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14th March 1997

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Editors note:
Accordions Worldwide director Harley Jones arrives back in New Zealand on Friday 14th and will go straight to a dinner that New Zealand accordionists are holding in honour of well-known American accordionist Tom Collins, who has been in New Zealand on holiday for the past two weeks.

During the next few weeks, Accordions Worldwide will be changing the format of the Accordion Yellow Pages Database, to make it easier to read and more accessible for everyone. The main reason for this change is that the database has grown very quickly and the system currently in use will soon become very difficult for people to find information quickly and easily.
Wayne Knights, Editor

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This weeks titles:

  • National Accordion Festival and Competition - Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Accordion Concerts of Peter Gerter
  • Russian Quartet on Tour
  • Concert of the Accordion Orchestra Hof
  • Klezmos in Concert
  • Double Duets at Evening Party
  • Workshops and Concerts of Professor Alla Katz and Sergei Voitenko
  • CD Review - Morten Rossen
  • A Report-back Performance
  • Accordionathon - Auckland, New Zealand


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov and Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    The National Accordion Festival and Competition for Musical College students of Siberia was held from 3rd to 7th March in Novosibirsk, Russia.

    Students and teachers of Novosibirsk State Glinka Conservatory performed in concerts, which were held each evening in the Concert Hall. Among the performers were: Professor Gennady Chernichko, Accordion Duo: Sergei Larionov and Vladimir Gaidukov, Alexander Krupin and his post-graduated students: Andrei Romanov and Alexander Pankov.

    The programme included works by Mozart, Scarlatti, Haydn, Bach, Mendelson, Reger, Bonakov, Yashkevich etc.


    Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

    In the beginning of March Peter Gerter performed four concerts in Bad Schallerbach, Graz, Klagenfurt and Neunkirchen, Austria. While in Klagenfurt he also enjoyed teaching at the conservatory there.

    His programme consisted of transcriptions for organ, cembalo and piano (works by Vivaldi, Bach, Scarlatti, Schostakovitch, Rubinstein, Daquin) as well as original works for the accordion (Brehme, Olczak, Takahashi, Londonov, Derbenko). Peter Gerter charmed his audience not only with his brilliant technical skills, but also with his great musicianship.

    Peter Gerter, born in Karaganda (Kasachstan) in 1953, studied with Friedrich Lips and graduated from the Gnessin's Musical Pedagogical Institute in Moscow. After his studies he taught in Wladiwostok where he became a Professor in 1992. Peter Gerter has also won many national and international competitions, including Moscow (1975), Pula (1975) and Klingenthal (1981). Since 1994 he has been living in Neu-Ulm (Germany), where he is currently teaching at the music school.

    He has also taught at international seminars and taken part in many accordion festivals. He has enjoyed performing in many countries including Russia, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Austria and Germany where his first CD was released.


    Contributed by Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    The Terem Quartet performed last weekend (8th & 9th March) in Auckland, at the WOMAD Festival which was held at Western Springs Park. They surprised New Zealanders with their brilliant balalaika, accordion and domra playing, and performed a wide range of folk, classical and traditional music in a number of performances throughout the festival.

    In 1991, the Terem Quartet was invited to the WOMAD Festival by Peter Gabriel. Since this time they have been a regular participator of the event, performing in Australia, USA, Italy and many other countries.

    On the Friday night before the festival began, they gave an enthralling performance at the Devonport Folk Club on Auckland's North Shore. This club is situated in an old war bunker at the top of a volcano. After their performance, the President of the club told the audience "This bunker began construction in 1891 and was completed in 1899, because we thought the Russians were coming. Well, they have arrived about 100 years late, but I'm sure you will all agree they have conquered!"

    The members of the Terem Quartet are: Igor Ponomarenko (alto domra), Andrei Konstantinov (soprano domra), Andrei Smirnov (bayan) and Mikhail Dzioudze (bass balalaika). They came together as students at the St. Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in 1986. Since then they have been awarded 2nd place at the International Young and Students Festival, China, in 1989 and have won many competitions in the Soviet Union and abroad, gaining an outstanding reputation worldwide.


    Contributed by GŁnther Zeilinger

    The accordion orchestra Hof, an ensemble of the music school "Hofer Symphoniker" was conducted by GŁnther Zeilinger in a performance which formed part of the celebrations "25. Kleine Tage der Harmonika" in Klingenthal, which is a youth competition held from the 28th February to 1st March.

    The ensemble captured the audience in the concert with works such as: "The Magic Flute", "Inmortal" and "Sinfonische Suite". The musical "Miss Saigon", which was only recently arranged for accordion, also made a great impression on the audience. Solo and duo pieces such as "French Suite No. 5" (Claudia Wolf), "Die Spinnerin" (Florian Weichert), featured in this concert also.


    Musical Group Klezmos is playing at the Hill Parish Hall, Pikesville, Washington on Saturday 15th March, in a "pre-St Patrick's Day" celebration of music and dance.

    Klezmos features Wendy Morrison on accordion, and includes other instruments such as the violin, clarinet and bass. They play Klezmer music (a traditional music of the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe from the last three hundred years) along with an eclectic assortment of music from other cultures. They have also been known to mix various cultures within the same music, to make a fun and lively evening for all. For further information, see Future Events.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    On Thursday 20th March, from 7.30 to 10.00pm, an evening party will be held in the music hall at Jiangxi Normal College, Jiangxi. All the music students from the college will take part in the party, and will perform a variety of music. Ms Li Qinyao, an accordion teacher at the college will also perform.

    Four of her students will play duets: Ms Da Qain and Ms Wang Yuhua, Mr Fangrong and Ms Wang Li. The music they will play includes: Goodbye, My Dear Friend (a Yugoslavian Movie Theme), Blue Spirits (a Cartoon Movie Theme) and Bamboos and Panda (Chinese Folk Music).


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov and Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    In January and February, workshops and concerts were given by Professor Alla Katz and her student Sergei Voitenko in Russian cities: Ulyanovsk, Ryazan, Penza and others.

    Sergei Voitenko is a talented bayanist and has won seven International Accordion Competitions, in Spain, Italy, Denmark,Tcherepovetz and Voronezh. He graduated from Samara State Conservatory under Professor Alla Katz, who has many other students that have won various National and International Competitions.

    The concert programme included classical music by Scarlatti, Frank, Bach, Brahms - Yashkevich (Hungarian Dance No. 5) and contemporary music by Derbenko, Pretch, Hantzer and Zubitskiy.

    Alla Katz and Sergei Voitenko will be touring Germany from 11th to 12th May, where they will give concerts and hold workshops.


    Contributed by Henry Doktorski

    Danish accordionist Morten Rossen has released a new CD titled "Cassa Fisarmonia". Rossen is a star pupil of Jeanette Dyremose, the founder of the Danish Accordion Academy. He began accordion studies with her at the age of six and at the age of ten became a member of Det Danske Harmonika Ensemble - one of the world's finest accordion ensembles.

    Within a few years Rossen established himself as a concert artist and has since won many prestigious competitions such as the Klingenthal Harmonikawettbewerbe, UNESCO Accordion Competition, and the Berlingskes Musikkonkurrence.

    In June 1992 he was requested by Denmark's Radio to accompany Luciano Pavarotti, the world famous Italian tenor, who wanted an accordion player added to Denmark's Radios Symfoniorkester for his performance. The concert was witnessed by 60,000 people.

    Other performers include: Ulrik Cold (baritone), Jesper Buhl (baritone), Orchester des Theaters Zwickau (conductor Albrecht Hofmann).

    "Cassa Fisarmonia" can be ordered through: The Danish Accordion Academy, Lyngolmen 1, 3460 BirkerÝd, Denmark.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    On Friday 28th March, all the officials of the Jiangxi Education Committee will go to Jiujiang Normal School to check up on their teaching work. Here all the students of the school (approximately 400 students) will give a report-back performance in the school auditorium at 10.00am. Among the students there will be 50 accordionists playing in a massed orchestra, all of whom are the students of Mr Li Guohe.


    Contributed by Wayne Knights

    The West Auckland Accordion Orchestra (Inc) held an "Accordionathon" last weekend to raise funds for a new uniform. They played for 8 hours, with a 5 minute break every hour and only half an hour for lunch. The "Senior" orchestra was formed in 1990 from students of the Music Education Centre (West Auckland). It comprises of 14 players, whose ages range from 11 to 18 years. They are currently practicing hard to compete in the 1997 New Zealand Accordion Orchestra Championship in June. The orchestra provides a stepping stone for players to apply for the North Shore Touring Accordion Orchestra, which tours overseas every two years as the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra, who are planning to tour Europe in 1998.

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