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6th August 1999
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Accordions Worldwide is proud to announce that we now publish the Weekly News in Spanish along with English, German, Italian, French, Russian and Chinese language editions. There are many countries that speak the Spanish language and the aim of Accordions Worldwide is to improve the service to those countries. We also hope to receive more news of accordion events, concerts and festivals from Spanish speaking countries so please send items to Christine Adams:

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International Reykjavik Accordion Festival - Iceland

Contributed by Ingi Karlsson

The "International Reykjavik Accordion Festival 1999" took place from July 16th to 18th in Iceland. Events included an outdoor concert in Ingolfstorg (in Reykjavik's centrum), a grand ball in the Broadway dance Hall, a performance in the Arbaer Reykjavik City Museum (outdoors and indoors) as well as a number of accordion performances around Reykjavik.

The Icelandic media was especially interested in Sandy Brechin and his band from Scotland. They performed live shows on television and radio stations and received great coverage in the newspapers. A video with a single from their latest album was shot, and will be available soon. Next year's Reykjavik Festival will be part of the "Cultural Capital of Europe 2000" program, where Icelandic people will celebrate the anniversary of Christianity and the 1,000th anniversary of Leif Eiriksson's discovery of the New World (America). Accordion clubs, performers and enthusiasts who plan to visit Iceland in July 2000 are urged to book well in advance, as a great number of guests are expected to attend this celebration.


German Orchestra Visits Scotland

Contributed by Keith Dickson

The Gifhorn Accordion Orchestra from Germany visited Scotland from July 22nd to 28th playing in Biggar, Lanarkshire and Dumfries (which is twinned with the German town of Gifhorn). The orchestra program began with the melody that opened the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, "Hand in Hand", followed by "German Akkordeon Musik" and concluding with some well known favourites such as Spanish Eyes and Y Viva Espana.

The Gifhorn Orchestra was supported at each venue by the Keith Dickson Accordion Orchestra (UK Showband Champions), who entertained the audience with Scottish traditional music with a very modern approach. Members of both orchestras also visited many tourist attractions in South Scotland.


Noton in Shanghai - China

Contributed by Li Cong

On July 22nd French accordionist Jean Louis Noton performed to over 200 members of the Shanghai Accordion Association in the Teenagers Palace, Jing An District. Noton also gave a demonstration of the MIDI accordion, playing over 20 pieces in various musical styles.

The following day, Noton and Ren Li Hong flew to Tianjing to continue their concert tour of China.


"Norteños" Orchestra in Concert - Mexico

Contributed by Serguei Tibets

On July 23rd a final year students' evening was held at the Instituto Nacional Para La Educacion de Los Adultos in Mexico. After the diploma presentations, enthusiastic students were entertained by the Orquesta de Acordeones "Norteños". Their program included popular Mexican music such as Piedrera Polka, Sacate Piojos Chencha Polka, Circo Polka, Texanito (huapango) and Jaguar de Oro (huapango).


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Folk Train Performance - UK

Contributed by Paul Asher

UK group M_C_Cajun (which includes accordionist Paul Asher) played on the Folk Train between Sheffield and Edale recently. A large crowd was waiting on the platform at Sheffield Station, which filled both train carriages. While M_C_Cajun played, some people tried to dance in the aisle, but a combination of poor trackwork and old rolling stock conspired to land everybody on the carriage floor!!

The train stopped at Edale for a few hours sightseeing before passengers came back for the return journey. For further information on M_C_Cajun future concerts see Future Events


"Chamber Music at Simsalö" - Finland

On August 8th accordionist Mika Väyrynen will perform in a concert titled "Chamber Music at Simsalö" on Simsalö Island (near Sipoo). His program will include solos and "Five Tango Sensations" by Piazzolla (accordion & string quartet). The audience will travel to the concert by boat from Helsinki and Sipoo. For further information email:


Cameli and Pagni in Ruoti - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 5th "Marmo Platano" National Accordion Competition was held on July 25th in Ruoti (near Potenza). The event was organized by the Ruoti Branch of Amisal headed by Rocco Errichetti and his father Gerardo. Sylvia Pagni adjudicated at the competition. Following this she performed a program of popular duet pieces with Giuliano Cameli, then a well received solo bracket of popular pieces to bring the evening to a close.


Scottish Accordion Orchestra Visits France

UK Accordion Showband Champions the "Keith Dickson Accordion Orchestra" (Scotland) recently returned from a successful trip to Normandy, France. The orchestra met with the Cany Accordion Orchestra for a joint concert in the Cany market.

The main event was an evening concert in Yvetot (which is twinned with the Scottish Orchestra's home district of Clydesdale). The Orchestra was very well received, performing a variety of music ranging from Scottish Traditional Reels to UK Chart Hits. They also played an encore of the France '98 favorite "Carnival D' Paris" which was met with great approval from the audience.


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Cultural Institute Workshops - USA

Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

Noted accordion philosopher Dr. William Schimmel moderated 3 days of concerts and workshops at the Tenri Cultural Institute in New York, which featured such artists as the "K" Trio, Frank Busso, Dr. Robert Young McMahan, Dr. Schimmel, his wife Micki Goodman and Ray Rue as Groucho.

During the workshops, renowned accordionist Maddalena Belfiore recalled her days studying with the great Pietro Frosini, which usually involved 4-6 hour lessons, in New York. Maddalena highlighted Frosini's eccentric ways, demanding lessons as well as his expertise in the area of bellows technique.

This annual workshop was sponsored by the American Accordionists' Association.


Zubitsky Performs at Festival - China

During the 6th International Accordion Festival held from July 24th to August 3rd in Beijing Vladimir Zubitsky played a solo concert to over 1,000 people. His well received program included a variety of music from baroque to jazz.


"Flaky Jake & the Steamin' Locos" - Switzerland

Contributed by Jean-Claude Pouly

"Flaky Jake & the Steamin' Locos" will perform "rockin' zydeco", cajun & tex mex music at Moods Jazz Restaurant in Zurich on August 10th. The group consist of Flaky Jake (accordion & vocals), Paul Astles (guitar & vocals), Brian Foley, Richie Robertson (bass) and Jim Shearman (washboard). For further information email:


Coba on Television - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On August 1st, the Japanese TV program "Jounetsu Tairiku" (Continent of Passion) featured accordionist "Coba" (Yasuhiro Kobayashi) playing with a Japanese guitarist in Italy. The program was produced by Mainichi Hoso TV and featured Coba's works and activities.

"Coba" will also produce a large musical event in Japan, "Tekuno Kyabareh" (Techno Cabaret) entertainment of the 21st Century at Niigata, Niigata Prefecture. The evening will include the show, full course dinner and drinks. For further information phone: + 81 3 5275-1120


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End of Year Concert - Italy

An end of year concert of the "Voglia d'arte" music centre (Directed by Renzo Ruggieri) was held on July 11th in the magnificent "Pink Hall" at Tortoreto (near Teramo). Three advanced students took part in the performance including Daniele Di Luca and Christian Gabrielli (musical entertainment course) and Andrea Iachini (modern music course).

It wasn't only a show but a real concert test for these young musicians on their first important performance. Their program included pieces that had enabled the students to gain recognition during musical competitions over the last few years, pieces related to their chosen areas of study and a piece personally composed by each performer. One of the school aims is to develop creativity to the full extent of each musician's talent. The concert was very well received by the audience.


"Celebrity Interviews"

Questions for the "Celebrity Interview" with Vladimir Zubitsky, Russian composer, teacher and artist, just back from China, close on August 9th.

Our next "Celebrity Interview" is with famous accordion personality Faithe Deffner, owner of Ernest Deffner Publications, Titano Accordion Company, PanCordion Inc., Deiro Publications and Pagani Publications among others. Please send your questions to Moderator Wallace Liggett by August 18th. The interview will be published on August 24th.


Summer by the Lake - Germany

The Harmonica Club Sindelfingen gave a concert on August 6th in the TÜV-Hall, Böblingen as part of the concert series "Böblingen Summer by the Lake". Their program included entertainment music as well as works by J. S. Bach and D. Scarlatti, arranged for the accordion. Bayanist S. Riazanov also gave a solo performance.


Boulder Museum Concert - USA

On July 17th accordionist Guy Klucevsek played at a free outdoor concert in the Prospect Park Bandshell, Brooklyn, New York sponsored by the Borough of Brooklyn. Over 1500 people enjoyed Guy's program which included his own compositions "Samba D Hiccup", "Rumbling" and "Gunks".

The following day Guy played at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder, Colorado. The sell-out concert also included Guy's own compositions "Mug Shots", "Astor Place" and "Life, Liberty and the Prosciutto Happiness".


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Contemporary Music Performances - Austria

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

Georg Schulz (accordion teacher at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Graz) will participate in the Salzburg Music Festival as a member of the group "Klangforum Wien". This successful group of young musicians is dedicated to the performance of contemporary music. Schulz will take part in three different projects (all of them are first performances) including Luciano Berio's opera "Cronaca del luogo" (Chronicle of the place), Georg Friedrich Haas' "Work for ensemble and percussion" and Gadenstätter's "Auf Takt" with the Radio Symphonic Orchestra (conducted by Dennis Russel Davies). It has been said that contemporary composers, eager to create new sounds, very often take advantage of the possibilities with the accordion, both as a solo and orchestral instrument, which is excellent exposure for the accordion.


Summer Tram Performances - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On July 22nd the Italian Fisorchestra conducted by Vincenzo Mininno held a concert with Sylvia Pagni and Peppino Principe at Villa Litta in Milan, a famous venue for summer events. The concert proved so popular that the audience filled the park almost to the point of overflowing.

Following this Sylvia and Peppino took part in an unusual event organized by DISMA Music and the local city council. The two accordionists traveled on board a special tram that toured the city centre stopping every now and then to allow them to perform a few well-known accordion pieces for the enjoyment of those who were lucky enough to be passing by.


State Police Concert - Australia

On Sunday 12th September, accordionist Elizabeth Jones (Director of Music Education Maroubra School) will perform with the NSW Police Band at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith, Sydney. The program will include music from Cole Porter's compositions. Elizabeth will perform two solo works and two works with the band.

Elizabeth has recently been accepted into the Doctorate of Creative Arts (Music) at the University of Western Sydney. Her research work will include the history of the accordion, the place of the accordion in today's society, collaboration with composers for new works, recording various works from pedagogical through to concert works, the ethnic role of the accordion, and a comparison on the development on the accordion in Australia to the rest of the world. Elizabeth was accepted on the basis of her accordion performance skills and believes this is the first time the accordion has been used in a Doctorate course in Australia.

For further information email:


Concertina Workshops - England

Contributed by Dave Cunningham

The West Country Concertina Group held workshops for over 120 people from August 2nd to 4th at the Sidmouth International Folk Festival in Sidmouth, Devon, England.

Workshop subjects included "Absolute Beginners" with Glad Thorpe (Kent), "Intermediate Band and Advanced band", "Beginners" and "Advanced Anglo" and also various duet systems. Each of the workshops finished with a concert.


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Principe at Izola Festival - Slovenia

Contributed by Cemex

On July 24th Peppino Principe held a concert during the 10th Mediteran Festival in Izola. With the accompaniment of a trio of young Slovenians (on piano, bass and drums), Principe captivated the audience with his graceful performances of jazz pieces by Duke Ellington, Russian folk pieces, famous Neapolitan songs and classical works such as Albinoni's "Adagio". The concert was a musical journey around the world marked by the captivating sound of Principe's accordion.


Celtic Art Gallery Folk Festival - Belgium

Contributed by Guido Bos

Concertina player Chris Timson and his wife Anne Gregson will perform at the Celtic Art Gallery Folk Festival in the village of HAM (Kwaadmechelen), Belgium, August 14th and 15th. On the first day, they will perform a 50 minute set at 4pm. The next day accordionist Marino Punk will play polka's, musettes, waltzes and folk music at 7pm.

Organizer Marc Reusen, originally planned the event to give young talented folk musicians the opportunity to gain some experience on stage in front of a small audience. However, the festival has steadily grown bigger every year with over 500 people expected to attend this year's event.

For further information email:


Ensemble Performs with Choir - Germany

Contributed by Jürgen Bruch

The "Ratz Fatz" children and youth choirs (conducted by Linda Claus) and the Akkordeon-Ensemble Caprice (directed by Jutta Menn) will give a concert on September 19th at 4 pm at the Busch Brothers Theater in Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch (Nordrhein-Westfalen - Siegerland). Over 500 people are expected to attend the concert, which aims to offer an entertaining, sophisticated and interesting afternoon.

The Caprice Ensemble will play "A New Beginning" (H.G. Kölz), "Basin Street Blues" (S. Williams) and "Copacabana" (De Barro/Ribbiero).

The concert will feature a performance of the Russian dance "Sascha" (Casatschok) sung by the choirs, accompanied by the Accordion Ensemble "Caprice" with children from the "Musikalischen Früherziehung" (early childhood music education) dancing. This will be followed by a group performance of "Comedian Harmonists in Concert".

For further information email:


"Local Colours" Popular - France

French accordionist Marc Berthoumieux' first album "Les Couleurs d'ici" (Local Colours) has been so popular that it was selected by the FIP, received 4 Stars in Jazzman, appeared on the front page of "Accordeon" Magazine, was selected several times by "Jazz Up" and the "Best-of 98 of Paris Jazz" and was nominated for the Django d'or 99. Marc performs solo concerts as well as with his trio and quintet. His next concert will be at the Baisé Salé on August 7th.

For further information email:


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Antique Accordion Information

Lori Michels would like some information on a black, 96 bass, 1932 "Diana Accordion". If you can help please email:

New Sites Information on new and used accordions, repairs, tuning, tuition, MIDI, sheet music, CD's and tapes. Information on the Accordion Teachers Association of Massachusetts and the 2000 New England Music Competition and Festival to be held in April 2000 Information on accordionist Cathy Sommers, 1999 United States Accordion Champion and daughter of Joan Cochran Sommers (accordion professor and director of the UMKC Accordion Orchestra.).


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