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27th March 1998
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Editors note:

Accordions Worldwide continues to grow rapidly, today we celebrate 50,000 hits from last week! We have updated a couple of sites also this week, including my own site, Accordions Worldwide Europe Office Manager Holda Paoletti-Kampl and the CIA. As summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere so do many annual international competitions. Next week we will have a page with information on all of these.

Wayne Knights

This weeks news:

Frankfurt Music Fair - Germany
1998 Coupe Mondiale - Nijmegen, Netherlands
"Lighten Up - Have Fun" Festival in Texas - USA
2,000 Finnish Accordionists Perform on Ship
Accordionist Performs in Tea House - Japan
Wyre Accordion Festival and Competition - UK
Accordion Duo Concert in Montebelluna - Italy
20th Century Music Days in Segovia, Spain
Accordions Heal the Sick Through Music - China
Finnish Accordionist to Perform in London, UK
Kimberley International Old-Time Accordion Championships - Canada
Charity Concerts in England
Gorbachev Celebrates with Accordionist - Russia
Successful Accordion Concert in Mexico
Huge Numbers for Conservatory Entry Examinations - China
Mika Väyrynen Tours Austria
Accordion Mystery in Dresden, Germany
Accordions Feature in Theatre Production - Australia
Chicago Accordionists' 10th Anniversary - USA


Contributed by Hartmut Lange from the newspaper Intermusik

Li Jingyun 96,000 visitors came to Frankfurt between March 11th and 15th to attend the Frankfurt Musik Messe (fair for all instruments) to see the latest trends for instrument making and equipment, notes, light and sound engineering. Exhibitors from 48 countries presented their products and among them were many accordion manufacturers.

Luciano Biondini Accordion manufacturers and sellers said that it was encouraging that many orders were received during the fair. Huge demand for high quality original acoustical instruments made this fair very attractive.

Danielle Pauly A wide program of concerts was organised with 70 artists and bands. Included were Luciano Biondini (Italy) Pasquale Coviello, Pino di Modugno (Italy) Li Jingyun (China) Jean Louis Noton (France), Manfred Grabolle (Germany) Danielle Pauly (France), Florian Silbereisen (Germany), Heinold Gasser, Die Alpenrocker and Neumair (Austria) entertained the visitors.

The next music fair in Frankfurt is scheduled for March 3rd to 7th 1999.


Contributed by Frans de Bie and Kevin Friedrich

The 1998 Coupe Mondiale (Confédération International des Accordionistes - C.I.A.) is being organised by the Dutch Organisation for Accordion and Mouthorgan (NOVAM) and "The Lindenberg", the centre for Art and Culture in Nijmegen, Netherlands. The event will take place from Wednesday, October 21st to Sunday, October 25th.

Members of the executive board of the CIA, met in London, England from March 7th to 9th, to discuss upcoming CIA events and final entry requirements were reviewed for the Coupe Mondiale..

In attendance were:

Ove Hahn (Sweden) CIA President
Kevin Friedrich (USA) CIA Vice-President (also delegate for Accordion Teachers' Guild - USA, and New Zealand Accordion Association - NZ)
John Leslie (UK) CIA Vice-President
Walter Maurer (Austria) CIA Secretary General
Max Bonnay (France) Chairperson, Music Committee
Raymond Boddell (UK) Chairperson NAO, Delegate
Peter Frey (Switzerland) Delegate
Mr Christinson (Switzerland) Delegate

Dutch composer Chiel Meyering has composed "Zig-Zag" especially for the test piece in the senior division. This music is available from your country's CIA organisation member, or by emailing the CIA Secretary General, Walter Maurer at:

In addition to the competition there will be concerts, workshops, masterclasses and activities for all ages ranging from youth to seniors, along with a display of historical instruments. The opening concert will include mini-concerts broadcast by N.C.R.V. radio.

For further information visit the CIA website at:


Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

On March 21st and 22nd, the Texas Accordion Association organised a successful festival entitled "Lighten Up - Have Fun". Hundreds of accordionists took part in a weekend packed with accordion activities including workshops on MIDI, sequencing, improvisation and teaching, concerts, jam sessions, banquets and a one-act play dedicated to the piano/button accordion controversy.

Guest conductor Anthony Galla-Rini inspired the 70 piece festival orchestra to a rousing performance of three of his own arrangements. The 95 year old Maestro also performed several solo numbers during the concert. Full of humour, Mr Galla-Rini received a standing ovation for his efforts. Another seasoned accordionist, A.A.A. member Charles Nunzio from New Jersey led the same orchestra in several lighter numbers, as well as providing solo numbers.

The premier of Richard Schiller's one act play entitled "Angel Article" was well received. A piano accordion player (played by Bay Area Accordion Club President - Marian Kelly) pulled her accordion from the closet after many years of abandonment. She was delighted with the joy that her instrument brought her once again. At the height of her enjoyment, the villain button accordionist (played by Jim Rommel), shamed her into putting her piano accordion back into the closet.

To the rescue came Accordiana, the accordion angel who convinces the accordionist that it makes no difference what type of accordion the music is played on, its the joy and happiness that the music brings that is important. So once again the piano accordionist rejoices with her instrument dazzling the audience with "Flight of the Angels".

The play, presented in Vaudeville style with the "Cheer", "Applause" "Sigh" and "Boo" signs promoting audience response, took a lighthearted poke at a topic that has long been the subject of debate amongst accordionists, reminding us that in fact, we should be concentrating on doing what we do, to the best of our abilities, and enjoying our beloved instrument whatever the system.


Contributed by Ari Haatainen

From March 8th to 10th, over 2,000 accordionists performed on one of the world's biggest ships "Silja Europa" which sailed between Turkey, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden.

This popular concert trip is organised annually by the Finland Accordion Society and included well known accordionists such as Erkki Friman, Lasse Pihlajanmaa, Mika Väyrynen and Ari Haatainen performing a variety of music including jazz, musette and popular dance music.

In addition, The Finland Accordion Society held their accordion Championships on the ship including the semi-final of the entertainment class. The final will be held in June in Sata Häme, Ikaalinen.


Contributed by Izuru Shinmyo

On March 29th at 7.30pm, accordionist Yuuiti Ohtuka will perform with Kazuhiko Obata (guitar) and Ikuo Sakurai (bass) at the Kunitachi City Music Tea House "Hata", B1 Sunrise 21, Kunitachi City East 1-17-20, Tokyo, Japan. This venue is a 4 minute walk from the JR Kunitachi Station.


Contributed by David Batty

The Wyre Accordion Festival and Competition will be held on Saturday April 11th at the Marine Hall, The Esplanade, Fleetwood, UK. The competition will take place throughout the day, with 42 sections from beginner to senior soloists, buskers, virtuoso, Scottish traditional, duets and orchestras. A concert will be held in the evening. For further information phone Tom: + 44 1253 852648 or Gina: + 44 1253 822046


Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On Sunday April 5th at 5:30 pm an accordion duo of Roberto Caberlotto and Mirko Satto will perform a concert in Montebelluna, Italy. The program will include pieces by Maineri, Stravinsky, Abbott, Soler, Bach, Schaper, Piazzolla and Vivaldi.

Roberto Caberlotto has excelled in various national and international competitions and is an active soloist and orchestra performer. He is currently completing his classical accordion studies at the "I. Cherubini" Conservatory in Florence under Ivano Battiston, as well as studying composition under Bruno Coltro in Padova. He is also on the managing board of Eolo - a research centre on classical accordion. His works have been published by Berben. Recently he played with the Tuscany Orchestra (conducted by Luciano Berio) at the Auditorium Nacional de Madrid, Spain.

Mirko Satto has won several awards in national and international competitions including the 1997 edition of the "New Talents" festival organised in Cittadella by the Rotary Club. He is completing his studies of classical accordion under I. Paterno at the "A. Steffani" Conservatorium in Castelfranco, Italy, where he won two scholarships dedicated to M. Zambon in 1995 and 1997. He has played with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Veneto and the Orchestra of the Arena of Verona.


Contributed by Angel Luis Castano

On April 3rd accordionist Angel Luis Castano will perform a concert as part of a celebration called "20th Century Music Days" in Segovia, Spain. The concert will be held at 8.30pm at the Church San Juan de los Caballeros de Segovia organised by the Foundation Juan de Borbon. The program includes pieces such as Adagio (S. Barber), Five Movements for String Orchestra (A. Webern), and Seven Words for bayan, cello and String Orchestra (S. Gubaidulina).

Angel will perform with David Apellaniz (cello) and the Andres Segovia of Madrid String orchestra conducted by Fabian Panisello. The concert will be broadcast by Radio Nacional de España.


Contributed by Wu Jie

On March 29th at 7:30 pm, a concert will be held for the first time at the 7th Hospital in Chengdu, China for patients, doctors and nurses, sponsored by the Sichuan Accordion School. Fifty accordionists aged from 8 to 13 years will perform Chinese music to an estimated audience of over 1,000 patients and 200 doctors and nurses.

"This is a very significant event for our children, because they will learn to consider other people more, especially patients," said teacher, Mr Xu Wanyi.


Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

On Tuesday April 28th, Finnish accordionist and Professor of accordion at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Matti Rantanen, will appear in concert in Duke's Hall, at the Royal Academy of Music in London, at 7.30pm.

For further information phone the Academy Box Office: + 44 171 873 7300


Contributed by William Baerg

The 24th Annual Kimberley International Old-Time Accordion Championships will be held from July 5th to 12th in the Platzl, Elk's Hall, Civic Centre, Kimberley, Canada. Events will start daily at 8am and run until after midnight including jam sessions, competitions, workshops, concerts and dances.

There will be over $10,000 in cash prizes and 22 competition categories covering Old-time, Classical, Popular, Band and Diatonic Jazz.

Guest artists include Myron Floren, Joe Schultz and the Western Senators, Viking Persuasion, The Softones, The Cottonpickers, Kerry Christenson and Joe Morelli,

For further information phone: + 1 250 427-4547


Contributed by David Batty

A charity concert of accordion music was held on Friday February 13th at "The Studio", Haven Road, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, UK at 7.30pm, organised by the Lytham St Annes Art Society. Guest performers included Joanne Finnegan, Jean Southern, Basil Berry and Andrew Figg. In total there was an hour and a half of accordion music. All proceeds (450 UKP) went to the Victoria Hospital M.R.I. Scanner Appeal.

David Batty has also been asked by the Brittle Bones Society to organise a group of accordionists to play at a charity concert on Wednesday May 27th at Longridge, Lancashire, England. The accordionists will perform three hours of music to the assembled crowd and details will be featured in local newspapers.


The newspaper Itar-Tass World Service, recently featured an article on former Soviet president, Mikhail Gorbachev, who celebrated his 67th birthday with Indian guru Shri Chinma. When the guru picked up an accordion and played the first notes of the Russian song "Podmoskovnye Vechera" (Evenings Outside Moscow), Gorbachev began to sing with him!


On February 21st Mexican accordionist Víctor Mercado Antonio Barberena performed a very successful concert in Mexico City. His popular program included pieces by Binelli, Piazzolla, Volpi, Bremhe, Fugazza in original music, Spanish and Argentinian music.


Contributed by Wu Jie

From March 24th entrance examinations to the Sichuan Conservatory will begin in Chengdu, China. Over 3,000 students will apply (of which only 290 students will be accepted). 112 accordion candidates are included in this. There will also be 500 children registering to enter the Middle School, attached to the Conservatory and only six of these (aged from 12 to 14 years) will be accepted for accordion studies.

The accordion examination will be hosted by Professor Wu Shouzhi, and the entrance examinations will take two weeks to complete.


Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

Mika Väyrynen has just finished a concert tour in Austria, performing in Neunkirchen, Wolfsberg, Hermagor, Villach and holding a masterclass at the conservatory in Klagenfurt.

He has just released his 5th CD "Adventure" which includes works by Grieg, Dupré, Méhul, Sibelius, Kaski, Väyrynen, Makkonen, Piazzolla, Saluzzi, Di Matteo and Constant.

Mika Väyrynen wrote about his CD:
The search for the new and the discovery of the old are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for the artist. In my own artistic work I have tried to preserve a child-like attitude, an ability to examine the musical environment with a curiosity free from all preconceived ideas. It was the curiosity which led to the making of this record. An adventure would not be an adventure without an element of surprise. This adventure is musically surprising and even exciting. The items I have chosen are ones not necessarily associated with the accordion.


Contributed by Andrea Rautenberg

Inspired by the best-seller "Accordion Crimes" by E. Annie Proulx, Tobias Morgenstern and Thomas Rühmann from Berlin decided to create a "musical novel-drama for narrator and accordionist", which was presented at the Scheune, Dresden on March 18th. They tell and play the story of an accordion, that travels from Italy to America, goes from hand to hand, plays Cajun, Zydeco, Tango, Rancheros, Polka and Blues.

Accordionist Tobias Morgenstern performed many different musical styles and the audience applauded enthusiastically. More performances will follow.


The Advertiser Newspapers Limited (Adelaide) recently featured an article on Belgian choreographer Alain Platel, who includes accordionists performing Purcell's music in his dance-theatre production La Tristeza Complice (The Shared Sorrow). "It started off as some funny idea then, while I was working on the production, I discovered accordions matched very well with what was happening on stage," Platel said. "What you see on stage are people you could refer to as people on the street, and to me the accordion is an instrument that can be seen on the streets. Also, it has a very melancholic and emotional sound, and what you see on stage is very emotional, so I felt it would be right."


Contributed by Tom Collins

The Chicago Accordion Club meets regularly on the third Monday of the month at Elmhurst American Legion, 310 W. Butterfield Road., Elmhurst, Illinois, USA. This year their 10th year Anniversary Celebration will be held on Tuesday June 16th at the Casa Royale in Des Plaines.

For further information phone: + 1 630 833-7800

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Subject: Questions on Accordion Ads

Dear Mr. Knights,

I submitted an "accordion for sale" and an "accordion wanted" ad to Accordions Worldwide two weeks ago. Should I resubmit these ads every two weeks, or are they automatically posted? Also, for how long do you run a given ad. I recognise some ads that I've seen a few months ago. Also, how do I modify an ad, for example, if I wish to lower the price. Thanks again.

All ads arrive here via email. We edit them if necessary and put them into our database. From there, they are updated every two weeks. We run the ads until people let us know to take them down. You will notice at the top of the submit forms "New" and "Update". If you wish to either remove or update your ad (eg lower the price), just click on update and send us a message in the information box. Or, you can simply email us about it.

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