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  29 October 2004This weeks news | Past News  | Send news

This Weeks News

  • 2004 CIA Coupe Mondiale A Terrific Success
  • Accordion Orchestra Concert, San Sebastián - Spain
  • Finnish Accordionist Performed in Paris - France
  • Victoria Accordions Celebrations, Castelfidardo - Italy
  • NAO West of Scotland Festival - UK
  • Busy Thursday for Angel Luis Castaño, Madrid -Spain
  • Renzo Ruggieri Performances - Italy, Lithuania and Holland
  • Maine Accordion Event, New England - USA
  • NAO South East Accordion Festival, Surrey - UK
  • 13th Nationale Veterani della Fisarmonica, Recoaro Terme - Italy
  • Romano Viazzani at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London - UK
  • Bruno Lorenzoni's New Recording - France
  • Bridlington Accordion Showcase Spectacular - UK
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  • Quote of the Week
  • CD Review
  • New and Updated Sites

  • 2004 CIA Coupe Mondiale A Terrific Success
    Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

    The 57th Coupe Mondiale International Competition (world solo accordion championships) in Pontarlier, France drew attendees from around the globe as contestants, delegates, international jury members and guests convened for this annual competition run by the Confédération Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) member of the International Music Council (IMC-UNESCO.) Hosted by CIA member the Confédération Nationale Française de L'Accordéon (CNFA) the Coupe Mondiale was organized by Frederic Deschamps and the city officials of Pontarlier, France.

    Russian concert artist and teacher Viatcheslav Semionov of Moscow had two top winners in the Coupe Mondiale with his student Alexander Selivanov winning the Coupe Mondiale and his student Evgeny Kochetov winning the International Competition for Piano Accordion. This is the third year in a row that Semionov's students have won each of these two categories.

    The 57th Coupe Mondiale began with an Opening Concert featuring The "K" Trio (USA), Alexander Poeluev (2002 Coupe Mondiale and International Competition for Piano Accordion winner), Nikolayn Sivchuk and Aleksei Peresidly (2003 Coupe Mondiale 1st and 2nd place winners) and Jerome Richard and guitarist Jeff Rossi performing to a capacity audience of almost 800 people.

    After a week of exciting competitions, concerts and meetings playing to capacity audiences, the competition concluded with a Grand Bal Musette featuring Jerome Richard and his International Orchestra. Results of the 57th Coupe Mondiale were as follows:

    Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships:
    · 1st - Alexander SELIVANOV - Russia
    · 2nd - Rade MIJATOVIC - Serbia and Montenegro
    · 3rd - Evgeny KOCHETOV - Russia

    Junior Coupe Mondiale:
    · 1st Evgeny LISTUNOV - Russia
    · 2nd Mikhail NAUMOV - Russia
    · 3rd Ivan ANTONIC - Serbia & Montenegro

    International Competition for Piano Accordion:
    · 1st Evgeny KOCHETOV - Russia
    · 2nd Nenad ERCEGOVCEVIC - Serbia & Montenegro
    · 3rd Zoran KIRJAKOVSKI - Macedonia

    International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music:
    · 1st Phil BOUVIER- France
    · 2nd Camille PRIVAT - France
    · 3rd Benoit CHABOD - France

    CIA Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition:
    · 1st Guy GIULIANO- France
    · 2nd Julien GONZALES - France
    · 3rd Isabelle GUERIN- France

    For full results including all judges marks, daily festival reviews,
    contestant programs and much more, please visit

    Accordion Orchestra Concert, San Sebastián - Spain
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    The San Sebastián Accordion Symphonic Orchestra performs at San Sebastián Town Hall on October 30th, at 7.30pm. Directed by Mikel Bikondoa Elizegi, their concert program includes Concerto No 2, by Anthony Galla-Rini (accordion solo, Ander Telletxea Lazáro), and Piano Concerto No 1, by P.I. Tschaikowsky (piano solo, Abraham Gallo Calvo).

    The San Sebastián Accordion Symphonic Orchestra have achieved many national and international competition successes over the years, most notably during the Coupe Mondiale, at Folkstone, England in November 1984, when they won 1st prize in the Art Level Band Competition.


    Finnish Accordionist Performed in Paris - France
    Contributed by Dr. Herbert Scheibenreif of Friedrich Lips Productions

    Finnish accordionist Jukka-Pekka Kuusela performed a successful recital in Salle Edmond Michelet in the centre of Paris on October 12th. The audience, which consisted mostly of artistes of different fields, was highly inspired by the contemporary accordion music. The program included works by Sergey Berinsky, Timo-Juhani Kyllönen, Erkki Jokinen, Leif Kayser and Vladimir Ryabov.


    Victoria Accordions Celebrations, Castelfidardo - Italy
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    The recent 'Citta di Castelfidardo' Accordion Festival Competition coincided with Victoria Accordions' celebrations of 85 years of instrument manufacture. One of the events marking the celebrations was a buffet on Saturday afternoon that featured non-stop impromptu music from a variety of accordionists. Musette numbers, traditional Italian favourites, accordion classics, popular standards and Astor Piazzolla compositions were all performed to a large gathering of onlookers, culminating in a lively and joyful performance of Gershwin's exuberant 'I Got Rhythm'.

    On Sunday evening, October17th, Victoria Accordions organised a Jazz Concert, featuring international artistes Coba (Japan), Richard Galliano (France), Mika Väyrynen (Finland), Gil Goldstein (USA), Luciano Biondini (Italy) and Quadro Nuevo (Italy). The solo players also conducted a series of masterclasses over the next two days, organised by Elke Ahrenholz-Breccia, Sales Manager for Victoria Accordions.

    NAO West of Scotland Festival - UK
    Contributed by Raymond Bodell of Charnwood Publishing

    The 2nd NAO West of Scotland Festival will be held on Saturday 13th November in the Lyndhurst Hotel, Johnstone, Paisley. The festival, which features sections for solo (classical and traditional), duo, group and orchestras, has attracted over 300 entries from all over Scotland and commences at 9.00am. The festival is organised by brothers Brian and Graham Laurie.

    The adjudicators include John Carmichael, well-known TV Scottish Dance Band leader, Ulrich Schmulling (Germany), producer of the monthly Intermusik Newspaper with a circulation of 50,000 worldwide, and Raymond Bodell, CIA Vice President and Past NAO Chairperson. In the evening (8pm) there will be a Traditional Celidh for all to enjoy.

    Busy Thursday for Angel Luis Castano, Madrid - Spain
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    Spanish accordionist and Spanish News Collaborator for Accordions Worldwide Angel Luis Castaño performed a concert on October 21st at the Cande Duque Auditorium in Madrid, playing as a trio with Lorena Barile (flute) and Claude Druelle (cello) a program by Gershwin, Piazzolla, Falla, Kaufman and Vivaldi.

    After completing his concert, Castaño had to travel quickly to the Spanish Classical Radio studios for a broadcast that involved playing 'Chiquilin de Bachin', and also pieces composed by Borodin and Piazzolla. In these, he was joined on accordion by his wife Raquel Ruiz and members of Acordiana.

    The broadcast also included a 40 minute interview by the composer Jacobo Duran in which Castaño discussed his musical career, interspersed with recordings made by Castaño of 'Interlude et Danse' (Patrick Busseuil) and 'Five Tango Sensations' (Piazzolla). The broadcast was heard throughout Spain, and relayed internationally by satellite around the world.

    Next month Castano will perform in Madrid with Anada Sukarian, and in Valencia with the Symphonic Orchestra of Valencia, playing 'The Seven Last Words' by Gubalidulina for accordion, cello and string orchestra (conducted by Joan Cervero).

    Renzo Ruggieri Performances - Italy, Lithuania and Holland

    The bi-annual Gorni Kramer Festival towards the end of September in Poggio Rusco, Italy, included a performance by Renzo Ruggieri in the evening concert with a string quartet. The repertoire consisted of compositions by Ruggieri, arrangements from famous pieces for accordion and a world premiere of a medley of compositions by Gorni Kramer. The artistic direction was by Ado Rossi.

    Ruggieri is soon to record the theme music for the film 'La Figlia di Iorio'. He is to appear at the International Festival of Vilnius in Lithuania from 28th to 31st October, and his itinery there includes two concerts and a seminar. On 6th and 7th November Ruggieri will be in Holland, in collaboration with the accordion manufacturer SEM, from Castelfidardo.

    Maine Accordion Event, New England - USA

    On November 13th (10am to 10pm) the 4th Annual Accordion Gathering takes place at Grange Hall, Trenton Maine, near Ben Harbor Airport. This non-competitive festival includes workshops, jam sessions, "for sale" tables, and impromptu concerts. The emphasis is on sharing music, and all types of accordions, bandoneons and concertinas are welcome. The event is open to all styles of music, including jazz, Irish, Scottish, Acadian, Balkan, German, Russian, Klezmer, folk, polka, or anything else.
    Gary Dahl

    NAO South East Accordion Festival, Surrey - UK

    Ripley Village Hall, Ripley, Surrey is the venue for this year's National Accordion Organisation South East Accordion Festival on November 14th, organised by John Cumiskey. Contests at this area festival begin at 10 am, and admission is free.

    For further information email

    13 Nationale Veterani della Fisarmonica, Recoaro Terme - Italy
    Contributed by Ron Bennett

    The festival known as the Nationale Veterani della Fisarmonica, celebrating international accordion music, ran from October 8th to 10th and was organised by Elio Bertolini, head of the Recoaro Terme Music School. As part of the festival, selected accordionists from around the world were honoured for their artistic achievements by having imprints made in wax of their hands for permanent display in the Accordion Museum in Recoaro Terme.

    This year's ceremony took place on Saturday 9th October and the four UK accordionists Gary Blair, David Lukins, Bert Santilly and Heather Smith, plus Sergio Zampolli (Duo 2000), from South Africa, each took their turn to place their right hand in a pink wax filled shallow tray. Elio Bertolini and Gervasio Marcosignori, President of the Centro Didattico Musicale Italiano, oversaw this process.

    The five participants' handprints now make the total on display in this Accordion Museum to be 57, and these include memorable names such as Wolmer Beltrami, Frank Marocco, Art Van Damme, Gigi Stock, Giancarlo Caporilli, etc., etc. A visit to this unique museum is truly a memorable experience and a must for all accordion enthusiasts.

    The weekend of celebrations included an accordion parade through the streets of Recoaro Terme, impromptu concerts at the Gran Café Municipale, evening concerts at the local Teatro Comunale, which included excellent performances by all four UK accordionists plus incredibly talented Italian players of all ages, and finally a church service on the Sunday morning that included music by an accordion group from the school of Elio Bertolini.

    Romano Viazzani at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London - UK

    On November 19th Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble (featuring Romano Viazzani on piano accordion) will perform at the London Queen Elizabeth Hall, in a concert as part of the London Jazz Festival. This event will be the official UK launch date of the band's new album: 'MusiK / Re Arranging the 20th Century'.

    For further information email


    Bruno Lorenzoni's New Recording - France

    French accordionist Bruno Lorenzoni, well-known for his musette style of playing, has just released a new CD titled 'L'accordéon dans les étoiles'. Bruno Lorenzoni is a very accomplished accordionist, having won competitions in Paris and Belgium, and is also widely recognised as a composer of much French film and television theme music.

    For further information email

    A to Z of the Accordion

    Bridlington Accordion Showcase Spectacular - UK
    Contributed by Loretta Rolston

    This year's Autumn Accordion Festival, held from 14th to 17th October at Bridlington, was a great success. Over 500 people flocked to the Spa Royal Hall to listen to a variety of music, take part in our workshops, and join in with dancing during the day and evening. George Syrett did his usual trip to the local ice cream shop and then popped in to a nearby pub with our two French musicians Mickael Vigneau and Mickael Richard. This proved to be very popular and they look forward to our custom again next year.

    Also, as a special treat, Mickael Vigneau will be touring the UK at the end of March 2005. Anyone wishing to book him for their accordion club, please contact Loretta Rolston by email (address below). The Autumn Accordion Festival is now so successful that we have agreed to extend the weekend by one day. The dates for next year are Wednesday12th - Sunday 16th October 2005.

    For further information on next year's Accordion Extravaganza please email us at

    Thought for the Week
    Contributed by Lou Coppola

    Subject: Happiness

    "I asked professors who teach the meaning of life to tell me what is happiness. I went to famous executives who boss the work of thousands of men and women. They all shook their heads and gave me a smile as though I was trying to fool with them. And then one Sunday afternoon I wandered out along the Des Plaines River and I saw a crowd of Hungarians under the trees with their women and children and a keg of beer and an accordion."

    Carl Sandberg


    Quote of the Week

    Did You Know? by Willoughby Walshe

    ''Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica (SPAH) is an international non-profit organization. It maintains a database of over 3,000 harmonica aficionados from around the world. For five days in August, the rotating SPAH Annual Convention is devoted to amateurs, professionals, beginners, and experts who play their harmonicas, listen to others perform, attend seminars, share their knowledge, and shop and swap for the latest in harmonicas, accessories, music, books, videos, and recordings"

    Find out More… Walshe Essential Guide to Accordion and Harmonica Events

    CD Review

    A new CD Review of Percursos by Paulo Jorge Ferreira.
    Review by Prof. Joan Cochran Sommers


    New & Updated Sites - Updated information to include the twenty members of the 2004 Coupe Mondiale International Jury panel. - Updated site for the National Accordion Organisation of the UK.


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