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 Download the 44 page color program: 2017KProgram.pdf
 Download competition rules and regulations: 2017Kling.pdf

Getting ready for the final round of of Category IV Final Round Finalists

the "French" with Fred Deschamps
judges Piotr Chololowicz and Tibor Racz
M° Cao Xing-Qing with his wife
M°Antonio Spaccarotella
Harley Jones getting ready to film all competitors
Holda and Judge Prof. Tibor Racz
M° Jacques Mornet and Holda
The jury members M°Antonio Spaccarotella and M° Fred Deschamps

 Category IV Round III Final
 Category IV competitors music list, pdf download.
 Playing order:
 1. Adam Maksymienko (Poland)
 2. Junhao Mao (China)
 3. Vladimir Stupnikov
 4. Neza Torkar (Slovenia)
Adam Maksymienko (Poland)
Junhao Mao (China)
Vladimir Stupnikov
Neza Torkar (Slovenia)

 Prize Giving Concert

Video 1: Vogtland Philharmonie Greiz/Reichenbach conducted by Dawid Marlow
Video 2: Category III winner Jinghan Lin (China)
Video 3: Category I winner, Zihan Yue (China)
Video 4: Category V winner Duo Wolańska/Gajda. Julia Wolańska-Gajda, (piano)
and Michał Gajda, (accordion)
Video 5: Category II winner Yuhan Mei (China)
Video 6: Category VI winner Aydar Salakhov (Russia)
Video 7: Category VII winner Dominik Ostermayr (Germany)
Video 8: Category IV winner Junhao Mao (China)
Aldo Belmonit, Thomas Bràunig, Franco Gerboni, B.Bugiolacchi
Mr./Mrs. Belmonti
Harley Jones with artist from Russia
Jury, Anders Grothe, Tobias Morgenstern, Ulf Seifert
Prof. Jùrgen Ganzer with Mrs. Flechsig and Mrs. Lausmann
Holde and Manfred Gàbler
Mr. and Mrs. Reichelt
Prof. Jacque Mornet from France with an artist
Prof. Xiaoqing Cao and Raimondas Sviackevicius
Castelfidardo group
competition officials
with Jòrg Kùnzel - finally being able to relax and enjoy the final concert
Fam. Hennig (Maire)
Ilenia Pelati and Ruben Cittadini from Castelfidardo
part of the juri
winner of the competition with bandonen 3rd placed from China
"Russia" with prof. Aleksander Dimitriev
Maires from Klingenthal Thomas Hennig and Neuerade, Antonius Wiesemann
Buffet by: Carsten Fòrster (also city offical from Klingenthal)
and wonderful help at the bar
Prof. Tibor Racz with Mrs. Bràunig and son Sebastian
Aldo Belmonti with Prof. Xiaoqing Cao from China
Brigitte Fòrster, Antonius Wiesemann, Holda
Castelfidardo group with Enrico Bràunig (left) and B.Fòrster and, X.Brunner
competitor with support
official photographer and Manfred Dòlling
Anita Kùnzl (middle) with next years compeititon organizer Porf. Stefan Hussong
Fam Gerber(left) and Fam. Schertel
Prof. Jùrgen Ganzer and Manfred Gàbler
Harley Jones, Prof. J.Ganzer with Mr/Mrs. Gàbler
City officials from Klingenthal and Neuerade
Anita Kùnzel with Fam Schanz
Thomas Hennig with twin city officials of Castelfidardo Ilenia Pelati and Ruben Cittadini
Holda and Ulf Seifert
Holda and Beniamino Bugiolacchi
Castelfidardo group: Aldo Belmonti, Beniamino Bugiolacchi, Brigitte Fòrster, Franco Gerboni (head of police) and I.Zagaglia
Thomas Bràùnig with official Photographer + ex maire of Klingenthal
Holda and Prof. Jùrgen Ganzer
enjoying the evening
The Maire of Neuerade Antonius Wiesemann(twin city of Klingenthal) together with the vice Maire of Klingenthal
City of Neuenrade with Enrico Bràunig
Jury: Ulf Seifert, Prof.Jùrgen Ganzer, Tobias Morgenster, Jòrg Kùnzel, Prof.Tibor Racz
Maire of Klingenthal Thomas Hennig and Mr./Mrs. Gàbler
Harley Jones with city counciler of Castelfidardo Ilenia Pelati
ex Maire from Klingenthal Enrico Bràunig, Harley Jones and
competition organiser Jòrg Kùnzl with his wife Anita


16 May 17 May 18 May 19 May 20 May 21 May Results
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