01 February 2008
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

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Paris-Moscow Duo's 10th Anniversary, Alsace Haguenau - France

Aidar Gainullin and Mireille Mathieu sang duet 'Dark Eyes', Berlin - Germany
Accordion Meets Fiat!, London - UK
Reports of Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals etc
Theatre Review of 'OPERA?', Pineto - Italy
Yuri Shishkin's Successful Visit, Pescara - Italy
Alexander Shirunov plays at Namm Show - USA
Mario Milani Concert, Sant'Agostino - Italy
Kevin Solecki CD 'Grammy Nomination, Pittsburgh - USA
Future Events
Friedrich Lips' Engagements, Moscow - Russia
Tom Alexander at Crieff B & F Club, Scotland - UK
Irish Accordionists Perform, Massachusetts - USA
Steve Albini Plays Italian music, California - USA
'Accordion Extravaganza', Doncaster - UK
'Time to Time' CD Release Concert, Paris - France

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Contributed by Harley Jones

The Accordion Yellow Pages has now been completely redesigned by Webmaster Roberto Zambelli to allow each person to add information or to change their own information directly to the site. You are then asked to authenticate the information using your own email address for verification and your information is instantly online.

The Accordion Yellow Pages offers free of charge listing for every type of service for accordion businesses and individuals. So please check your own information online that to make sure it is correct and updated. For an enquiry please contact our webmaster: webmaster@accordion-search.com
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Paris-Moscow Duo's 10th Anniversary, Alsace Haguenau - France
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Domi Emorine and Roman Jbanov, known as the Paris-Moscow Duo, have celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a concert at the accordion school in the charming city of Alsace Haguenau, where they began their career together in 1998.

The school's accordion orchestra, directed by Raimond Keith, opened the concert with pieces by W. Kahl, H.Költz, A. Piazzolla, W. Jacobi, Y. Derbienko, A. Jurbin and B.Tichonov.

The room was full, and the audience participated in a musical journey between France and Russia performed by Domi and Roman, featuring compositions by F. Angelis, N. Rizol, A. Astier and M. Azzola, A. Shalaiev, E. Bouvelle and M. Larcange, as well as by Viacheslav Semionov.

At the end of the concert, Domi and Roman received a large cake like the one pictured, with a bottle of champagne.

For information, a concert featuring music of Viacheslav Semionov and Derbienko will be part of the festival of accordion of Drancy, on the Saturday May 24.

For further information email: duopm@orange.fr
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Aidar Gainullin and Mireille Mathieu duet 'Dark Eyes' - Germany
Contributed by Dr. Herbert Scheibenreif of Friedrich Lips Productions

On January 20th well-known Russian bayanist, composer and singer Aidar Gainullin took part in the award-giving ceremony of the prestigious culture prize of the German newspaper BZ ("the Berlin newspaper") for 2008.

Aidar Gainullin third from left. This international prize is presented to international stars of music, cinema and theatre for their contributions to the development of culture. This year Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and French singer Mireille Mathieu took part in the ceremony. Aidar Gainullin was invited after his concert in the Big Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Society on November 5th 2007 where he performed with the world-famous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. This concert was broadcast on German radio and his performance attracted many new admirers.

At the ceremony Aidar performed music by Alfred Schnittke and Astor Piazzolla. During the final presentation Mireille Mathieu approached Aidar admitting that she always loved Moscow and was delighted by songs like 'Moscow Nights' and 'Dark Eyes'. Suddenly she started singing and Aidar joined her spontaneously in performing 'Dark Eyes' together. Picture left of Elena Lutz (wife of Aidar), Mireille Mathieu and Aidar Gainullin.

Aidar Gainullin, a graduate of the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music, nowadays lives in Berlin where he studies at the Hanns Eisler-University of Music. In 2003 Aidar's name was added to the 'Golden book of talents of Russia' by President Vladimir Putin, for outstanding achievements in the sphere of bayan arts. The same year, Aidar became the grant-aided student of funds of M. Rostropovich, Friedrich Lips, 'Russian Performing Art'. In 2006 he was awarded prices 'Best of the best' and 'Young talent of Russia'.

He also has received awards for his talent as a composer - 20th national film prize 'Nika' (Russian 'Oscar') and 'The White Elephant' of film press and film critics for a nomination as the best film music for 2006 ('Euphoria'). Now Aidar is working on writing music for Ivan Vyrypayev's new film 'Oxygen'.

As a concert artiste Aidar is constantly touring the world, and his performance schedule is full a long time ahead. He often performs on well-known European platforms. In June he will be taking part in a solemn performance in front of many politicians and businessmen in London. Even Elton John is supposed to be there.

Accordion Meets Fiat!, London - UK
Contributed by Harley Jones

A video advert for the new Fiat 500 (right) features the sound of Romano Viazzani playing 'Winter' from Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons', a track from the solo accordion CD Piazzolla/Bobic.

The music provides a stylish Italian Baroque period backdrop to a test-drive in this retro 50s design car as it cruises down country roads and lanes. See the link on the website New Car Net to view the video advert.

This CD and two other CD's are available online from the MusicforAccordion.com site of Romano Viazzani.
Gary Dahl esheet

eSheet Music
'Theatre Review of 'OPERA?', Pineto - Italy
Contributed by Fausto Fabi of Scandalli Accordion Factory

'OPERA?' by Renzo Ruggieri was premiered at the Teatro Polifunzionale, Pineto, Italy, on January 26th 2008. Ruggieri is an Italian accordionist famous for his jazz performances. As a solo player and as leader of the Renzo Ruggieri Group (RRG: Massimo Moriconi, Paolo di Sabatino, Glauco di Sabatino) he has performed around the world and recorded several CDs in this genre.
In recent years he has explored the boundaries of his instrument recording 'Solo Accordion Project', a haunting combination of acoustic, electronic and recording effects. He has also had important collaborations with other instrumental groups and artistes, most notably the Italian singer - Antonella Ruggiero - on 'Souvenir d'Italie' in 2006.

His latest work naturally draws on all these influences and the cultural roots provided by three of Italy's greatest composers: Verdi, Rossini and Puccini, and arguably their greatest works 'La Traviata', 'The Barber of Seville', and 'Tosca'.

'Opera?' is a story set to music in five scenes. Ruggieri cleverly combines three protagonists and their actions from the above operas: the letter of Figaro, Alfredo's jealousy and Tosca's suicide. Against a (deliberate) plain dark background an actor (the powerful Paolo Perelli) foretells each scene in spoken word.

He has no script to follow, merely the outline of the story, he is improvising both content and delivery. Such is his variation that, at times, his change from a soft whisper to cries of anguish have the audience almost out of their seats. In the background, the accordion of Ruggieri follows the actor's lead occasionally joined by other members of the RRG. It is in these moments that the audience is asked to relive their own similar experiences or question their own emotion and choices.

When the scene has been set the chamber orchestra (directed by Massimiliano Caporale), another vital element of the spectacle, is involved and envelopes our thought process. Ruggieri is always melodic in his composition for the orchestra.

At times the strings come to the forefront, at others they enrich the continual improvisation of the RRG or provide musical acknowledgements of all three past masters. The RRG still has time for their own expressive jazz solos seemingly never out of place in a musical story with origins spanning the last two centuries.

Using these origins as inspiration, Ruggieri expresses his own 'italianality' and make us reflect on love, decisions and time so precious. He has provided a unique work that deserves further exposure and performances.
Finland Recordings
Yuri Shishkin's Successful Visit, Pesaro - Italy
Contributed by Claudio Jacomucci

An extraordinary talented guest was visiting Italy by invitation from 'Scuola Superiore di Fisarmonica' (Accordion High School) - Russia's Yuri Shishkin. From January 16th to 18th, Yuri held an advanced workshop in Urbino for the students of 'Scuola Superiore di Fisarmonica', directed by Claudio Jacomucci.

On Saturday 19th he gave a wonderful concert in Pesaro, organized by Ass. Fidelio, presenting his transcription of Mussorsky's 'Pictures of an Exbibition', Schubert-Horowitz,Lizst-Horowitz and original works by Kusiakov.

Next guest visiting the 'Scuola Superiore di Fisarmonica' will be Geir Draugsvoll (Royal Academy Copenhagen) during the festival 'Het Accordeon' in Holland.

Kusiakov and Shishkin shortly before before Kusiakov passed away

Alexander Shirunov plays at NAMM Show - USA
Contributed by Horst Fausel, Hohner Accordion Product Manager

During the Winter Namm Show in Anaheim, Los Angeles, USA, from January 17th to 20th 2008 at the Hohner stand Alexander Shirunov cast a spell over the audience with his dynamic performances.

At the NAMM show, Alexander Shirunov was performing on his Morino IV 120 C45 de Luxe converter accordion and his Fun Flash piano accordion (picture left) promoting Hohner products and his recently released CD titled "Absolute".
The International Trio - CD
Mario Milani Concert, Sant'Agostino - Italy
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

A grand opening of the 15th concert season organized by the Commune of Gavirate, in collaboration with the l'Accademia Sant'Agostino, took place on Friday evening, January 18th with the inaugural concert.

Accordionist Mario Milani and harpist Elena Cosentino were the main solo performers, accompanied by the orchestra Luchesi, directed by Davide Antonio Rizzo.

The theme of the concert, 'South American Rhythms', facilitated the inclusion of three delightful pieces by Aldemaro Romero, Argentinean contemporary composer, and the 'Suite De Castelfidardo', 'Acongaua', and other pieces from this genre.

Kevin Solecki CD 'Grammy Nomination, Pittsburgh - USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

Accordionist Kevin Solecki's latest CD 'Solecktions' has been nominated for a Grammy Award. The CD is now also available on iTunes and CD Baby! 'Solecktions' features Polish, Slovenian, French, Italian, Irish, Eastern and Standard style polkas and waltzes, two accordion novelties and a tango.

Kevin Solecki has performed all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Europe. He has also appeared on radio and television shows, and performed at many of The USA's polka festivals, state fairs, county fairs, hotels, and on cruise ships.

Kevin Solecki has performed all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Europe. He has also appeared on radio and television shows, and performed at many of The USA's polka festivals, state fairs, county fairs, hotels, and on cruise ships.

For further information email: kevinpolkacd@aol.com
Yuri Medianik CD's
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Friedrich Lips' Engagements, Moscow - Russia
Contributed by Dr. Herbert Scheibenreif of Friedrich Lips Productions

Friedrich Lips, one of the world's foremost bayan teachers and concert artistes, has the following dates in his diary for the first half of 2008:

February 7th - A. Piazzolla: 'Aconcagua' and other tangos with the Orchestra of Russian Philharmony in House of Music, Moscow
24th - Performance on bayan with the Eurythmics at Götheanum-Bühne in Dornach, Switzerland; works by J. S. Bach, V. Solotarjov, J. Cage, V. Podgorny, S. Gubaidulina, P. Celan
March 9th - same venue, same concert as February 24th
10th to 12th - master class and concert at the Conservatory in Bern, Switzerland
21st to 29th - Head of Jury at the competition 'Spring Voices' in Moscow
April 10th - 'Efrem Podgaiz: LIPS-Concert' for bayan and orchestra in Vladimir, Russia
20th - same venue, same concert as February 24th
May 2nd to 9th - adjudicator at Klingenthal International Competition
10th - concert in Hof, Germany
July 7th to 11th - master class in Imst, Austria

For further information email: herbert@accordion-cd.co.at

Tom Alexander at Crieff B & F Club, Scotland - UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Tom Alexander, best known as the accordion playing half ofthe long established Alexander Brothers duo, is the guest as a solo accordionist at the Crieff Box & Fiddle Club on February 7th. The venue is the Crieff Hotel, East High St, Perthshire.

Tom Alexander recently released the first of a three CD series, titled 'Bits and Pieces'. The second CD is due to be released in February, and the third later in the year.

For further information email: tom@alexanderbrothers.com

Irish Accordionists Perform, Massachusetts - USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

Cape Cod Irish Village, 512 Main Street, West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, features Irish American musicians every weekend throughout the year, including many accordionists. The following accordion-based acts can be seen in February, March and April.

February 8th - Fintan Stanley
9th and 10th - The Noel Henry Irish Showband
March 7th - Andy Healy Showband
14th to 17th - Fintan Stanley
April 4th and 5th - Fintan Stanley
18th and 19th - Irish Express

Steve Albini Plays Italian music - USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

Accordionist Steve Albini leads a band to perform a concert of Italian music at Copia, The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts in Napa, California on February 21st. The concert, 'Una Bella Sera', features international artiste Steve Albini performing pieces from his CD 'Italia' as well as music from all over Italy.

Salvia Bianca Imports LLC will be offering a tasting of rare and exquisite Italian wines before the concert. The wine tasting will begin at 7.15 pm and the concert will begin at 8pm.

Steve's group for the evening will include:
Steve Albini - acoustic/digital accordions, guitar and vocals
Dave Albini - acoustic and MIDI accordions, percussion and trumpet
Jim Lehmann - drums and percussion
Josh Jones - percussion
Ron Borelli - accordion, piano and keyboard

For further information email: info@albinimusic.com
William Schimmel CD's
'Accordion Extravaganza', Doncaster - UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

On Sunday March 2nd an all-day festival styled 'Accordion Extravaganza' takes place at Doncaster Racecourse, South Yorkshire, 10.30am until 10.30pm, organised by Harry Kipling. This one-day event looks set to be another "…total indulgence in accordions", to use the phrase coined by the late Malcolm Gee (picture left).

There is a continuous day/evening programme of concert performances from a guest list that includes Pearl Fawcett Adriano (picture right), Romano Viazzani, Harry Hussey, George Syrett, Alan Young, Sam Pirt & The Hut People, Bill Sables (banjo), and the Burton Ensemble.

An itemised programme details all the concert performances, which take place throughout the 12 hours of this ambitious event, and is available on request. There will also be workshops, a Roland V Accordion demo, a trade show, plus refreshments and ample parking.

For further information email:
William Schimmel CD's
'Time to Time' CD Release Concert, Paris - France
Contributed by Rob Howard

On March 30th, the Irish-style band 'Time to Time' launch their new CD, 'Irish Traditional Music from Clare and East Galway' at a concert at CMT Ris Orangis-10, place Jacques Brel, Paris.

The band's members are French, but have taken much of their musical influence from the heartland of Irish traditional music, Ennis in County Clare. Blended with this are their own Jazz and Baroque styles, and this band has developed a rich repertoire of Irish traditional music from Clare and East Galway, with an added French influence.

'Time to Time' are: Jean-Paul Moreau - diatonic button accordion and melodeon, Sophie Bardou - violin, Gaëlle Branthomme - violin cello and vocals, and Ronan Yvon - guitar

For further information email: timetotime@tiscali.fr
Fisitalia Black

  Review by Alessandro Mugnoz

Notes Vagabondes


Sebastiano Zorza (accordion and leader);
Marko Feri (guitar)
Aleksander Pavnovic (drums)
Giorgio Fritsch (drums)


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Charnwood Graded Music
The Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) website found at http://www.accordions.com/cia/winter_08.htm has been updated to reflect daily reports from the Winter Congress in Macedonia, new members and recipients of the various CIA Awards.

www.accordions.com/shmelkov winner of the Premio Castelfidardo 2007 (sponsored by AWW)
Alexander Shirunov CD forsale
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week