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The Squeeze
7th November 1997

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Editors note:
We had a great weekend at the NZAA camp with fantastic weather and lots of sunshine as summer has finally arrived here in New Zealand.

It has been brought to my attention that occasionally emails have gone missing. Whenever you send us a news item, we always reply to let you know when it will appear in the news. If you do not hear back from us and do not see your news, please resend the article. Please email all news items to either or

Wayne Knights

This weeks titles:

  • 17th Grand Prix International De L'accordeon - France
  • Accordion Gala Concert in Grieg Hall, Bergen, Norway
  • Peter Soave Symphony Concert - USA
  • "Cup of North", Cherepovetz, Russia
  • Birthday Celebrations for Myron Floren - USA
  • An Accordion Concert in Tibet
  • Accordion Camp Weekend - New Zealand
  • The Milonga Quintet on National Television - Italy
  • Accordionist Guy Klucevsek Performs with Milwaukee Dance Theatre - USA
  • New Accordion Courses in "Shu-De" School - China
  • French Duo Tour to Ukraine
  • "Skei-Treffen" Accordion festival in Joelster, Norway
  • Diatonic Weekend - The Netherlands
  • "Those Darn Accordions" on Television - USA
  • New Accordion Training Class - China
  • International Accordion Festival, Blackpool, England


    Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

    From October 31st to November 2nd, the 17th Grand Prix International de l'Accordéon was held in Bischwiller (France). The Jury consisted of famous teachers and performers such as Dr Hans Luck, Lotte Luck (Germany), Vladimir Balik, Aleksandr Dmitriew, Oleg Sharov (Russia), José Cintas, Bernard Albaynac, Daniel Vaucher, Patricia Vaucher, Bernard Vianney, Gabriel Veit (France), Sergio Scappini, Emanuelle Spantaconi (Italy), Volin Vasovic (Yugoslavia), Peter Soave, Dr Carmelo Pino (USA), Raymond Bodell (Great Britain), Claudine Cintas, Claudine Haenni (Switzerland) and Dr Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria).

    On Friday October 31st, the Orchestra of the Art Lyceum of St. Petersburg (Russia), Peter Soave (accordion) and Trio Nata Bene from Astrachan (Russia) demonstrated a large variety of musical styles in their programs. On Saturday November 1st, the Orchestra of Bischwiller (conductor Gabriel Veit, who also did most of the Grand Prix organising work), the Trio Marius Stoian and the Orchestra of Tatar Folk Instruments (from Kazan) delighted the public during the second evening concert.


    Soloists 15 years & under

    • 1st - Milos Milivojevic, Yugoslavia

    Soloists 18 years & under

    • 1st - Vladimir Blagojevic, Yugoslavia

    Soloists without age limit

    • 1st - Alexander Matveev, Russia

    Virtuoso light music for soloists

    • 1st - Igor Osipenko, Ukraine


    • 1st equal - Bogdan and Ruslan Pirog, Ukraine; Moussabeg Armadagaev and Valery Charibou, Russia


    • 1st - Orchestra of the Art Lyceum of St. Petersburg, Russia


    Contributed by Vladimir Ushakov

    On Saturday October 25th in Grieg, Bergen, Norway, an Accordion Gala Concert was held. This is an annual event that has now been held for the last 20 years with more than 600 people attending from various parts of Norway.

    Among the guests of the concert were:

    • St Petersburg Musette Ensemble from Russia (special guests whose performance will be remembered especially for the composition "Pavlovsk in the evening" played with candlelight and piano introduction)
    • Emanuele Rastelli, Italy (Italian world master '96 who performed his compositions with brilliant technique).
    • Foerde Accordion Club and Inge Reksten
    • Hovard Svensrud and Erling Peters
    • Bergen Frosini Ensemble
    • "Kroergutta" (a Scandinavian group who use diatonic accordions and complex rhythm sections)
    • Erik Frank (A legend of jazz & swing accordion in Sweden and honorary guest of the concert, who at 82 years old gave an incredible performance).

    After the concert dancing was held to the accompaniment of the accordion, swing and some Scandinavian folk music.

    The show was organised by John Mandelid, (owner of The Accordion Centre in Bergen) who is also known as an organiser of many other accordion events in Norway.


    Contributed by Guillaume Hodeau

    1984 Coupe Mondiale Champion and leading American concert accordionist, Peter Soave will be performing the Accordion Concerto by Paul Creston on Sunday, November 9th at 3 pm at the Orchestra Hall in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He will be accompanied by the Plymouth Symphony with director Russel Reed.

    Creston's Concerto was commissioned by the American Accordionists' Association and is regarded as one of the most difficult pieces of the original works for the accordion.

    Sunday's concert will also feature the legendary Metropolitan Opera star Pablo Elvira, who will be singing his signature roll, "The Barber of Seville".


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov

    From October 20th to 30th, the 3rd International Folk Instruments Competition "Cup of North" took place in Cherepovetz, Russia. The competition was for accordion soloists, folk string performers, and conductors with competitors coming from Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic and Yugoslavia.

    The jury consisted of famous Russian teachers and performers such as Vladimir Soloviov, Viatcheslav Semionov, Vladimir Besfamilnov and Nikolai Davidov.

    Winners of the piano-accordion category:

    • 1st - Ruslan Krachkovski (Russia)
    • 2nd - Dmitry Gvozdkov (Russia)
    • 3rd equal - Evgueni Kochetov (Russia) and Aleksei Shaligin (Russia)
    Bayan category:
    • 1st - Sasha Vasic (Yugoslavia)
    • 2nd - Mikhail Ovchinnikov (Russia)
    • 3rd equal - Aleksei Dedurin (Russia) and Iosef Vazula (Czech Republic)

    Also several concerts were given by leading accordionists from Russia. Among them, Yuri Sidorov gave a great classical concert with music from Bach to Rakhmaninov and young talented bayanist Sergei Voitenko played music by Piazzola and Russian temporary composers.


    Contributed by Rennie Guenther

    Myron Floren's birthday (which one we don't know) and party was held last week in the big tent at the 37th Annual Wurstfest in USA. We had people from the Chicago Accordion Club, Kansas, Florida, Wisconsin, San Antonio Accordion Club, Austin clubs and Norman Seaton from the Texas Accordion Club was also present. The accordion band played several polkas and waltzes as well as happy birthday, then Myron joined in and we played Beer Barrel Polka and other songs.

    Myron was presented a Hummel figurine from the Wurstfest and a Birthday Card from the San Antonio Club signed by all the members.

    Around 50 accordionists performed with some standing behind the stage playing as the stage was too small.

    Myron's birthday will be celebrated again next year at Wurstfest. For information on next years bash contact the Wurstfest Assoc. at +1 800-221-4369 or email Rennie Guenther at:


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    Ms Zuo Ma, a young accordion performer in the Lhasa Song & Dance Troupe from Lhasa City, held an accordion concert in the Worker Theatre, Lhasa on November 1st at 7pm. Ms Zuo Ma played accordion and electronic organ with a band to an enthusiastic audience of 500.

    The first half she played classical music and in the second half played in a lighter style.


    Contributed by Christine Adams

    The New Zealand Accordion Association weekend camp, held from October 31st to November 2nd at Camp Mahurangi was a great success. Over 40 children and adults participated in six hours of workshops, covering a variety of subjects. One of the most popular workshops was "Modern Music and Improvisation" by Grant "Yogi" Martin and Maurice Jones, who showed enthusiastic participants how to modernise rhythms with chords and bass work using the piece "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

    On the Saturday evening a huge bonfire and fireworks display was a highlight of the weekend with Lionel Reekie and Marcel Riethman entertaining the crowd on their accordions.

    The final concert was held on Sunday afternoon, which began with solos and duets from some of the camp participants, and an impromptu rock 'n roll number by the tutors. The big finale was the massed orchestra comprising of over 40 accordionists (conducted by Lionel Reekie) who performed "Casey Jones".


    Contributed by Paolo Picchio

    On October 20th the "Milonga Quintet" ensemble from Castelfidardo (a group that has already dedicated many concerts to Astor Piazzolla's Nuevo Tango repertoire) was featured on the national TV channel RAIUNO in the television programme "Unomattina", (a popular morning talk show that covers many different topics). After the quintet performed "Libertango", Mr Beniamino Bugiolacchi (founder of the Museo Internazionale della Fisarmonica - Accordion International Museum), showed some valuable items from the museum collection to the audience, and with the help of some Castelfidardo manufacturers, explained the various stages of the instrument fabrication and its possible electronic applications.


    Contributed by Guy Klucevsek

    From October 17th to 19th, Klucevsek performed with the Milwaukee Dance Theatre at Alverno College's Pittman Theatre, in a program called "Dances With A Button Box". This was an evening of his own compositions choreographed by Sarah Wilbur, Cate Deicher, and Tadej Brdnik, plus the premiere of a dance and theatre work called "He, She and Guy," created and developed by Isabelle Kralj and performance artist Mark Anderson.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    "Shu-De" School is a private school in Lianjiang City (Fuzhou province). A variety of musical instrument courses have been available in the school except for the accordion because of a lack of accordion teachers.

    Now, Ms Wei Qin (accordion performer and private teacher in the Hubei province), has been transferred to the school this month as an accordion teacher.

    Accordion courses will now begin in some classes of the school with close to 50 children now able to learn the accordion.

    "I believe there will be more and more students able to study the accordion in the near future", said Ms Wei in a confident manner.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov

    From October 26th to November 2nd, Bruno Moris (accordion) and Jean-Pier Shale (piano) held a concert tour through Ukraine where they gave charity concerts in Nezhin, Zhitomir, Chernigov, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Kiev.

    The Duo thrilled the audience with their own original interpretation of composers' famous classical and contemporary works. These musicians performed not only music, but created in the audience's mind a theatre where there were a lot of unexpected emotions and surprises. The program included such composers as Bach, Korelli, Azolla, Chalet and others. All concerts were a great success.


    Contributed by Vladimir Ushakov

    From October 30th to November 2nd in a small place called "Skei" which is situated among the Norwegian mountains, an annual accordion festival "Skei-Treffen" was held at the Skei Hotel. About 200 people attended the three day event which included top accordionists in a warm friendly atmosphere.

    This 26th festival was arranged by the owner of the Skei Hotel and great accordion enthusiast, Jon Skrede. The main Festival performers were three professional accordion soloists, including well known Norway accordionists Oeyvind Farmen and Frode Haltli, and Emanuele Rastelli (Italy) and a professional group.

    They performed music by J.S. Bach, J. Haydn, Andre Astier, Luciano Fancelli. Rastelli performed many of his own compositions.

    Also performing were the St Petersburg Musette Ensemble from Russia which consists of two accordions (piano and button) together with a rhythm section. They performed several numbers from their two latest CD's.

    As well as these professional musicians there were many amateur accordionists and accordion music could be heard in different parts of the Hotel. In addition to the concerts, there was dancing all night until 3 or 4am.


    Contributed by Ad Kwakernaat, Diatonisch Nieuwsblad

    From November 27th to 29th the Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland has organised their second Diatonic Accordion Weekend. Teachers will be available for various sections as follows:

    Anneke Goudkuil - chord areas
    Ad Kwakernaat - beginners
    Harry Geuns - bandoneon
    Wim Wakker - concertina
    Arina Stam - mouth harmonica
    Willem Schot - one row melodeon

    For further information contact Jenny van Diggelen phone: + 31 076 - 5141835.


    Contributed by Paul Rogers

    "Those Darn Accordions" featured on WTTV programme "Wild Chicago" on Friday 7th November at 10pm with a segment of them performing at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn last summer. The whole band agrees it was the best club gig TDA has ever had and the audience "were singing along with even our most obscure offerings".

    They recently got a call from The Drew Carey Show. Drew had heard their version of "The Perry Mason Theme" and wanted to use it at the end of one of his shows. At this stage, TDA are not sure when this will be recorded.

    TDA! are staying close to home for the winter, doing a few local gigs and working on some new material.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    An accordion training class opened November 2nd in Mongwen Primary School, Mongwen, Sichuan province. As Mongwen is a small city, there were few amateur accordion players and no training classes available. If anyone wanted to study the accordion, they had to travel long distances and this situation has handicapped the accordion's development in Mongwen.

    Ms Yang Nan wanted to solve this problem. Although she does not live in Mongwen, she decided to travel there once a week and open two accordion training classes in the Primary School.

    There are now 30 students in the two classes and Yang Nan plans to foster several accordion teachers, so she can open more classes in the future. "I am going to do my best to help all of the students who want to study accordion", said Ms Yang Nan.


    Contributed by David Batty

    The Blackpool Accordion Festival will be held from March 26th to 30th, 1998 at the Blackpool Holiday Centre, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England.

    Confirmed featured guests include Steve Roxton (Jersey), Barbara Ann Martindale (Canada), The Alexander Brothers, Alexander Korbakov (Russia), Roberto Enzo (Italy), D. Gajic (Yugoslavia) and many more.

    In addition there will be the usual workshops, Scottish, Irish and Old Time. Ballroom dancing to a ceilidh dance band will be held on Sunday Evening. There will also be a trade exhibition, accordion auction, orchestras and groups.

    For further details on the availability of rooms, booking details and brochures, please phone 0990 33 11 99 or write to Blackpool Holiday Centre, Clifton Drive North, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England, FY8 2SX.

    For details of the accordion show itself contact Tom Duncan phone: +44 1253 852648.


    Dear Sir:

    My name is Michael Jensen and somehow my name, address, and phone number got on your list of music publishers R-Z. Since I am only an accordion player and have no music to sell it would be better to have my name off your list, although I have gotten some interesting e-mails! I have no idea how it got on the list.

    Mike Jensen

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for making me aware of the problem. We will have your name removed from the list next week, when we update our database. If you would like me to remove it before then, please let me know and I will have it done. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Yours musically,

    Wayne Knights
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