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The Squeeze
10th October 1997

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Accordions Worldwide really continues to grow! Yesterday I completed and put on line internet sites for both famous Russian Friedrich Lips and his good friend, Austrian Dr Herbert Scheibenreif. There has been fantastic feedback from our customers who already have sites hosted by us, so if you have been thinking of having an internet site about yourself, your organisation or business, now is the time.

I will be on a working holiday in Australia for a week from Tuesday 14th, but your emails will be answered as per usual.

Wayne Knights

This weeks titles:

  • Tribute to Jazz Great Tony Dannon – USA
  • Grand Concert on October 1st - China
  • Melodeon Folk Music in De Glind, Netherlands
  • Barbara Faast-Kallinger in Concert - Vienna
  • Music Instruments Fair 1997 – Tokyo, Japan
  • Acco Land on Tour in Italy
  • Accordion Music Benefits UMKC Music Conservatory – USA
  • 2nd Saxon Accordion Competition Huge Success – Germany
  • Accordion Performs on Radio Music Program – China
  • Accordion Concert, Ukraine
  • Accordion Performs on Cruise Ship - Norway
  • Friends of the Accordion (FOTA) concert - USA
  • Accordion Concert in Amsterdam
  • Accordion Premiere by Vladimir Zubitsky
  • New Zealand Accordionist Joins Band in USA
  • Accordion Festival, London, England


    Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

    In tribute to musician, educator, composer Tony Dannon, the Michigan Accordion Society organized a delightful dinner-show in Rochester, Michigan on October 5th. Nearly 500 accordion enthusiasts and Dannon admirers assembled to laud the noted jazz accordionist. In his years as co-director of the Modern Accordion Studio with Ollie Petrini, Dannon managed to turn the state into an accordion mecca, producing hundreds of superb players and contest winners. Tribute performers included accordionists Art Van Damme, Peter Soave, Joe Cerrito, Ray Battani, John Schollak, Lana Gore and Mady Dessimoulie. Performers were backed by Dan Maslanka on drums and Ralph Armstrong on bass. The event was orchestrated by MAS President Steve Stolaruk and his hard-working board of directors.

    A Papal proclamation blessing Dannon was received from the Vatican. American Accordionists' Association President Faithe Deffner presented a tribute plaque, as did the Accordion Teachers Associations of Massachusetts and Rhode Island where Dannon frequently performed and judged at festivals. Congratulatory messages arrived from admirers throughout the US and there were speeches by former students, colleagues and family.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    To celebrate National Day, a grand open-air concert was held in Big Square, Zhangzhou (Fujian province) on October 1st at 10am. Over 1,100 children performed Chinese traditional music including about 100 accordionists, to an audience of approximately 150,000 people. "The aim of the concert is to persuade local audiences to take an interest in and appreciate Chinese music, and in particular, Chinese traditional music." said Mr. Zhang Kaijian who is one of the organisers of the concert and an accordion teacher in Zhangzhou.

    Accordion players, especially accordion accompanists became very busy on National Day as there were many singers and choruses that needed to be accompanied. All over China, people planned a variety of celebration ceremonies, such as concerts, parties, parades and get-togethers. Accordions play a very important role in the activities because of their popularity and portability.


    Contributed by Ad Kwakernaat, Diatonisch Nieuwsblad

    From October 12th to 18th The Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland autumn week of folk music will be held in De Glind with melodeon teacher Ad Kwakernaat. This course is for beginners as well as advanced players. For further information contact Jenny van Diggelen Phone: + 31 076 - 5141835.


    Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

    Austrian accordionist Barbara Faast-Kallinger was born in Vienna in 1960 and received her diploma from the conservatory in 1981. Since then she has performed many concerts in Austria (including Vienna's avant-garde festival "Wien modern") and abroad. In addition to the classical accordion she also became interested in other free reed instruments like the bandoneon (in 1996 she founded her own tango quartet Tango Vivo) and Austria's most popular folk instruments like "Steirische Harmonika" (Styrian harmonica) and the Viennese "Schrammel Harmonika".

    In late September, Barbara Faast-Kallinger performed a concert in Vienna with a very varied program with works by composers like Buxtehude, Bach, Byrd, Solotarjow, Kont (first performance of his "Souvenir de Tango"), Piazzolla and Shalajev. She used the above mentioned four different instruments depending on the genre she was performing. Old Viennese dances and Styrian polkas were well acclaimed by the public who also appreciated the explanations given concerning the history of the instruments.


    Contributed by Toru Katou

    From October 23rd to 26th "Gakki Fair 97" (Music Instruments Fair 1997) will be held in the Ikebukuro Sunshine City Cultural Hall, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Admission is 1,000yen.

    This big event is held in every two years. Many types of instruments (such as guitars, keyboards, drums, portable pipe organs, and so on) will be exhibited by domestic and foreign shops, and demonstrations of those instruments will be performed every day. Taniguchi Music Instrument shop will exhibit and demonstrate accordions on the 4th floor of the Hall every day.


    Contributed by Claudio Jacomucci & Anne Landa

    Claudio Jacomucci and Anne Landa, accordionists from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, will present concerts in Italian cities as follows:

      12th October
      American Academy in Rome, for "Nuova Consonanza Festival" (one of the most important festivals dedicated to contemporary music). They will perform works by Berio, Donatoni, De Pablo, Gubaidulina, Mencherini and Pagliarani.
      16th October
      Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome "Diagonale Symphony" with Antonio Politano (flutes), Elena Casoli (Guitar), Anne Landa (accordion). They will perform works by Dall'Ongaro, Sugiyama, Manca, Romitelli and De Rossi Re.
      18th to 19th October
      Trento "acco land duo" who will perform works by Bach, Gubaidulina, Mencherini, Pagliarani and Piazzolla
      20th October
      Venice "Ex Novo Ensemble" conducted by Claudio Ambrosini Premiere of "Liturgia dell'Inverno" by Mario Pagliarani (for accordion, cello, piano, flute, voice, narrator and percussion)

    For further information email:


    Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

    The University of Missouri - Kansas City Accordion Orchestra, under the direction of Joan Cochran Sommers, performed at a fund-raising event where patrons paid US$1,500 per table to benefit the UMKC Conservatory of Music.

    Nearly 30 orchestra members, comprised of current students as well as past graduates performed an entertaining program which consisted of "Tango Sentimentale" by Wuerthner, "Rhapsody Andalucia" by Goetz "Black Bolero" by Heinz Ehme, Leroy Anderson's "Syncopated Clock" arranged by Sommers and "Liebertango" by Piazzolla.


    Contributed by Andrea Rautenberg

    The 2nd Saxon Accordion Competition was held on October 4th in the Heinrich-Schütz-Konservatorium Dresden. The organiser was Ms Bärbel Claus, Director of the accordion section of the Heinrich-Schütz-Konservatorium and President of the Saxon section of the German Accordion Teachers' Association. The competition was a huge success, with an excellent atmosphere among participants and guests. In addition to the competition notes were offered, Mr Abels presented different import instruments, and Mr. Richter checked and repaired accordions.

    There were 88 participants from all over Saxony aged from 6 to 50 years, who competed in 5 categories. The jury had a difficult job, as all participants were well prepared. At the final ceremonial celebration, additional chairs had to be brought in to seat the many participants, their families and guests and diplomas, souvenirs and trophies were presented. This event was so successful that there are plans to introduce a "Duo" section in next year's event. The 3rd Saxon Accordion Competition will be held during the first weekend in October, 1998. It is hoped that a sponsor can be found so the neighbouring theatre can be used for the final ceremonial celebration. The evening finished at the Kästner Café at the Albertplatz.

    On Sunday, October 5th, a workshop with the concert accordionist Tobias Morgenstern was held and ended with his program "Schwansinn".


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    Ms Wei Lin, an accordion teacher in Huangpi City (Hubei province), was invited to Huangpi Radio Station to play the accordion accompanied by a band in a special music program "Golden Music" at 8pm on October 6th.

    Ms Wei Lin is often invited to the Radio Station to perform, because she plays a lot of music for children which is very well received and encourages accordion interest in children.

    She played A little flower in My Park, My Favorite Bear, Sky, Snowflakes' Dance and Cuckoo Waltz.


    Contributed by Professor Vladimir Besfamilnov

    On October 7th an accordion concert was held at the Ukraine National Academy of Music, Kiev, Ukraine. It was the final concert of post-graduate student Daniela Kljaic (Yugoslavia), who graduated and post-graduated under Professor Nikolay Davidov at the Academy. Music by Bach, Chopin, Schuman, Rachmaninov, Lecuona, Tamuljonis and Derbenko was performed.


    Contributed by Per Bolstad

    From October 5th to 9th, Terje Dyrkolbotn and Per Bolstad (accordionist) will perform on the cruise ship M/S Bergen which sails from Norway to Denmark. This duo often perform on the ferries between Norway and Denmark and between Norway and England. They play various kinds of music including old Norwegian dance music that was mainly composed by Per Bolstad's great grandfather (1867-1975). He composed about 800 dances, waltzes, polkas, rheinlender, and mazurkas. Many of these have been recorded by various Norwegian and Swedish musicians.


    Contributed by Tom Collins

    On October 26th at 3pm, Friends of the Accordion (FOTA) present their '97 free concert, featuring Alice Hall "Queen of Jazz Accordion", Nick Ariondo, "Contemporary Concepts" by Jonas Aras, Qui Hua from Beijing, China plus other artists. The concert will be held at the Northridge Woman's Club, 18401 Lassen St., Northridge, California 91325. For further information contact Alice Hall, Phone: + 1 818 780-1551.


    Contributed by Hillebrand van der Veen

    On November 30th the Amsterdam Accordion Club 'Forzando' will be performing in Amsterdam with two other orchestras from Alphen a/d Rijn, and from Alkmaar.

    Included in the program will be Andersens Marchen fur Akkordeonorchester, part 5 (Jindrich Feld), Bretonische Aquarelle (Gustav Kneip), Chattanooga choo choo (Harry Warren), Emotions (Piet Verzijde) and Partita Piccola (Christine Boll).

    For further information contact Hillebrand van der Veen, email:


    Contributed by Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    Vladimir Zubitsky, winner of the International Accordion Competition Coupe Mondiale in 1975, ex-student of Vladimir Besfamilnov, and President of the Ukrainian Accordion Association, is well-known as a composer of music for accordion, other instruments and symphony orchestras.

    Recently he has completed works for solo accordion, duo, accordion orchestra, accordion with symphony orchestra and with various other instruments. One of his compositions: "Concerto Strumentale" will be performed for the first time at a concert to be held on October 10th at the Kiev Philharmonia's Concert Hall, Kiev, Ukraine. The concert program will also include other compositions by Vladimir Zubitsky and works by Tchaikovsky, Daken, Vlasov and Novikov.

    For further information regarding his works fax: + 39 721-24538


    Contributed by Brett Gibson

    New Zealand Accordionist Brett Gibson has joined Celtic band "Gabriels Gate" in Kansas City, USA. The band has recently been asked to feature on Friday and Saturday nights at O'Malleys Pub in Weston, Missouri. In 1842 this Pub was created from existing underground wine cellars and still furnishes all the original arched stone masonry. Weston has been a hub for Celtic Music in the Midwest for a number of decades producing International recording groups like Scartaglen and soloists Connie Dover and Roger Landes.

    Gabriels Gate perform a blend of traditional and progressive Celtic music including some original compositions from each of the band members in the form of songs and tune sets. One of their signature pieces is a tune set consisting of "Butterfly", a traditional slip jig, "Drowsie Maggie" and "Joe Cooleys", both traditional reels followed by "K10", an original composition from the fiddle player in the style of music from Brittany.

    They are currently part way into a recording project that will hopefully be released in December. It will contain a large portion of concert material with a focus on original compositions and the band's own favourites. Vocalist Frank, in the meantime, has been offered a solo recording project which he will persue over the following months.


    Contributed by David Kemp

    A recent article in the UK newspaper "The Independent" included an article by Nick Kimberley (on the Accordion Festival held in London in September) who says the first accordionist he heard was Jimmy Shand. The characteristics that appealed to Shand make the accordion one of the world's best-traveled instruments.

    The personable figure of Eddie LeJeune represents Cajun in the accordion festival 'Now You Squeeze It', and he was joined by players from three continents: South America, Europe and Africa. The festival opened with Regis Gizavo from Madagascar, whose style grafts Malagasy music on to Western rhythms, and Finland's Kimmo Pohjonen, whose playing brutally deconstructs the neutered folkishness represented by Jimmy Shand, but apparent throughout Europe

    With the aid of a wah-wah pedal and some sophisticated electronic manipulation, Gizavo transforms his gleaming machine and occasionally his voice, building a dense aural fog in which sounds are simultaneously produced on-stage and mutated in electronic hyperspace. Pohjonen's instrument sighed and rustled, or barked like a dog and roared like a lion. The results often sounded like heavy metal for accordion, with Pohjonen's theatricality holding the attention of the audience.


    I restore reed organs here in Maine, and recently acquired a small button accordion. It is 6" x 12", and is 7" deep when compressed. It has 10 buttons, with two sets of reeds. There is a stop for one set. On the other end there are three knobs--one opens a pair of bass reeds, one for each direction of pumping. One opens three reeds for each direction, and the third appears to be an overflow valve. The case is pine, stained a mahogany color. The ends are black laquer, and on the end with the buttons are two brass anchors--applique. I'd like to restore it and would appreciate any guesses you would have on a maker, and age. I would guess it to be about 50-75 years old based on the workmanship. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Craig Cowing

    I'm sorry that I can't help you, but I wouldn't have a clue as to the value of this instrument. If there is anyone out there who thinks they might be able to help Craig out, you can email him at:

    Wayne Knights
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