07 July 2006
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Editors Note:
ATG Festival, Minneapolis - USA
Norwegian National Accordion Festival, Bodo - Norway
Claudio Jacomucci's New Premieres – Italy, Switzerland, France
Bio Boccosi Passes Away - Italy

The Severn Suite, Llandinam – UK
Tag der Harmonika, Graz- Austria

Fintan Stanley Concerts, Boston – USA
John Romero at Uxbridge Accordion Club, Middlesex – UK
Baltica 2006, Riga - Latvia
15th Viljandi Folk Festival, Viljandi – Estonia
Zydeco Playboys, Stuttgart - Germany
Lidia Kaminska’s Bach to Piazzolla Concerts, Philadelphia - USA
La Smala Concerts – France
Val Tidone Events – Italy
Frédéric Deschamps Seminars, Montargis – France

Editor’s Note:

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Rob Howard
An A to Z of the Accordion
ATG Festival, Minneapolis - USA
Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

The annual Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG) festival took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where accordionists gathered for 4 days of competitions, concerts and workshops.

Pictured from left to right are Stanley Darrow (ATG Historian), Karen Fremar (ATG Treasurer), Stas Venglevski (ATG Second Vice President), Joanna Darrow (ATG Executive Secretary), Dee Langley (ATG First Vice President), Joan C. Sommers (ATG President), Faithe Deffner (ATG Board of Director and 2007 Coupe Mondiale Coordinator), Amy Jo Sawyer (ATG Board of Director) and guest Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia).

This year’s featured artiste Russian virtuoso and composer Viatcheslav Semionov, the teacher of many of the recent CIA Coupe Mondiale Champions, was featured in concert and also conducted two master classes and gave an very informative lecture on accordion activities in his native Russia.

Other guest artistes at the ATG Festival included: Murl Sanders, Stas Venglevski, Amy Jo Sawyer, Minnesota Accordion Quintet, Mike Alongi and Larry Malmberg, John Scaffeo, Dan Newton and the Café Accordion Orchestra, Dee Langley and Orkestar Bez Ime.

During the festival, well attended workshops were conducted by Joan Sommers, Murl Sanders and Dee Langley and the popular hands-on annual Festival Orchestra was conducted by ATG President Joan C. Sommers.

The Saturday night banquet featured the presentation of the ATG International 'Hall of Fame Award' made posthumously to long time ATG supporter, the late John Copiskey, conductor of the famous Duluth Accordionaires, which was accepted by his daughter, Dana Copiskey.

The festival featured several competitions, with the ATG Junior National Championship being won by Samantha Jarquio from Missouri, who has now qualified to compete at the CIA World Accordion Championships to be held in Asker, Norway from October 18th to 22nd 2006. Samantha is a student of Joan Sommers.

Next year, the ATG will hold its annual festival in conjunction with the AAA festival as co-hosts of the CIA Coupe Mondiale in Washington DC, from October 18-22, 2007.

For further information,view the ATG website.
Etnie Musicali Festival
Norwegian National Accordion Festival, Bodo - Norway
Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

The Norske Trekkspilleres Landsforbund (NTL), the Norwegian National Accordion Association held its annual competition and festival in Bodo, Norway in the Artic Circle from June 28th to July 2nd.  NTL President Kjell R. Olsen welcomed over 400 contestants as well as guests and concert artistes from all over Norway and other Scandinavian countries, as they convened for their annual festival, which was hosted this year by NTL Regional member the Bodo Trekkspillklubb.

Contestants competed in solo, duo, orchestra and folk competitions during four days of competitions with the top open solo competition being won by Live Brekke from Hovik and the top orchestra division being won by the Oslo Trekkspillklubb, conducted by Erik Bergene.  In addition to the classical orchestra competition, dozens of orchestras competed in Folk, Dance and Pop categories. President of the Bodo Trekkspillklubb, Mr. Trond Smalås, welcomed attendees to the official opening and closing concerts showcasing a variety of local accordion talent and traditional folk dancers.

Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) President Kevin Friedrich attended the event to meet with NTL committee members and conduct interviews with Newspapers, Magazines and other Media in preparation for the upcoming Coupe Mondiale, which will be hosted by the NTL in Asker, Norway from October 18th to 22nd 2006.

The 3,500 member Norske Trekkspilleres Landsforbund, which has regional directors from counties all over Norway will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year.

For more information on the 2006 Coupe Mondiale.
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Claudio Jacomucci's New Premieres – Italy, Switzerland, France
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On June 26th Claudio Jacomucci presented his solo concert at the Villa Massimo in Rome (German Resident Academy for Artistes). He presented his composition titled ‘Dumka’ for accordion solo based on subtleties and hidden sonorities of the accordion and polyrhythms. He also premiered two new compositions by two resident composers of the academy: Oliver Schneller's ‘Engine’ for accordion and 5 loudspeakers; Maxim Seloujanov's ‘Malchusohr’ for accordion solo (the accordion playing was interacting with the airplanes landing to Rome airport).

During ‘La Via Lattea Festival’ (Mendrisio, Switzerland, August 2006) he will premiere: ‘New Work’ by Stefano Gervasoni, for accordion and ensemble; Mario Pagliarani ‘I bei momenti’ for 2 performers (with dancer Kathleen Delaney) and his transcription of the ‘Cantata BWV 54’ by J.S.Bach for alto and accordion.

At the ‘Contemporaneamente Festival’ (Lodi, Italy, September 2006) a new piece for accordion, cello and string orchestra by Stefano Vaglini will be presented together with the cellist Francesco Dillon as well as ‘Seven Words’ by Sofia Gubaidulina.

A special concert at RADIO FRANCE in November will present Francoise Barriere's new work for accordion and electronics.

A recent composition by Yan Maresz (for accordion and 9 instruments) is scheduled at the auditorium in ‘Parco della Musica’ in Rome (Freon Ensemble, IRCAM).

Claudio Jacomucci's new work for accordion, bells and whistles will be presented in Lugano in Winter 2006.

Claudio is the director and teacher of ‘Accordion High School’ at Rimini's Conservatory. Guest teachers are Viatcheslav Semionov, Matti Rantanen, workshops will be held by Luciano Biondini, Roberto Lucanero, Paolo Picchio.
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Bio Boccosi Passes Away - Italy
Contributed by Harley Jones

Bio Boccosi, born 1912, who turned 94 in April this year has sadly passed away on 28 June 2006.

Bio Boccosi was an honorary citizen of the towns of Castelfidardo, Osimo and Recoaro Terme, and founder and director of several branches of the Italian Music Teaching Centre. He was widely celebrated for his life which was dedicated to music and to the accordion in particular.

Bio Boccosi was the Secretary General of the Confederation Mondiale de l'Accordeon for over 50 years. He was also a founder of the "Italian Pianists' Trophy" held in Osimo, Accordion World Oscar recipient, founder of the National Accordion Meeting of Recoaro, and winner of several awards including the "Giuseppe Verde" award granted by DISMA (Milano), the "Gorni Kramer" award (Stradella), the "Applauso d'Oro" award (Clivio), the SIAE prize for his 50 years in the music industry, and the "Nota d'Oro" award (Santa Giustina).

Bio Boccosi was also involved in the start of the Premio Internazionale di Fisarmonica, Città di Castelfidardo with Beniamino Bugiolacchi in 1964 which later changed from a national event to an international event in 1987. He was also the founder and editor of Strumenti e Musica for many years, which did so much to promote Italian musical instruments generally and in particular, the accordion.

His enormous contribution to the accordion and its development will continue long beyond his lifetime.
Las Vegas Festival

Pineto Accordion Festival
The Severn Suite, Llandinam – UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

The TASC (Traditional Arts Support in the Community), based in Llandinam in mid-Wales, commissioned accordionists John Kirkpatrick and Karen Tweed to write and perform music for a set of new ceilidh dances. The music and dances, titled ‘The Severn Suite’ were premiered on June 10th in the Welsh town of Llandinam. A team of sixteen dancers from mid-Wales and Shropshire gave a magnificent display, and the music was performed by John Kirkpatrick – 3-row diatonic accordion, Karen Tweed – piano accordion, and fiddle player Nick Passmore.

John Kirkpatrick is planning to release, in due course, a CD of the music, and a book with the dance instructions, the tunes, and band arrangements.
The Ins and Outs of the Accordion
Tag der Harmonika, Graz- Austria

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the ‘1. Grazer Harmonicaclub ACCORDEANA’, this year’s "Tag der Harmonika" was held on June 25th in the Styrian capital of Graz, Austria. The competition included categories for accordion soloists, duos, orchestras, ensembles and chamber music, as well as for the ‘Steirische Harmonika"’(Styrian Harmonica), which has become very popular recently. Compared to previous competitions it can be said that the interest in the instrument and also the level of performance are constantly growing.

The possibility to study the accordion at all major conservatories and universities of music as well as the work of the newly formed executive committee of Austrian Confederation of Accordionists HVÖ finally show very positive results. The photo shows Vice-President Werner Weibert during his speech while the accordion ensemble ‘Klavitoniker’, from Salzburg (where the CIA Coupe Mondiale will be held in 2014), is preparing for their performance.

For further information email: herbert@accordion-cd.co.at
Etnie Musicali Festival

Gary Dahl Arrangements
Fintan Stanley Concerts, Boston – USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

Born in County Louth, Ireland, in 1941, American-based Fintan Stanley was the first player, in 1955, to become an All-Ireland Champion using a Continental button accordion. Fintan Stanley has the following bookings:-
The O’Connell Lounge, Fern Cliff House Resort, Catskill Mountains, New York State
July 7th and 8th
August 11th and 12th
September 8th and 9th

Cape Cod Irish Village, Massachussetts
July 30th and 31st
August 6th and 7th
23rd and 24th
September 18th and 19th
29th and 30th

John Romero at Uxbridge Accordion Club, Middlesex – UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Accordion entertainer and former All Britain Champion John Romero is the guest at Uxbridge Accordion Club on July 10th, from 8pm. Also performing is the Uxbridge Accordion Band (MD Angie Lukins)(pictured).

The concert takes place at The Anglers Retreat Cricketfield Road, off Swan Road, West Drayton, Middlesex - close to Heathrow Airport and J4/M4.

For further information email: david.lukins@btinternet.com
eSheet Music
Baltica 2006, Riga - Latvia
Contributed by Rob Howard

The annual dance festival Baltica 2006 takes place in Riga, Latvia, from July 12th to 16th. This large-scale event involves folk dance teams and their musicians, including many accordionists and bayan players, from Lativa, Estonia, Russia, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, England, Croatia, Georgia and China.
Viatcheslav Semionov CD's  for sale
15th Viljandi Folk Festival, Viljandi – Estonia
Contributed by Rob Howard

The 15th Viljandi Folk Festival focuses each year on a different instrument or aspect of folk music. The 2006 festival, which takes place from July 20th to 23rd, this year concentrates on all types of accordions, harmonicas and concertinas. There will be more than 300 performers, including many from outside Estonia, and 100 concerts taking place in 4 outside and 5 inside venues.

Estonian accordionists and accordion-based bands include Juhan Uppin, Pärnu Poisid, Henn Rebane, Vägilased, Atlas, Zetod, Diskreetse Mango Trio, Liisi Koikson ja ‘Helletused’, Seljanka, Svjata Vatra, Zorbas, Triskele, Virre, Arrotajad and Untsakad. Overseas performers include Altan (Ireland), Filska (Shetland), Duo Bertrand en Cie (France), Brendan Begley (Ireland), Iker Goenaga (Spain), Svart Kaffe (Sweden), Kvartet Ural (Russia), Csik Band (Hungary), Tummel (Sweden), Talent Project (Estonia-Ivory Coast-Norway), Kiharakolmio (Finland), Evgenij Genev (Bulgaria) and the Barnstormers (USA).

For further information email: ants@folk.ee
Accordion Jazz Chords
Zydeco Playboys, Stuttgart - Germany
Contributed by Rob Howard

The Zydeco Playboys, featuring Oliver Kraus on piano accordion, perform as follows:-

July 22nd, 9pm – Campagna, Brüggstr. 369 A
August 10th, 8pm – Schützenhaus, Am Hörnleskopf

For further information email: info@zydeco.de
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Lidia Kaminska’s Bach to Piazzolla Concerts, Philadelphia - USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

Concert accordionist Lidia Kaminska will perform at the highly acclaimed Ocean Grove Summer Stars Classical Series, presented at the 6500 seat Great Auditorium in New Jersey on July 27th, where she will be joined by Curtis Institute pianist Hugh Sung. The concert will feature the music of Bach, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Gubaidulina and Piazzolla, among others.

Lidia’s Philadelphia concert debut will take a place at the Ethical Society Building on August 24th. The concert will also feature pianist Hugh Sung, Astral Artistic Services flautist Jasmine Choi, dancers Emily Waters and Elysia Lichtine of the Pennsylvania Ballet, with choreography by Jorge Laico.
Charnwood Music Publishing
La Smala Concerts – France
Contributed by Rob Howard

The French band La Smala, featuring accordionist Rodolphe Tissot, perform music that is a mixture of rock, Flamenco, Celtic, Latino, and Gypsy, with words in French and Spanish. Their future performances include:-

July 20th – Aime 73
21st – Seytoux (st. jean d’eaux)
23rd – Maxilly 74
28th – Yucatan (st. gervais 74)
30th – Le petit bal perdu (Annecy 74)
August 4th – Festival kiosques a musiques (la vouite 07)
10th – Varrse (Southern Alps)
15th – ‘La ferme des rochers – Flumet 73’
20th – Petit bal perdu (Annecy 74)

For further information email: rodanni@wanadoo.fr
Karthause Schmuelling music catalog
Val Tidone Events – Italy
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Val Tidone program of summer master courses and master classes, whose aim is to organize international cultural exchanges, is now available. Lessons will take place in a campus located in some beautiful castles of the Val Tidone, not unlike the US Summer Camps. The Val Tidone International Music Competitions offer money prizes and career opportunities.

Val Tidone Summer Camp (July 25th – August 6th)
Val Tidone Festival (June - October)

For further information email: info@tetracordo.com - livboll@tin.it
Accordion Repairs Made Easy
Frédéric Deschamps Seminars, Montargis – France
Contributed by Rob Howard

Frédéric Deschamps leads several seminars during the summer:-

July 2nd to 8th
July 16th to 22nd
July 30th to August 5th
August 13th to 19th
August 28th to September 3rd

These seminars, aimed primarily at professional players, involve all musical styles: classical, variety, jazz, accordion music, and are open to players of all nationalities. They take place in Montargis, 100 km to the south of Paris by the Auto Route A6 or by train (Gare de Lyon - Montargis).

For further information email: frederic.deschamps@wanadoo.fr

Review by
Renato Belardinelli 

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Pineto Accordion Festival
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Site update for the Confederation Mondiale de L'Accordeon - CMA and information and rules and test music for the 56th Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon in October 2006.
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