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News from 7th February 1997

Editors note:
It's great to see so many accordionists travelling the world these days, making new friends and renewing old acquaintances. More international concerts, competitions and seminars have helped this and it is our aim that this Weekly News will make more people aware of what is happening around the world, helping accordionists to come together which in turn will help bring the accordion to the forefront of the music world.
Thanks again,
Wayne Knights, Editor

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This weeks titles:


Contributed by Wu Jie

According to the Chinese calender, the 6th February is the last day of 1996. This is a time when people get rid of the old and make way for the new. People dress up and many activities are organised for the celebrations.

Many Professional accordionists are invited to perform in many of these celebrations, as the accordion is an easily transportable instrument that can be used on the street, if necessary. One concert on this day will be at the "Renmin" park in Chengdu. As part of the concert, 157 children will play the accordion in a massed orchestra. They will perform the music "Spring".


Contributed by Claude Cavagnolo

Cavagnolo Accordions in Lyon, France are holding demonstrations of their latest electronic accordion in Germany. All demonstrations begin at 7pm. There is no admission fee, and all musicians and friends are welcome.

The dates and locations of these demonstration are:
  • Thursday, 13th February, Hotel Hubertus, Drahthammerstr. 10, 92224 Amberg
  • Friday, 14th February, Gasthaus Bräuschänke, Dorfmitte, 95490 Obernsees
  • Saturday, 15th February, Hotel Meteor, Holzgartenstr. 25, 90461 Nürnberg

Also, Cavagnolo Accordions will be at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, demonstrating this new accordion, which is also available in a piano accordion version. They will be introduced by the French accordionist Jean Louis Noton at desk 8.0 B84 in the Bistro Cavagnolo.

For further information, email


Contributed by Alex Reimers, writer for the Intermusik Newspaper

In January, Dieter Fröhlich celebrated the 20th anniversary of his franchise music school "Musikschule Fröhlich", with a concert in the city hall of Haiger. The company currently has 600 full-time teachers who teach a total of 52,000 students, many of them accordionists. In 1996 Fröhlich welcomed his 400th franchisee.

350 guests attended the celebrations and were rewarded with a concert programme that included the Lithuanian accordion quintet "Koncertino", the clown duo Gogol and Mäx, playing a variety of instruments and "Feuerwerk nach Noten" from the "Harmonika-Big-Band" of the "Musikschule Fröhlich".


Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

Here's an amusing anecdote about the accordion in the days of Vaudeville - the early 1900's when Pietro Deiro was first signed to a recording contract with Victor Talking Machine, the firm long identified by the caption "His Master's Voice" under a picture of a dog listening to an old-style victrola horn. The forerunner to the RCA Victor label, Victor Talking Machine promoted their new recording artist accordionist Pietro Deiro, in a very unusual manner - anyone who could keep their feet still while Deiro played would receive a free record. (It's doubtful that Victor gave many records away).


Contributed by Lionel Reekie

On Tuesday 4th February, fifteen accordion orchestra conductors attended the first of four evening workshops on conducting, held at the Music Education Centre, Auckland. These are being organised and sponsored by the New Zealand Accordion Association, with the aim to improve the standard of accordion orchestra conducting in New Zealand. People travelled for up to two hours to be there!

Taking the workshop is very well known composer, arranger and conductor Gary Daverne (conductor of the Auckland Symphony Orchestra). Gary has also been the guest conductor of many symphony and accordion orchestras throughout the world and is now passing on his extensive knowledge to accordion orchestra conductors.

This first two hour evening workshop was extremely well received, with everyone leaving well past 10 pm and were really enthusiastic, saying how much they had learnt and what an inspiration Gary had been to them.


Contributed by Claudio Jacomucci and Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Acco Land is an organisation for the diffusion of contemporary music, in which the accordion has a primary importance. It has been created by two accordionists, Claudio Jacomucci and Anne Landa, giving a new image to the accordion and convincing composers and arrangers to present more pieces dedicated to contemporary music, bringing the accordion into concert halls, festivals, and other institutions in places like: Berlin, Rome, Bonn, New York, Moscow, Kiev, Milan, Zurich, Barcelona, Mexico City, Grenada, Vienna and Madrid.

Future Concerts of examples of this style are:

  • 8th March - Asisi, Italy
  • 9th March - Milan, Italy
  • 2nd April - Utreehl, Germany (with Joel Rubin)

For further information, email:


Contributed by Birgitt Kroh, writer for the Intermusik Newspaper

In the "St. Margaretha" church in Münster, Germany, Piotr Rangno once again created excellent publicity for the accordion with a superb concert. The church was almost full, with most of the audience in the younger age group. The surroundings were appropriately arranged: the decorations were simple, the room was dark and Piotr Rangno and his accordion were put into light.

An enthusiastic audience watched a virtuoso who was able to produce undreamt possibilities out of the concert accordion. Certainly this evening took Piotr Rangno's wish to make the accordion known to a broad audience one further step.

The young Polish performer studied in both Warsaw and Bratislava and who currently lives in Germany. He describes the accordion situation as follows: "It is astounding how the accordion has developed in the last few years. The instruments are always being improved and modernised and a growing number of musical colleges are offering the accordion as a core subject. Many new original compositions are being composed for both solo accordion and for chamber music. International competitions, seminars and festivals are also increasing in number. Unfortunately, this development remains hidden to the broad audience as so far only few accordionists have managed to breakthrough."


Contributed by Stanley Darrow

The American Accordion Musicological Society is holding its 10th Annual 1997 Competition & Festival/Symposium at the Holiday Inn-King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. This will take place on Saturday 8th March, 9am to 10pm & Sunday 9th March, 9am to 5pm.

Competition Entry Deadline is 20th February, 1997. All registrations for the festival and symposium should be received by 1st March 1997. The theme for this years events is the "Big Band Sound" and there will be a special honouring of Swing Accordionist Sam Fire of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A general admission covers all events except the dinner banquet & contest participation.

The displays will feature educational and diversified accordion music, cassettes, CD's, musical novelties, antique accordion etc. Those interested in special hotel rates which are available from Friday through Sunday should telephone: +1 610-2657113 Holiday Inn Reservations Desk in King of Prussia, PA

Events to be scheduled are:

  • Competition for Children and Adults
  • Workshops & Symposium Demonstrations
  • Accordion Repair Workshops and Demonstrations
  • Polka Categories in three levels with Cash Awards
  • Displays & Vendors
  • Non-competitive performance opportunities
  • Concerts with National and International Artists
  • Dinner Banquet
  • Competitive Cash Award Categories
  • Polka Show & Dance Saturday Evening
  • Some of the performers are:
  • Karl Pukara & Iona Reed (Canada)
  • Carmen Carrozza (New York)
  • Ron Onda (Baltimore)
  • Monsigneur Stanley Kloskowski (New Jersey)
  • Jim Wadowick (Alabama)
  • Dr. Bob McMahon (New Jersey)
  • Deanna Langley (Minnesota)
  • Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra (NJ)
  • Henry Doktorski (Pennsylvania)
  • Len Feldmann (New York)
  • Vince Ianni (Philadelphia)
  • Bobby Rae (Pennsylvania)
  • Dr William Schimmel (New York)
  • Montreal Accordion Orchestra (Canada)
  • Stanley Darrow / Joanne Arnold / Frank Hodnicki (NJ)
  • Sam Fire (Philadelphia)


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov and Tania Lukic-Marx

    Fredrich Lips has an upcoming concert in Amsterdam, Holland on 14th February (Valentines Day!). The programme will take on a contemporary look, with compositions by Denisov, Riabov and Shnitke.


    Contributed by Zeljko Jembrih

    On Saturday, 25th January at 8.00pm Ms Tanja and Maja Bandalovic (sisters) performed a concert in Hrvatski Glazbeni Zavod, in Zagreb, Croatia. The sisters returned to Croatia after their studies at the Hohner Conservatorium in Trossingen, Germany. They are now working in Zagreb, Croatia.


    Contributed by Besfamilnov and Tania Lukic-Marx

    From 5th February to 9th February, an International Children's Accordion Competition will be held in the town of Lugansk in the Ukraine. The competition is for children up to 14 years of age. This will be the second and third section of the competition, with the first section being held in December last year.


    Contributed by Tom Collins

    The Accordion World magazine has just announced preliminary information on the upcoming 8th Annual Galla-Rini Accordion Camp to be held again at the Silver Falls Conference Center from July 20th to July 25th, 1997.

    Besides Maestro Galla-Rini, his staff will include Jorgen Sundeqvist, his former protege, and John Simkus, President of the Chicago Accordion Club. Such an array of distinguished talent will make this the most exciting camp yet. Jorgen Sundeqvist is giving a concert in Portland at Day's Music on Friday, July 25th at 7.00pm immediately after the accordion camp.

    For further information, contact: The Accordion World, 9495 SW Locust, Suite C, Portland, OR 97223


    Contributed by Hartmut Lange, writer for the Intermusik Newspaper

    This year the "Kleinen Tage der Harmonika" (Small Days of the Accordion) celebrate their 25th anniversary in Klingenthal which will take place from 28th February to 1st March. This event gives teachers and students an opportunity to check their level of ability and to gain self-confidence for performing in public.

    In 1973, only participants from the county of Chemnitz (in former East Germany) were allowed, but later allowed Bavarian and Thuringian accordionists (from the region of Vogtland, Germany) as well as the Cheb and Sokolov regions in the Czech Republic. This resulted in an enormous improvement of the performing level. In 1998 also accordionists from Saxonia, Bavaria (Germany) and Bohemia (Czech Republic) will be admitted also.


    Contributed by Gunther Zeilinger

    The ASA Concert Ensemble (Accordion Society of Australia) under the leadership of Cathy Day visited the accordion class at the music school of the Hof Symphonics from the 24th January to 1st of February 1997.

    During their stay in Hof the ensemble lived with the parents of the Hof accordionists. At all of the three concerts the Australians were appreciated for their vivid and technical performance, with standing ovations. They did not only perform, but also did some sight-seeing in the area including the "Wartburg" fortress, Weimar and Dresden. The friendship between both groups has deepened enormously, no wonder, because they have known each other now for a long time. In 1993 the ensemble visited Hof for the first time and in 1995 the Hof orchestra went down under to Australia. For 1999 a revisit to Australia has been agreed on. The ASA Ensemble has since travelled to Castelfidardo, where they will give a concert on the 8th of February 1997.


    Contributed by Alexander Pankov and Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    Professor Alexander Krupin has released a new book on methodology, titled "New accordion theories of sound production". Krupin won both the 1972 Russian All-Union Accordion Competition and the 1974 International Accordion Competition International Competition in Klingenthal, Germany. He is now a teacher at the "Music School for Talented Children" and Novosibirsk State Glinka Conservatory. He continues to perform many concerts in Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia, but gives special attention to upgrading new accordion practice techniques.

    He has written the book with his student, Andrei Romanov, one of Krupin's best students. He is a concert artist and teacher at the Novosibirsk State Glinka Conservatory and has won national and international accordion competitions.

    The principal idea of the book is the formation of accordion sound timbre and control it on various touches that can be created. It has resulted in changing some traditional views on the interaction of bellows movement and ways the keys can be played.

    For further information contact: Alexander Krupin, ul. Belinskogo 3-196, Novosibirsk 630000, Russia, phone: +7 3832-102395.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    On the morning of Wednesday 29th January, a concert was held in the "Feng Huang" Song & Dance Hall of Guangshui City, Hebei. The concert was in honour of the students of Mr Ying Lianghua, a private accordion teacher. There were forty performers, made up of his best and hardest working students who played both traditional Chinese music and classical items. Highlights of the concert were: Light Cavalry, The Motor Liason Soldiers, March of the Fluttering Army Flag, Prelude and Fugue, Accordion Sonata.


    Contributed by Claudio Jacomucci and Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    A Video Course for improving and updating accordionists and teachers will be held from the 21st to 27th July 1997, in San Sebastian, in the Basque Region, Spain. The teachers in charge of the course are Claudio Jacomucci (Italy) and Anne Landa (Spain). The themes are: individual and collective lessons, contemporary music, transcriptions, improvising, relaxation and posture technics, execution problems and technics, new compositions and publications.

    For further information, email:

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