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25th June 1999
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We have received recent compliments that are now in the Accordions Worldwide Comments section. It is very nice to receive these, particularly when some claim that accordionists are often negative and overly critical.

Our experience at Accordions Worldwide has been the opposite and for that reason, I would like to ask readers, to send us a 1 or 2 paragraph email about good deeds or nice things that accordionists have done for other accordionists.

We know that all over the world, many thousands of accordion enthusiasts are constantly helping other accordionists because of their love of the accordion and often without any remuneration. It would be nice to recognize some of these good people, and help accordionists realize just how positive and nice, accordionists can be.

Tatiana Lanchtchikova will be away for a few days next week. She will reply to all emails on her return.

Wayne Knights Webmaster

american Accordionists' Association


american Accordionists' Association
"Cartas Musicales '99" - Mexico

Contributed by Serguei Tibets

On June 9th the "Cartas Musicales '99" competition was held in Monterrey for musical groups. This competition is very popular in Mexico and open to all performers. Almost all competing groups consisted of diatonic accordion, bass guitar, guitar-bajoseksto, percussion and vocals. The event also included a composition section.

Competition results:

  • 1st: Revoltijo Norteño
  • 2nd: Jaleo

Pietro Deiro, Jr. Passes Away - USA

Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

The Governing Board and Members of the American Accordionists' Association sadly announce the passing of Pietro (Lee) Deiro, Jr., dedicated past President, incredible accordion personality and legendary contributor to accordion development in the US and throughout the accordion world.

Mr. Deiro, 86, died in a New York hospital on Saturday, June 19th of complications following a diverticulitis operation, exacerbated by a serious case of emphysema which had plagued him for several years.

Lee, as he was affectionately known to his colleagues, was born into a theatrical family on September 30, 1913. He inherited much of his famous father's love for the accordion and its music. His was the thrilling experience of being present when the pioneering first began as the accordion asserted itself in the world of music, groping for the prestige which would compliment its folk origin.

Up until his retirement from the publishing business (about 20 years ago), he operated one of the foremost accordion music publishing firms in the world, Pietro Deiro Publications which his father had founded.

A wake was held in New York City on June 21st. The funeral was held the following day.

In tribute to his memory the American Accordionists' Association has established the Pietro Deiro, Jr. Composer Commissioning Fund which will seek to finance important future additions to the body of original works for accordion.


Bulgarian Accordionist Competes in Italy

Angel MarinovBulgarian accordionist Angel Marinov competed in the International Music Competition of the Val Tidone held in Pianello Val Tidone near Piachenca, Italy from June 4th to 6th. The competition (organized by Professor Livio Bollani) included competitors from 24 countries.

While in Italy, Angel also visited Milano, Piachenca, Pianelo and Venice performing impromptu concerts. His program included "Fantasy" (Andre Astie), "Waltz" (Alexander Petrov), a jazz piece "Misty" and two of his own compositions "3 Reflection" (Bulgarian folk jazz style) and "Devoiko Mary" (a new Bulgarian folk Jazz piece). Angel is offering a free copy of "Devoiko Mary" to interested readers. Please email:


Robert Davine Presented with Distinguished Teaching Award - USA

Contributed by Kevin FriedrichRobert Davine

The University of Denver has awarded Robert Davine with the "Distinguished Teaching Award". This award is presented to only one professor each year, who is selected from the 600 strong faculty. This is the first time in the history of the University of Denver that the award has gone to a music professor, and it is extra special that it should be the accordion professor that received this prestigious award.

The University of Denver has 9000 students and is the oldest establishment of its kind between Chicago and the West coast. Robert Davine heads the accordion program and teaches music theory.


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Positive Project - France

A very positive project has resulted from the collaboration between Claudine Aucher (President of the "Rencontres Européennes de Chârtres") and Frédéric Deschamps. Winners of the Classical Senior and Light Music Categories of the 1999 Coupe Mondiale will be officially invited to participate in "Rencontres Européennes 2000" (The 2000 European Encounters). Claudine Aucher will represent France, as Official French Delegate to the Trophée Mondial, alongside Frédéric Deschamps.

Frédéric Deschamps (CNFA member and President of the Coupe Mondiale Musical Committee), has also proposed that the CNFA invite these 1999 Coupe Mondiale winners to give a "special" concert in France. This idea was unanimously accepted by members of the CNFA, and by the Treasurer Albert Robillard. Claudine Aucher has also agreed to welcome the winners at the 2000 Rencontres event.

It is hoped that other countries will follow this example, in order to give further importance to international competitions such as the Coupe Mondiale and the Trophée Mondial.


International Reykjavik Accordion Festival - Iceland

Contributed by Ingi Karlsson

Organizers of the annual "International Reykjavik Accordion Festival" have decided to move this summer's festival from Reynisvatn to the Centrum of Reykjavik. The event, which will run from July 16th to 18th will dominate Reykjavik with a grand concert in Ingolfs Square on Saturday (17th) at 3pm followed by a grand concert and dance at "Broadway" (the largest dance hall in Reykjavik) which has room for up to 2000 guests. Among the many musicians that will perform at the festival is well known Scottish accordionist Sandy Brechin and his band. For further information please see the website


american Accordionists' Association
Noton in China

Jean-Louis NotonContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

After the success of his tour in China last year, French accordionist Jean-Louis Noton has again received an offer to give a series of concerts in July.

Noton's first performances will be held in Baotou (Mongolia) from July 16th to 18th. He will then give masterclasses and concerts in Yinchuan, the Beijing National Conservatory and Shanghai from July 19th to 29th.


Tango Tour - USA

Group "Extasis"Contributed by Matthew Heaton

Tango group "Extasis" (formerly Orquesta Atipica) toured the midwest in June, performing full house concerts in Chicago and Madsion. The band includes Evan Orman (bandoneon), guitar, flute, violin, and cello.

"Extasis" performed music from the CD "Tango Dogs" released by "Orquesta Atipica". Their program included "Milonga del Angel", "Libertango", "La Cumparsita" as well as some originals such as "Tango dog Go" and "Farewell my Lovely".


Town Hall Concert - Poland

Contributed by Artur Zajkowski

Polish accordion group "Akord" performed two concerts recently at the Town Hall in Koszalin to over 200 people. Their program included classical works such as "Aria from suite No. 3" (J. S. Bach), "Adagio G minor" (T. Albinoni), arranged by Artur Zajkowski for accordion.

In July "Akord" will perform at the Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions event. For further information email:


Celebrity Interviews

Questions for the next "Celebrity Interview" with accordion manufacturer Peter (Stormy) Hyde from Hyde Accordions in Australia have now closed. The interview will be published on June 29th.


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"Milonga Quintet" at Cannes Festival - France

Contributed by Paolo Picchio

The "Milonga Quintet" (Castelfidardo, Italy) performed three concerts in the Martinez Hotel in Cannes recently. The concerts were part of an exhibition entitled "Marche at Cannes" and aimed at showcasing the natural, historical and artistic treasures of the Marche region as well as promoting its agricultural products and crafts.

Group members Kety Catena (accordion), Christian Riganelli (accordion), Roberto Picchio (accordion), Maurizio Scocco (bass) and Alessandro Polenta (percussions) played pieces by Astor Piazzolla especially arranged for the group by Paolo Picchio, and entertained numerous visitors of the exhibition who applauded them enthusiastically.

Following this, the quintet concluded its French tour by appearing as guest performers at the "Azzola-Zolotarjew Award" in Aubagne. This international accordion competition was named after Marcel Azzola, honorary President of the Jury, and Vladislav Zolotarjew, popular Russian composer. The jury was chaired by Ernesto Gordini and included Peter Soave, Yuri Sidorov and Jean-Louis Noton.

Concerts were held in the magnificent "Théatre Le Comoedia" in Aubagne. Performances were also given by Claude Thomain (French composer and accordionist), Russian accordionists Yuri Sidorov and Benjamin Oleinikov and the event organizer, Jean-Marc Fabiano.


"Exile" at Youth Centre - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On June 21st Japanese band "Exile" (with accordionist Norimichi Nagasaka) performed at the Youth Center in Nodagawa, Kyoto Prefecture. Their program included Japanese TV and movie themes, Irish Celt music, French musette and rock music.

The group's next performance will be on June 26th at La foret Biwako, Moriyama, Shiga Prefecture at 7.30pm. For further information email:


american Accordionists' Association
UK Accordionist Tours USA

Contributed by Jan Lucas

UK accordionist Karen Tweed will tour the USA with Ian Carr from June 24th to July 18th. For further concert information email:

Before travelling to the USA, Karen performed with her group "Poozies" in Great Britain, playing at the Beverley Folk Festival on June 18th and the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival on June 19th.


New Accordion Meetings in London - England

Contributed by Rose Heatley

Inner London accordionists have at last got the opportunity to play together on a regular basis. A new group has started at Morley College (one of London's earliest adult education colleges) which will meet on the second Friday of each month. The focus will be on orchestral playing but there will also be technical spots and opportunities for people to play solos.

The first meeting was held on June 11th organized by Neil Sanders who invited along as leaders Ian Watson (a recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Music) and Julie North (former national champion and head of music at a South London School). The atmosphere was lively as people met old friends and began to make new ones.

The next meeting will be held on July 9th. For further information phone Neil Sanders: + 44 171 735 4706


National Competition "Ascoli Piceno 99" - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The National Competition "Ascoli Piceno 99" was held on May 28th and 29th in the Multicultural Centre, Ascoli Piceno (Italy), organized by Emidio Cecchini and Ferruccio Premici. This is one of the most original Italian competitions for students on a variety of electronically enhanced musical instruments (keyboards, modern singing, guitar, saxophone, ensemble music and accordion).

This year's event was characterized by the addition of an accordion section (including both electronic and acoustic accordions playing to an electronic accompaniment) in which the only requirement to the musicians was to play a program of modern pieces.

Winners of the accordion section were:
Mancini Antonio, Daniele Di Luca, Danilo Ciccolone, Osvaldo Guarnieri

The award for the teacher with the highest number of award-winning students went to Renzo Ruggieri, who also took part as a guest performer in the gala concert, presenting a program of improvised pieces full of contemporary sounds and particularly suited to a young audience. The capacity audience in the CARISAP auditorium cheered the performers enthusiastically.


Annual Theatre and Music Festival - Germany

Contributed by Dr Irmgard Lehnemann

The audience at the recent annual Theatre and Music Festival in Schwerte enjoyed a variety of accordion music. French mobile theatre group "Compagnie du Hasard" presented their new play "Voisinage" which includes an accordionist as one of the characters.

A well received concert, which took place in the Schwerte market place included a performance by the group "Hiss". "Hiss" includes two accordionists, one of them is Stefan Hiss after whom the band is named. "Hiss" performed an elaborate show on stage with modern "Polka-'n'-Roll-Music", which was also influenced by other musical styles (such as Klezmer for example). A further stylistic feature of this band is their German lyrics. In 1997 the German radio station "Südwestfunk" awarded the band with the Best Song Award for their successful contribution to German song lyrics.


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Smithsonian Folklife Festival - USA

Contributed by Sylvia Miskoe

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival will begin on June 30th in the Mall in Washington DC. This year New Hampshire is the featured state. There will be music demonstrations, concerts, and dancing including contra, square, Scottish, Irish, Klezmer and French Canadian.

Participating accordionists are Gary Szredienkski (Polish music), Sylvia Miskoe (Scottish and contra), Bob McQuillen (contra), Francis Orzechowski (contra) and Ruth Weiner-Harris (klezmer).

For further information email:


40th Anniversary Celebrations - Latvia

Contributed by Vladimir Ushakov

The Daugavpils Accordion Orchestra celebrated their 40th anniversary in May with a concert in the Latvia Concert Hall. Conductor and General Director of the orchestra, Valery Khodukin is a well-known accordionist in Latvia and has conducted the orchestra for almost 35 years.

Orchestra members are students of music schools, colleges, universities and teachers who perform a repertoire of hundreds of pieces of popular music in various styles. Over the last 40 years the orchestra has performed with many well-known artists, made concert tours to Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus and Denmark and recorded many National Radio and TV broadcasts.

Many guest performers were invited to the anniversary celebration including soloists from the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble, Vladimir Ushakov and Serguei Likhachev, who performed five pieces with the orchestra.


american Accordionists' Association
"Skoal" Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On June 26th, accordionist Mihoko Goto will perform tango tunes at "Skoal", Nishi-Nagabori, Osaka. For further information phone: + 81 06-6543-0931


Irish Music Festival - Ireland

The 4th Annual Féile Ríona Traditional Irish Music Festival is currently underway in Co. Meath, Ireland until June 26th. The 3 day event includes dancing sessions and workshops on various traditional instruments including concertina and accordion.

The event will conclude with a "Céilí Mór" featuring the Michael Sexton Céilí Band.


City Stages Festival - USA

The annual "City Stages" festival was held from June 18th to 20th in Birmingham, Alabama and included over 250 acts on 15 stages. The festival included accordion performances by a number of groups including Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas, The Iguanas, The Craicers, Jambalaya Cajun Band, Lil Pookie & the Heartbreakers, Nightingale, Nuit Blanche, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys and Henri's Notions.


"Richness of Music" Book Release

Contributed by Sandie Merrill

A new musical book publication "Richness of Music; Bulgarian Music in Traditional and Contemporary Styles for Accordion and Voice" by Milen Slavov is now available. This is the companion book to the CD "Richness of Music," released earlier this year and contains the music, lyrics and translations for all of the CD selections.

Accordions Worldwide CD reviewer Tania Lukic-Marx wrote: "Milen Slavov performs technically demanding pieces with great ease and clarity. His feeling and understanding of Bulgaria's musical heritage is enormous and it shows through in this CD, for which he wrote and arranged the music."

For further information phone: + 1 408 984-8223


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Antique Accordion Information

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Dan Pearson would like information on a recently purchased Venezia accordion, made in Germany. The accordion is very old and small, approximately one foot long. If you can help please email:

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