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28th March 1997

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Wayne Knights, Editor

This weeks titles:

  • Visit of the Minister of Tourism and TV-Korea in Castelfidardo, Italy
  • Summer School for Accordionists - Zabgreb, Croatia
  • 1997 Whirl Tour by Wayne Toups - USA
  • Two Formal Applications - China
  • Annual competition "Jungen Musiziert" - Germany
  • Master Seminar for Accordion Musicians - Poland
  • Debra Peters and The Love Saints in Concert
  • Accordion Conductors Course - Auckland, New Zealand
  • A Childrens Concert in Jinan City - China


    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    Accordion manufacturer Pigini, famous for their production of high quality accordions were recently honoured by a visit from the Korean Tourism Minister Mr Eui Suh Park and a team from Korean television in order to learn more about the construction and manufacture of accordions.

    The Koreans were very impressed by the many years of experience and the traditional handcraft skills of the workers. They observed with much interest the accuracy required to manufacture high quality accordions, the importance of using only the best materials and the care for detail and tuning skills in order to achieve a clear and beautiful sound.

    After having visited the homes of some workers enabling them to find out more about their lives and traditions, the minister expressed his gratitude for the hospitality, promising to support any possible development and culture of the accordion in his country.


    Contributed by Vjera Odak-Jembrih, President of the Croatian Accordion Teachers Association

    It has just been announced that an International Summer School for students of accordion, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone will be held for one month, from 14th July to 14th August 1997. This is being organised by the Croatian Accordion Teachers Association.

    An accordion orchestra will also be a part of the school. Instructors will be internationally recognised professors from Russia and Croatia. The event will be held in the beautiful little town of Primosten on the Adriatic coast and all are invited to take part. For more information see Future Events.


    Contributed by Wayne Knights

    Diatonic accordion expert Wayne Toups is currently rocking his way through the USA, playing a mixture of cajun rock rhythm & blues. Toups has so far played 8 concerts through Kentucky, Los Angeles, Florida, Rhode Island, Maryland and Virginia since February 27th. He continues on April 23rd until August 31st, visiting four more states and giving 19 more concerts.

    As well as playing the diatonic accordion, Toups sings vocals and also plays the bass guitar. He has been a professional musician since 1984 featuring the diatonic accordion, after dedicating himself to the performing art for many years. He has shared the stage with the likes of Ray Charles, Carol King, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Elvin Bishop. He has had his own band for 20 years and performed extensively throughout the world.


    Contributed by Wu Shou Zhi

    Two accordion students of Sichuan Conservatory, Mr Wang Zhengliang and Mr Wang Minxi, submitted formal applications for admission to the St Petersburg Conservatory in Russia last Friday.

    Wang Zhengliang and Wang Minxi want to study accordion at the conservatory. They are both eighteen years old, and will graduate from the Middle School (attached to the Sichuan Conservatory) this year. They are two of the best accordion students currently at the Sichuan Conservatory. They would like to be taught by Professor Oleg Sharov, one of the conservatory's best free bass accordion professors. They are currently waiting for the reply from the International Student Department of St Petersburg Conservatory.


    Contributed by Viatcheslav Semionov and Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    On the 20th of March, an Annual Music Competition called "Jungen Musiziert" was held in Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany. In this competition there were many singers, musicians playing various instruments, including string and wind instruments, accordion and others who compete in their own categories. There were also many ensembles in the event, for which the Chairman of the Jury was Manfred Uhlmann.

    Viatcheslav and Natalia Semionov were invited by the committee of competition to give a concert, which was held on the 21st of March. Viatcheslav played solo accordion and duo with his wife Natalia, who played the domra. They included Viatcheslav's own compositions in their programme.

    After awarding the competition prizes, "Langesjgendsinfonieorchester Brandenburg", conducted by S. Weigle played a successful concert, which included various styles of music, held in the "C.P.E. Bach" Concert Hall.


    Contributed by Viatcheslav Semionov and Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    A Master Seminar for Accordionists will take place from 30th June to 13th July 1997 in Mietne, Zespot Szkot Rolniczych Campus, Poland

    There will be individual and chamber music classes given to the participants who will come with a prepared programme, made up of original compositions and arrangements of different styles and character, approximately 20 minutes in length. The Master Classes will be given by teachers from various countries:

  • Prof Lech Puchnowski (Poland)
  • Prof Elina Leskela (Finland)
  • Prof Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia)
  • Prof Bogdan Dowlasz (Poland)
  • Prof Jerzy Jurek (Poland)
  • Prof Jerzy Kaszuba (Poland)
  • Ass. Prof Jerzy Lukasiewicz (Poland)
  • Mgr/MA Klaudiusz Baran (Poland)
  • Mgr/MA Adriana Kuwaczka (Poland)
  • Mgr. Danuta Kaniewska (Org. Director of the seminars)
  • All members of the teaching staff are internationally recognised artists and teachers and many are winners of national and international competitions. The master seminar is open to active participants and observers. For further information, see Future Events.


    Contributed by Wayne Knights

    Debra Peters and her band "The Love Saints" have so far performed three out of four concerts around Texas. They have been extremely well received. They have one more concert left, in Cibolo Creek Country Club, San Antonio.

    Debra Peters started on the accordion at age 4 after being convinced by a door-to-door salesman to begin having accordion lessons. She was once a member of an orchestra that had 50 accordionists. For further information, see Future Events.


    Contributed by Christine Adams

    The final evening of the conductors course tutored by Gary Daverne was held on Thursday 20th March on Auckland's North Shore. Gary had organised four string players (two violins, one viola and one cello player) to come along. The trainees were able to practise their newly acquired conducting skills with this quartet, who were told "follow the conductor at all times, and if you do not understand the instructions - don't play!"

    The new conductors were very nervous, but the chance to practise their conducting in front of their tutor was very beneficial. The quartet members also gave valuable advice on how they were able to follow (or not follow) the instructions given by each conductor.

    The course was very successful thanks to Gary Daverne's knowledge and patience.


    Contributed by Wu Shou Zhi

    On Thursday 27th March at 2.00pm, a children's concert will be held in an auditorium of "Tianqiao" (a district of Jinan city) Education Committee in Jinan (a capital city of Shandong province).

    This concert is sponsored by "Tianqiao" Education Committee. The accordion performer is a twelve year old girl, who is one of Mr. Yang Yongkang's accordion students. The girl will play the famous accordion music - "Spanish Bullfighters' Dancing"

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