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2nd May 1997

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Editors note:
We have been busy updating pages this week and from a personal note, I have been very busy organising the timetabling for over 500 entries for the 1997 New Zealand Accordion Championships in May and June. I will be away for a few days this week, but please keep the correspondence and news coming, as someone will be in the office to answer my emails.

Wayne Knights

Emails to the Editor

This weeks titles:

  • 34th International Accordion Competition Klingenthal
  • Novam Confirm 1998 Coupe Mondiale
  • International Accordion School "Spring '97" - Russia
  • Ethnic Music Festival in New York City, USA
  • French Accordionist on TV - France
  • Accordion Concert in Boblingen, Germany
  • Asian Countries' Fair - China
  • French Accordionists play for Grand Ball
  • Competition of Four Kinds of Musical Instruments
  • Accordion Concert, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Children Perform for Embassy in China
  • Tango Workshops and Dance Party - USA
  • "Xuefeili" Vocal Music & Instrumental Music Competition - China


    Contributed by Gunther Zeilinger

    The Klingenthal competitions begin on the 2nd May. There will be 180 contestants from Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Finland, Spain, France, Germany and Australia.

    Adjudicators include: Lips, Puchnowski, Pittochi, Mornet, Dyeremose, Racz, Rheidys, Dobler, Ganzer, Lochter and Wall.

    There will be many concert performances throughout the competitions. These are as follows:

    • 3rd of May - Opening concert with the Colonge Accordion Orchestra
    • 4th of May - Gospel Concert with the Black Gospel Voices
    • 5th of May - "Studiokonzert" with Edwin Buchholz and Jurgen Lochter Accordion and Mrs Ascher - Soprano
    • 6th of May - Concert of folk music by interested participants from the competition
    • 7th of May - Concert by famous Bandoneon orchestra, the Juan Jose Mosalini Orchestra
    • 8th of May - Final concert by the winners of the accordion sections.


    Contributed by Frans de Bie

    Thanks to financial support by the Dutch government, NOVAM (Netherlands Accordion Association and CIA member) are 100% certain that the 1998 Coupe Mondiale will be held from the 28th to 31st October 1998 in The Lindenberg (Music Centre) in the beautiful town of Nijmegen. This is just 2 hours from Amsterdam airport, 1 hour from Dusseldorf airport, Germany and 4 hours from Frankfurt airport.

    The Coupe Mondiale will be organised in cooperation between NOVAM and the people of Lindenberg. Four members of the organising committee are the same as during the last Coupe Mondiale in Arnhem in 1987. They are the President, Koen de Haan, the Treasurer Henk Oost (also NOVAM's treasurer). The contact person for overseas contestants is Frans de Bie, NOVAM representative for abroad and member of the NOVAM-board. The fourth is Jan Eelderink, who is always in contact with accordionists in Nijmegen.

    New in the committee are Ron Verveurt and Henk van der Zand from The Lindenberg, who will organise a lot of concerts, workshops etc during the 1998 Coupe Mondiale. For more information you can send an email to: Netherlands or write to Coupe Mondiale 1998, PO Box 578, NL - 6500, AN Nijmegen.


    Contributed by Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    From the 1st to 6th of April the International Accordion School event was held in the St. Petersburg Culture Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia. Teachers from Russia and Scandinavia that came to Baltic's City included: Friedrich Lips (Russia) Jeanette Dyremose (Denmark), Matti Rantanen (Finland), Wolfgang Eschenbacher (Germany), Alla Katz (Russia), Oleg Sharov (Russia), Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia). The leader of the International Accordion School was Professor Nikolay Kravtsov.

    The School is for teachers and students and includes a series of seminars, accompanied by individual consultations, workshops, exhibitions of new musical and method books, recordings, instruments and accessories and concerts. The Accordion School is held in Spring and Autumn of each year and is organised by the Institute of Culture Programmes, Culture Committee of St. Petersburg Administration and St. Petersburg State Art Academy.

    The next session will be held from the 24th to 30th November 1997. Nikolay Kravtsov, Friedrich Lips and Jacques Mornet (France) have confirmed that they will be teaching at this session.

    For further information see Future Events.


    Contributed by Bob Godfried

    On Sunday the 4th of May, the Ethnic Folk Arts Center will present an all-day festival of traditional music and dance "From Around The World And Around The Corner" at the New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, New York, from 11.00am to 7.00pm. This family event will be held rain or shine.

    Visitors to Folk Parks '97 will enjoy exciting performances by premiere musicians. Groups featuring accordions are:

    • Mexican Norteña Music with: Explosión Norten
    • Mountain village music from Western Ukraine with: Cheres
    • Italian Serenades, Devotional Songs and Ballads with the DeFranco Family
    • Irish Music with Lisa Gutkin, John Redmond & Brendan Dolan

    In addition to these groups Stephen Kotansky will hold an Albanian Dance Workshop and Albanian folk singer Merita Halili, will perform at the dance party with the Raif Hyseni Orchestra featuring Yuri Yunakov.

    Folk Parks is free - with admission to the garden ($3 for adults and $1 for children, students, and seniors.) Before noon special: free admission to the Garden before noon when you mention Folk Parks '97.

    For further information see Future Events


    Contributed by Claude Cavagnolo

    Jean-Michel Sonnerat, a young accordionist from Savoie, made a successful appearance on the France 3 TV station in a programme hosted by Michel Pruvot and titled "accordion melodies". He then appeared in three successive programmes hosted by Pascal Svran (31/3-1/4-2/4) called "lucky songs" The televised media coverage marks the release of a new album by this talented twenty year old accordionist - an album which has been hugely successful since it went on sale.


    Contributed by Günther Stoll

    On the 10th of May, the "Harmonika Spielring Böblingen" will perform a concert at the Aula Albert Einstein Gymnasium, in Böblingen, Germany. The concert will begin at 8.00pm. Guest artists include: Johannes Stephan on trumpet, accordionist Sarah Nixdorf, and brother and sister duo - Christina (clarinet) and Anja (accordion) Katz will perform three items.

    The orchestra will open the programme with an overture by Wurthner and close the evening's entertainment with "Imortal", by Hans Boll. This will be performed in memory of Astor Piazzolla, the great accordionist and composer.

    For further information see Future Events.


    Contributed by Wu Shou Zhi

    In June, the Asian Countries' Fair will be held in Yantai city (Shandong province). To celebrate the Fair, on the 7th of June at 7.00pm, the organising committee of the competition have arranged a special open-air concert. This concert, which will be held in front of the Yantai Exhibition Hall (where the Asia's Fair will be held), includes a variety of art performances - singing, dancing and playing musical instruments etc. The first item will be an accordion performance by a group of 20 children, who will play the famous Strauss march - "Radetzky March".


    Contributed by Claude Cavagnolo

    Yvette Horner and Corine Rousseiet were the hosts of the Grand Bal d'Ouverture de la saison des Guinguettes, held at Nogent on the 22nd of March. Nogent is the home of the world-famous song "Petit vin blanc". Both players stunned the public with their accordion of the future - the Cavagnolo Odyssee.


    Contributed by Wu Shou Zhi

    On Thursday the 1st of May, a competition will be held in Jinan city (capital of Shandong province). This competition, which is sponsored by Jinan Culture Bureau, has four categories: accordion, piano, electronic organ and violin. There will be about five hundred children participating who study these instruments and of these, there will be about 100 accordion students. The competition classes have been divided into five sections according to age and levels of performance.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov

    On the 12th of April an accordion concert was held in the Small Hall of the Ukraine National Musical Academy. Post-graduate students of the academy played in the concert including Vitaliy Marchenko and Accordion Duo - Bogdan and Ruslan Pirog.

    Vitaliy Marchenko, ex-student of Ivan Yashkevich, performed in the first part of the concert. He has competed successfully in several accordion competitions, such as the Republican Accordion competition for college students, Ukraine in 1988, and the 6th International Musical Competition for musicians with eyesight defects, Czechoslovakia in 1991. Vitaliy has also performed many times on the national radio. The highlight of his program were works by Bach, Mendelson, Liszt, Kuraev, Piazzolla and others.

    Brothers Bogdan and Ruslan Pirog performed in the second part of the concert. They are students of V. Samitov. Accordion Duo were winners of the International Accordion competition "Yugoslavian Trophei", Kragujevac in 1991. They also gained a diploma at the International Accordion Competition in Klingenthal, Germany, in 1996. Their programme consisted of works by Eben, Barber, Piazzola, Vlasov and Rakhmaninov.


    Contributed by Shien Joe

    Mr. Li and five of his students plan to participate in the 1997 South Pacific Championship held in Auckland. Just prior to issuing visas to the group, the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing made a request to "have the children perform to the Embassy staff".

    So, Mr. Li packed the children and their accordions aboard a flight to Beijing. When the children had finished their performances, they received warm applause and congratulations from the Embassy staff. They wished the children a wonderful trip to New Zealand and their entry visas were issued on the spot. Hooray to the power of music.


    Contributed by Wendy Morrison

    On Saturday the 17th May, the Baltimore Folk Music Society are holding a Tango Workshop and Dance Party. The Tango Workshops will be held from 1.00pm to 5.30pm with two instructors and live music. The Dance Party will be held from 8.30pm to 11.30pm and features tangos, waltzes, hambos, polkas and Scandinavian couple dances. Accordionist Wendy Morrison will be providing the music along with Ellen Jacobs (violin), Marc Glickman (piano) and Ralph Gordon (bass).

    Wendy Morrison is a member of bands - "Klezmos" and "Waltz on a Dime". Klezmos play "traditional" klezmer tunes and swing tunes (danceable jazz standards from the 30's, 40's and 50's) along with an eclectic assortment of folksongs and tunes from other cultures. Waltz on a dime play couple dances including waltz, polka, tango, hambo, schottis, zwiefacher, foxtrot and swing tunes.


    Contributed by Wu Shou Zhi

    On the 3rd of May in Qiqihaer city there will be a "Xuefeili" Vocal Music & instrumental Music Competition for Children. The competition is sponsored by the Beverage Company "Xuegeili". There will be about five hundred contestants in the competition. Among them, will be about 110 accordion contestants, whose ages range from 5 to 16 years old.

    The finals of the competition will be held in the middle of May.


    Subject: your pages-thanks

    I am impressed with your pages. I love them, keep up the good work. Please advise on how to change Nebraska to New England.


    Thanks, John! We are continuing to expand at a great rate, and thanks to comments such as yours, it makes it all worth while!


    Subject: learning about the accordion

    I have had no experience with an accordion, but I am well acquainted with the piano. I prefer the piano keyboard type accordion...

    I would really appreciate it Wayne if you could help me out with finding a teacher. You mentioned one in Nashville...I might be able to handle that. What's his/her number or address? Or give them my number and have them call me. Thank you!


    Hi Daniel!

    Below is the address details for Jeff Lisenby, which I got from the Accordion Yellow Pages Database. I'm not sure if he is teaching or not, but he should know of accordion teachers in the area if he isn't. He is a superb entertainer on the accordion!

    Address: 2512 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Nashville, Tennessee, 37217 Phone: +1 615 3611265

    Best regards,
    Wayne Knights

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