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The Squeeze
17th October 1997

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Editors note:
Hi everybody, I am Tatiana Lanchtchikova, a Russian accordionist currently living in New Zealand and working for Accordions Worldwide. Wayne Knights (Editor and Webmaster) is on a working holiday in Australia for one week and I hope he has a nice time and will tell us many interesting things when he comes back.

With many regards to all,

Tatiana Lanchtchikova

This weeks titles:

  • Accordion orchestra Hof on tour in South Africa
  • Accordion Festival in Deventer, Netherlands
  • The Charles Wheatstone Bicentenary - UK
  • Art Van Damme Coaxed out of Retirement - USA
  • New Methodological Book, Ukraine
  • Blackpool Accordion Festival - England
  • "Accordions of the Rockies" Conference, 1998 - USA
  • Melodeon Workshops - Netherlands
  • Actor Jimmy Stewart played the accordion - USA
  • Tokyo Accordion Mates Concert - Japan
  • Accordion Lessons Available in Wuhan, China
  • Accordion in Spain
  • New Accordion Music Book by Gary Dahl - USA
  • Big Accordion Event at the Rhein-Mosel-Halle in Koblenz, Germany
  • Accordion Concert in Stockholm
  • Accordion Performance at Culture Palace - China
  • Investment Group Buys Hohner - Trossingen, Germany


    Contributed by Günther Zeilinger

    30 Hof Accordion Orchestra members travelled to South Africa with high expectations of a great trip. As soon as they arrived in Cape Town, preparations were undertaken to perform their first open air concert to a large audience. From Cape Town, they drove and flew towards Durban along the famous garden route and had 4!!! concerts along the way. In Durban they were invited by the German School to give a benefit concert for the school. They performed folk music and other popular works such as The Magic Flute, Porgy & Bess and Ruslan & Ludmila.

    From Durban they travelled to the Eisteddfod Music Festival in Roodeport, Johannesburg which was the highlight of the tour. Here, music groups from all over the world meet every two years - a unique experience to perform among many choruses, symphony orchestras and other groups. Lots of contacts were made and invitations given. After four days they chose to go on Safari in the Krüger National Park enjoying a breathtaking tour between lions, leopards, elephants and all the other animals.

    At the end of the tour they performed at a formal reception on October 3rd, (a German National Holiday), in the German Embassy in Pretoria which was a huge honour. The prominent political, economic and cultural people liked it so much, that the 20 minute program became 2 hours. A great success for us, and a great success for the accordion! Tired, but with many wonderful memories we arrived back in Germany on October 5th. In 17 days we gave 8 concerts, no stress, just a wonderful experience!


    Contributed by Marco Dufour

    From October 30th to November 1st an accordion festival will be held in Deventer, Netherlands. The festival will include workshops on Cajun, Zydeco, "Music from Galicie" and Worlmusic by the Charivari Trio.

    Guest performers include the Accordion quartet "Variabile", M-Quintet ensemble, the Accordion Orchestra "Advendo", Grand Regional Accordion Orchestra, the Timbre Russian Accordions Group of Moscow, Sextecto Canyenque Ensemble and others.

    For further information please email M.J.W. Dufour:


    Contributed by Neil Wayne

    The Wheatstone Bicentenary celebrations are planned for February 6th, 2002. Closer to the event, a Bicentenary Planning Committee will be formed.

    Events and exhibitions were held during 1975, the centenary of Charles Wheatstone's death. An even more thorough program of commemorative events, publications and media features are planned to enhance the name and achievements of Charles Wheatstone during the year of his bicentenary.

    These include:

    • Horniman Museum Concertina Exhibition
    • CD ROMs of The Wayne Concertina Collection
    • The Music of the Concertina' - a Four-CD and book Commemorative set which will include a detailed and scholarly survey of the music and history of the instrument in book form
    • TV Documentary on the Concertina and Charles Wheatstone.
    • New Biography of Charles Wheatstone
    • Wheatstone Bicentenary Website
    • 'Wheatstone and the Concertina' - new edition in book form.
    • Stephen Rowley's play on the life of Wheatstone
    • Wheatstone genealogical research
    • Sir Charles - a commemorative British stamp


    Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

    To honour his good friend jazz accordionist Tony Dannon at the recent Dannon testimonial, accordion legend Art Van Damme donned the accordion he put away nearly two years ago on his 75th birthday when he announced his retirement. He played for an appreciative crowd which enjoyed the inimitable Van Damme style and gave the master a standing ovation.

    The following evening Van Damme boarded a plane to Italy where he played at the Castelfidardo Festival and received an award for his spectacular contribution to accordion popularity.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov.

    A new book of methodology, written by Nikolay Davidov, (Professor at the Ukraine National Music Academy), was recently published by the "Musical Ukraine" publisher.

    The book "Theory Basics of Bayan Skill" is for accordionists who would like to improve their playing skills. It emphasises areas players can concentrate on to achieve and attain better performing skills.


    Contributed by David Batty

    The Blackpool Accordion Festival will be held from March 26th to 30th, 1998 at The Holiday Club, Pontins, Lytham St Annes, Blackpool, Lancashire, England.

    There will be accordion music workshops, guest artists each night including Steve Roxton from Jersey (England), trade shows running through the day, and all the things you normally expect at an accordion festival.

    Steve Roxton has travelled all around the world playing the accordion, and is the current President of "Les Amis d'le accordeon de Jersey" and leader of the Jersey Accordion Band who have just released a new recording.


    Contributed by Tom Collins

    The Closet Accordion Players of America (CAPA) have announced that the "Accordions of the Rockies" conference is planned for June 19th to 21st, 1998 in Denver, Colorado. Two hundred advance registrations are needed by January 15th, 1998 to make this event a reality. Advance registration fee is $30 which covers registration packet, attendance at all workshops and sessions, continental breakfast on Saturday, entrance to exhibits, special hotel discounts and more. The fee will be refunded if this conference is cancelled. For further information contact CAPA, 305 West Magnolia, Suite 398, Fort Collins, CO 80521, USA.


    Contributed by Ad Kwakernaat, Diatonisch Nieuwsblad

    The following workshops have been organised by Trad ft during the 97/98 year in The Netherlands.

    • October 25th and November 22nd - Harmony for melodeon players
    • November 2nd - Repair and restoration of melodeons with Karel v.d. Leeuw
    • November 7th, 8th and 9th - MUSEmatica (Swedish music and dance)

    In addition, melodeon courses have been organised for the whole school year during evenings in Utrecht and Silvolde.

    For further information contact Frans Tromp: + 31 030 2205227.


    Contributed by Tom Collins

    An article in the CAPA Times, USA about the passing of actor Jimmy Stewart points out that he got his start in show business by playing the accordion. When he was growing up in Indiana, Pennsylvania, his father owned a hardware store. One day a customer who needed to pay for his bill but had no money asked if he could pay for his bill with an accordion. Stewart's dad agreed to the trade and then suggested that his son learn to play the instrument. Jimmy's mother was already a fine pianist and his father thought Jimmy might have inherited her talent.

    Later, when he attended Princeton and studied architecture, he continued to play. In 1932 he was hired to perform at the tearoom of a Cape Cod theatre. While playing there, a resident summer stock group noticed him and gave him a few walk-on parts. One thing led to another and two years later he was invited to do a screen test at MGM. The rest is film history.


    Contributed by Toru Katou

    The Tokyo Accordion Mates Concert was held on October 10th at 1.30pm at Tachikawa Shimin Kaikan in Tokyo. Japan. The three group members (two male and one female) are Tetsuya Kuwayama, Yuhichi Ohtsuka and Tsuneko Ogawa.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    At the Wuhan Infant Normal School in China, accordion lessons have only been available for students in the Teachers Training Section. Recently, it has been decided to offer accordion lessons in the Music Section which involves over 80 new students each year.

    Ms Nao Dan, an accordion teacher and a piano teacher in the school, will be the teacher of the two classes.


    On November 3rd, the Duo Contraste (Avelina Vidal on guitar and Esteban Algora on accordion) will perform at the Orense Philharmonic Society's "50th Anniversary", in Orense, Spain. They will perform pieces by Sanchez-Verdu, Busseuil, Santos, Baggio, Gubitsch and a new work by Brazilian composer, Claudio Tupinamba.


    Contributed by Bob Torkelson

    Gary Dahl (accordionist and arranger) has a new book of Jazz accordion solos which is published by Mel Bay. He also has several unpublished arrangements that you can order from him. If you require a catalogue or further information, his phone & fax is: + 1 206 770-9492.


    Contributed by Martin Frey

    On November 2nd, a big accordion event will be held at the Rhein-Mosel-Halle in Koblenz, Germany. The Third International Music Exhibition "Round the Accordion" (11am to 11pm) has become a popular meeting place due to its uniqueness. The fair provides a wide range of instruments, individual professional advice, instruments available to test, and the opportunity to buy in a pleasant atmosphere.

    The accordion concert will be held from 2 to 5pm with participants from different regions presenting their musical performances. The festival promotes the popularity of the accordion leading to increased acceptance of the instrument.

    The Pavel Smirnov Orchestra from St. Petersburg will perform in concert at 7pm. This orchestra has performed on many tours, often gaining standing ovations. Their performance at Rhein-Mosel-Halle is the final concert of their tour to Europe beginning on October 19th. For further details see Future Events.


    Contributed by Håkan Widar

    On November 16th at 3pm, an accordion concert will be held at Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden. The entrance fee is skr 100 (Students skr 60) and the concert has been organised by the SDR Swedish Accordionists Association.

    Guest artists include Anders Grothe, Jörgen Sundequist, Lars Ek, Erik & Maritta Livonen, Lennart Wärmell and many others.

    For further information phone: + 46 8 6449900


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    On October 11th at 7:30 pm, a concert was held in the Music Hall of Chongqing's Culture Palace, by accordionist Ms Mao Su, who is also an amateur singer. Over 400 people enjoyed her performance, which included popular songs played and sung with Mao Su's band.

    Mao Su often performs as an accordionist and singer and her performances are very well received by the audience.

    "In the future, I want to be an accordionist and singing star", said Ms Mao Su.


    Contributed by Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA)

    The Matth. Hohner AG, Trossingen, Germany, traditional manufacturer of music instruments, has a new majority stockholder. The stock corporation HS Investment Group Inc. from Tortola (British Virgin Islands) acquired a controlling interest in September. Many investment groups of renowned combines have their seat at the Caribbean group of islands in order to avoid taxes. The HS Investment Group co-operates with a company group that engages in the world-wide music business and is experienced with the manufacturing and distribution of musical instruments. Thus Hohner will get support for production, distribution and restructuring. The Kunz-Holding owns Hohner shares too, the rest is spread.

    The manufacturer of accordions and mouth-organ has been fighting problems for years. This March, Hohner announced a reduction in the number of employees to 280 until 1998. In 1996, 600 people worked in Trossingen. It was announced that the income of 1996/1997 will be negative because of the restructuring. In 1995/1996 the total sales were 175 Mio. DM.


    I wanted to let you know that I have received several students and numerous jobs due to my ads. Your service is fantastic! I also wanted to make a correction to my listing. My e-mail address has changed. It was It now is I thought I sent my new e-mail address about a week and a half ago but I see the old e-mail is still on my ads. I believe that my ads are in teachers and performers. Again, thank you for your service.


    Steve Albini

    Hi Steve,

    We are very happy, that Accordions Worldwide has been able to help you. Thanks for using our site. I have added the correction of your email address under "Teachers and Performers" as well and it will be uploaded next Friday.

    With many wishes,
    Tatiana Lanchtchikova
    Accordions Worldwide

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