare” created by Wayne Barker, Mark Lamos and Deborah Grace Winer. Performances run through the month of June, 2014.
For 20 years Mary served as Director of Music Education at Tokarski Music Center in North Haven, Connecticut, where she taught piano and accordion, conducted the choral & ensemble programs, supervised the pre-school programs, and served as a Music Educator in the North Haven Department of Education's Early Childhood Development Program. Mary currently teaches accordion and piano at her home in Hamden, Connecticut.
In collaboration with Karen Malan-Uribe (an English as a Second Language teacher in the Washington, D.C. area) and Joan Geller Grauman (an amazing illustrator/artist from Maryland), Mary selected and recorded the music and narration for the guided reader children’s book “An Accordion! What Is That?” released in 2010, and now in an iBook format! (
Mary has performed internationally in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland and Switzerland – as well as extensively here in the United States. As a two-time United States Champion she represented the U.S. in the Coupe Mondiale (World Championship) events in Belgium and France, and now serves on the Board of Directors for the American Accordionists Association, is one of the founders of the Connecticut Accordion Association, and is a member of the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, Intl.
In addition, Mary presents Workshops and Master Classes on improving musical skills, and coaches on all aspects of performance throughout the U.S. and Canada, and recently at the Peter Soave Music Academy in Sauris, Italy. Sought after for her adjudicating skills, Mary has served numerous associations as a “regular” at festivals around the U.S. as well as serving on prestigious jury panels for world events.
New Release: “Have Yourself A Mary Merry Christmas” – a collection of Mary’s favorite listening music for the Holidays! Her previous 2 solo CDs, “Music with Mary . . . for my friends!” and “Music with Mary . . . with my friends!” have received international acclaim . . . and . . . Mary was chosen by New Zealand composer Gary Daverne to perform many of his compositions for accordion and symphony orchestra on his CD release “Rhapsody”. As a member of The "K" Trio, Mary has 3 CD releases: "Images", "Take 2", and "Classically, the "K" Trio". For more information, to book a presentation or coaching session, or to order a CD, Mary can be reached at .
Also NOW available: Lessons on Skype! Go to mary.tokarski2 – see you there.


Mary began her music career at the age of 7 with Michael Fernino of Ansonia, Connecticut. During the course of her musical career she has studied theory, performance, ensemble and orchestral training with professors from Yale University, Indiana University, Peabody Conservatory, Boston University, the University of Texas and the University of Denver. In addition, she has had extensive Kindermusik training at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and Princeton University, and has attended numerous seminars on the psychology of teaching, technics for "special needs" learners, and LOTS of education-related topics!


Mary has the distinction of winning over 185 trophies and awards for her performances in State, Regional, National and International competitions, and twice represented the United States in the Coupe Mondiale (World Accordion Championships) sponsored by the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA). She was elected to Who's Who Among America's Teachers in 2002, the Oxford's Who's Who in 1992, was a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow in 2004 and recevied the AAMS Recognition Award in March 2011.


cdxma cdMary has now released her Xmas CD to add to her two previous CDs.
Both this new CD, as well as her previous CD's "Music With Mary... With My Friends" and her first solo CD, "Music With Mary... For My Friends" are $18.00 which includes shipping and handling. To order the CD's or the Book 'An Accordion! What is That?', please complete the order form below, and mail your check or money order payable to Mary Tokarski, to the address listed below. Be sure to select which CD you would like to purchase, your mailing address, phone number and e-mail address for return shipping purposes and order confirmation.

Mary Tokarski
835 Mix Avenue, Apt T1,
Hamden, CT 06514

Phone: (203) 484 5095

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CD - Have yourself a MARY Merry Christmas
01. March of the Toys Victor Herbert
02. Moon River Henry Mancini
03. On Thin Ice John Gart
04. Let's Go Shopping (from Shopping Center Suite) Gary Daverne
05. In the Bookstore (from Shopping Center Suite) Gary Daverne
06. Super Market (from Shopping Center Suite) Gary Daverne
07. Coffee Shop (from Shopping Center Suite) Gary Daverne
08. Arcade (from Shopping Center Suite) Gary Daverne
09. March from "The Nutcracker" P. Tchaikovsky
Polonaise in A Major
F. Chopin
Ave Maria
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
Leon Jessel
O Holy Night
Adolphe Adam
Slippery Slope
Michael Bridge
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Martin & Blane


CD - Music with Mary ....with my friends!
01. Rhapsody
with the Moravian Philharmonic - Gary Daverne, Conductor
Gary Daverne
02. Tango for Five Klaus Paier
03. En Bateau Claude Debussy
04. Spanish Holiday Eugene Ettore
05. Scherzo in B Flat Minor Maddalena Belfiore
06. Reflections of Italy Frank Mucedola
07. Calambre Astor Piazzolla
08. Ritual Fire Dance Manuel de Falla
09. Magic Fingers, Revisited Jacob Neupauer
Oliviero & Ortolani
Chiquilin de Bachin
Astor Piazzolla
Midnight Fantasy
Todor Gerov
Roller Skates
Todor Gerov
Chippy, Cheppy, Chu
Todor Gerov
Concert Waltz
Gary Daverne
Sound File Samples from Music with Mary ....with my friends
01. Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra by Gary Daverne (with Moravian Philharmonic) 3, 544 KB
05. Scherzo in B flat minor by Maddalena Belfiore 870 KB
11. Chiquilin de Bachin by Astor Piazzolla (with Vic Steffens - Percussion) 1,614KB
14. Chippy, Cheppy, Chu by Todor Gerov (with Dessie Vaughan - Piano) 987 KB
15. Concert Waltz by Gary Daverne (with String Quartet) 2,408 KB

CD - Music with Mary ....for my friends!
01. The Musical Party
with the Moravian Philharmonic - Petr Sumnik, Conductor
Gary Daverne
02. Concerto in E, Rondo Pietro Deiro
03. Remembering A Legend: Charles Magnante William Schimmel
04. Gentilezza Mario Tacca
05. Pioneer Concerto Eugene Ettore
06. Dance of the Demon Holst/Desiderio
07. Three Songs Without Words - 1. Firelight Fantasies
with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - Kenneth Young, Conductor
Gary Daverne
08. Three Songs Without Words - 2. The Awakening
with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - Kenneth Young, Conductor
Gary Daverne
09. Three Songs Without Words - 3. The Journey
with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - Kenneth Young, Conductor
Gary Daverne
Flat the Fifth
Frank Mucedola
Concerto in E flat Major, Excerpts
Mexican Carnival
Daniel Desiderio
The Fox and The Hound
with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra (New Zealand) - Gary Daverne, Conductor
Frank Mucedola
Sound File Samples from Music with Mary
01. The Musical Party 1,445 KB
02. Concerto in E, Rondo 871 KB
05. Pioneer Concerto 774 KB
07. Three Songs Without Words - 1. Firelight Fantasies 1,505 KB
08. Three Songs Without Words - 2. The Awakening 935 KB
12. Mexican Carnival 1,065 KB


New Book - An Accordion! What Is That?

An Accordion, What is That?General Information:
“What a delightful early reader! Yet, it is comprehensive for the older child as well. It is definitely a unique approach to teaching, not only the workings and complexities of the accordion, but the music as well. The accompanying CD and illustrations are a treasure. This book should be included in every school’s required curriculum.” Linda Soley Reed, President of the American Accordionists’ Association.

Description: This book is written for use as a Guided Reading Book, for the Listening Station, as well as a Read-Aloud and Early Reader K-2. Interest Level is K-adult. The objective of this book is to provide a low reading level, non-fiction, guided reading book with various text features, giving the student who is reading at a first grade level the opportunity to learn about how the accordion produces sound, while using a table of contents, headings, a glossary, an index, a bibliography and biographies. At the listening station as the student listens and reads the book he/she will develop an awareness of the variety of music the accordionist can create.

Students will gain an understanding of the accordion and the different types of sounds and music it can produce. They will be introduced to the multitude of text features in a way that is enjoyable and easy to understand. “Buzz Treble” guides the reader through the unique qualities of the accordion while listening to the narrated text - and musical “samples” illustrating the concepts. The CD includes the Story of The Fox and The Hound (narration and music), as well as 3 bonus tracks for listening pleasure.

To order YOUR copy ($24, includes $2.05 Shipping & Handling), please contact Mary Tokarski at 203-484-5095 or by email at BEE Happy! For complete information, please visit



Mary can make a presentation to YOUR group (big or small)!
PERFORMANCE CONFIDENCE - An in-depth look at why we get “nervous” and how to reconstruct your practice regimen to eliminate that feeling!
GROWING UP WITH THE ACCORDION GREATS – A look into “yesteryear” – a time when all the accordion “Giants” were alive, and the interactions of a time gone by that was an inspiration to say the least!
THE ADULT PERFORMER (How to Make Performing Fun!) – Learn mental techniques to control your anxiety and what to do to PREVENT the anxiety right from the start!
PERFORMING WITH A SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - The thrill of symphonic performance and the frightening facts. Mary’s experiences with The Moravian Philharmonic, The Auckland Symphony, The Mantovani Orchestra, Prince George’s Philharmonic, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Pioneer Valley Symphony, and the Hamden Symphony.
CONDUCTING AN ENSEMBLE OR ORCHESTRA - The conductor is a leader - wherever he/she goes, the orchestra follows. Learn the best techniques to keep the “control” you need and the respect of your orchestra members!
“READY” AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE - Not how to prepare, but how to always BE prepared and STAY prepared for a performance, how to be ready on short notice and lots more!
RECORDING ON THE ACCORDION – The INS and OUTS of recording with an accordion!
EVERYONE’S A TEACHER – HOW DO YOU STACK UP? - Each of us is a teacher in some way or another. We teach our children, our families, our friends, our co-workers. We'll explore the kind of teacher YOU are, and work on ways to apply the skills you already have to help others appreciate music . . . and the accordion!
MAKING MUSIC FUN! – How to approach music (teaching or studying) to make the most of it, and enjoy EVERY moment!
TECHNIC – YOUR STYLE, YOUR WAY - We'll explore the endless ways to improve your technical skills in the shortest, least cumbersome ways . . . and have the most fun doing it!
THE TOTAL PACKAGE – Everything counts – a look at some of the most misunderstood parts of a performance!
WHAT MAKES MUSIC “MUSIC”? - Did you ever listen to a concert and doodle on your program? or make paper airplanes or think “Is it over yet”? We will examine what YOU need to do (and think) to prevent your audience from falling into this syndrome!
MEMORIZING SKILLS – THE FINAL FRONTIER! - Learn techniques to improve your memorizing skills!
THE ART OF PHRASING - Learn to express your music through understanding and insight as a soloist, duet team, or in an ensemble.
THE ART OF PRACTICE - “Get the most” out of your practice time by using a few simple study skills!
EARLY CHILDHOOD MUSIC – A look into how to use music as an educational tool. Everyone LOVES music – use it to teach!
PREPARING FOR A VIRTUOSO PERFORMANCE – Practical techniques for learning to be a better performer – including the goal of a performance, focusing your preparation and keeping yourself under control during the performance!


National Performances:
- First Guest Artist Appearance at 12 with the Fernino Quintet
- Performed as "guest artist" throughout the U.S., France and Belgium
- Performed with world-reknowned artists Dr. Willard A. Palmer and Bill Hughes
  (Dr. Palmer is co-author of the famous Alfred's Basic Piano Library)
- Soloist with the Texas Accordion Orchestra conducted by Gary Daverne in Dallas, Texas, 2003
- Selected "Concert Master" under the baton of world-reknowned conductors:
  Gary Daverne (Auckland Symphony, New Zealand)
  Joan Cochran Sommers (Formerly of the University of Missouri, Kansas City)
  Janet Millard (Milwaukee Philharmonic)
- Guest Artist appearances in Kansas City (KS), Long Island (NY), Youngstown (OH), Superior (WI), Sauris (Italy)
International Performances:
- China, Belgium, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Italy
- Sing For Your Shakespeare – Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, CT
- Four Saints In Three Acts – Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Boston, MA
- Lord of the Rings, Return of the King (Wolftrap Performing Arts Center, Virginia)
- Alcyone (Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT)
- Fiddler On The Roof (American Musical Theater, New London, CT)
Appearances With:
- Accordion Pops Orchestra (Conducted by Maestro Daniel Desiderio, Philadelphia, PA)
- Accordion Symphony Society of New York (Conducted by Maestro Joseph Biviano, then of New York City)
- Latin Arts Festival at Southern Connecticut State College
- Numerous Radio & Television Appearances
- AAA 75th Anniversary Festival Orchestra
- AFNA Festival Orchestra
- Auckland Symphony
- Hamden Symphony Orchestra
- Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
- Pioneer Valley Symphony
- Prince George’s Philharmonic Orchestra
- Waterbury Symphony
- Mantovani Orchestra
- Orlando String Quartet 


· American Accordionists' Association (AAA) - Board Member
· The Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG) - Member
· The Schubert Club of Fairfield County
· Rotary Clubs
· Rotary International


For more information, please contact:

Mary Tokarski
835 Mix Avenue, Apt T1
CT 06514

Phone: 203-484-5095

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