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21st March 1997

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Editors note:
Wayne Knights is off golfing for the week and hopefully hasn't forgotten how to shoot under par.

This weeks titles:

  • Titanofestivalen in Norway
  • International Accordion Competition "Classical Legacy" in Russia
  • 500 Accordionists present "A Gift" on 1st July - Guizhou, China
  • Tom Collins in New Zealand
  • Accordion Concert in Kiev, Ukraine
  • Six Year old Girl on Radio in China
  • Change to the Ural Bayan Trio
  • New Music Book
  • Accordion Review and CD Release
  • Yugoslavia Trip


    Contributed by Harald Henschien

    From the 8th to 13th July, the biggest accordion festival in Norway and one of the biggest in the world will take place in Vinstra, 60km north of Lillehammer. This is the 19th festival since it first started in 1979 and more than 30,000 visitors are expected to attend this year. The festival is organised by Mr Harald Henschien.

    For further information see Future Events.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov and Tatiana Lanchtchikova .

    From 23rd to 29th March the International Accordion Competition "Classical Legacy", will be held in the Central House of Composers, Moscow, Russia. This competition is for soloists, vocalists, ensembles and composers, who play and compose folk style music. "Classical Legacy" is dedicated to the founding of Moscow 850 years ago.

    There will be three competition categories:

    • soloists under 11 years
    • soloists under 15 years
    • competitors without limitation of age

    Competitors have to play:

    • a composition, dedicated to Moscow
    • a folk composition
    • a composition of own choice

    Maximum duration of the programme: 15 minutes. Chairman of Jury is Anatoli Beliaev, Honoured Artist of Russia.

    For further information contact: Tamara Morgulina, tel: +7 95-2802554, fax: +7 95-2805801


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    On the 1st July, Hong Kong will be taken over by the Peoples Republic of China. In China, celebrations will include parades, concerts, gatherings etc, on that day. The Guizhou Accordion Association are organising a concert at the People's Square of Guiyang, with 500 accordionists playing together. The director of the performance is Mr Yin Qi, an accordion teacher of Guizhou Minority College.

    The 500 accordion students will perform two Chinese pieces: "Ode to Motherland" and "Hong Kong, a Pearl of China", so the students are busy rehearsing for this at the moment. "We will present a gift to my motherland on the first of July" said Mr Yin Qi.


    Contributed by Heather Masefield

    At the end of February American accordionist Tom Collins arrived in New Zealand with his wife Betty and good friends Walt Sarad and his wife. Tom and Walt played duets together (Tom on accordion, Walt on trumpet) at the Coupe Mondiale in 1980 in New Zealand.

    On Friday the 14th March, Tom and Walt were welcomed to New Zealand at a dinner with 34 other accordionists at Colloseo Restaurant in Auckland. Silvio De Pra played for most of the evening and Tom and Walt did a bracket that was very well received not only by the accordionists there, but also the general public that had been lucky enough to also make a booking in the restaurant that evening.

    On Sunday the 16th, Tom gave a talk to the North Shore Accordiana Orchestra on how the accordion had changed his life and opened many doors that would normally have remained closed to him. He recounted many tales to the teenagers that all seemed to come back to the same advice; practice your accordion well, learn your technique and you will never regret it!

    Tom and his party left New Zealand on the 19th March to return to Montana.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov and Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    Vitali Storozhuk played works by Bach, Scarlatti, Liszt, Gubaidulina, Gridin, and Amikhalakhichaichi at a concert held on the 13th March at the Small Hall of the National Musical Academy of Ukraine.

    Vitali Storozhuk graduated and post-graduated at the Kiev Conservatory of Music (now called the National Musical Academy of Ukraine) with Professor Nikolai Davidov. While he was a student, Vitali gained 2nd place at the International Accordion Competition in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia, in 1991. Since 1993 this talented accordionist regularly gives concerts in various cities of Ukraine as well as teaching at the Rivno Musical College.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    On Sunday the 16th March, a Wuhan City radio station broadcast the performance of six year old Wang Xue (student of Mr Ye Xinyuan) playing the "Doll and Bear" on her accordion.

    She was very excited because this was the first time she had played in a radio station. She began her studies just two years ago, and is one of the youngest students of Mr Ye Xinyuan who believes that this performance will encourage her to study harder.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov and Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    The Ural Bayan Trio have changed their membership due to the unfortunate illness of Nikolay Khudiakov. Because of a recent eye operation, he must have a temporary break from his music.

    Dmitry Kokorin will be performing in his place. Dmitry is an ex-student of Zinaida Aloeshina and has played in a Bayan Duo with his teacher. The Ural Bayan Trio will continue performing in the various cities of Russia.

    In October 1997, the Ural Bayan Trio will celebrate their 40th anniversary. Accordionists of Russia hope that Nikolay Khudiakov will be able to participate in those concerts.


    Contributed by Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    A new musical collection called "Ural Musicians Play…" was put together by the Chelyabinsk Institute of Arts and Ural Association of Accordionists and Folk instrument players and published by the Magnitogorsk Publisher Ltd.

    This collection includes the best works by Ural composers and performers, who are famous in the Ural region for their folk style of music:

    • Ural Bayan Duo - Natalia and Nikolai Istchenko - Winner of the National Accordion Competition, 1986, Tula, Russia.
    • Duo of Accordion and Bayan - Larisa and Victor Gerasimov - Winner of the International Accordion Competition in Italy, 1994.
    • "Vatalinka" - folk instrumental ensemble of the Tumen Institute of Arts.
    • Orchestra of Russian folk instruments of the Chelyabinsk Institute of Arts
    • Viktor Kozlov - composer and guitar player
    • Boris Martianov - composer and accordion player
    • Evgueni Derbenko and Nikolai Malyigin - accordion composers.


    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    There have been a number of recent recordings by well known accordionists which include: "Acco Music" by Alfred Melichar playing a range of music from Krenek to Piazolla, Elina Leskela from Finland performing mostly original music for the accordion and "New York Tango" by Richard Galliano.

    These CD's have been reviewed by Italian accordionist and Cultural Director of the City of Castelfidardo, Paolo Picchio. You may read the whole review at our General Information section - Articles.


    Contributed by Tania Lukic-Marx

    After two and a half years I was glad to be back in my home town, Kragujevac and to see my family and friends. Many things have changed there since my last visit in 1994. One of the things that has changed for the better is the accordion in Kragujevac.

    While I was there, I visited the Music School (that I had attended from age 9 to 18), and had an opportunity to hear accordion students performing. I was very impressed with the playing standard.

    Radomir Tomic (my teacher from 1981) and other teachers have worked hard to create some very good Yugoslav accordion students that have competed successfully in competitions at Klingenthal and Castelfidardo, and the Coupe Mondiale.

    My very close friend Milan Tomic (Radomir's brother), is organising an annual event each July called Summer School for the Accordion. This event runs for 10 days, and is attended by 30 to 40 accordion students. This year Professor Semionov and Professor Hugo Noth have been invited to tutor.

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