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13 August 2004 This weeks news | Past News  | Send news

This Weeks News

  • Lorenzo Munari Concert Dates - Italy
  • Call to Arms for Accordion Clubs - Australia
  • International Montreux Accordion Camp - Switzerland
  • 2004 Music Exams in Xinjiang - China
  • Victor Prieto Summer Schedule - USA, Spain
  • 4th International Competition "Fisarmonica D'oro" Benvento - Italy
  • Gary Dahl, Author of Mel Bay's Master Accordion Scale Book - USA
  • German Accordionist's CD re-released - Taiwan
  • FÆRD and Karen Tweed tour - Australia, New Zealand
  • Victor Romanko Concerts - Germany
  • Southwest Accordion Festival, Arizona Accordion Club - USA
  • Jon Hammond's Busy Schedule - USA, Germany
  • Quote of the Week
  • CD Review
  • New and Updated Sites
  • Fisitalia

    Lorenzo Munari Concert Dates - Italy
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    Lorenzo Munari, accordion performer, teacher, composer and conductor has released his schedule of performances for August and September. Lorenzo has a diploma in classic accordion from the Conservatory "Gioacchino Rossini" of Pesare and is also a Musicology graduate from the University of Bologna. He is the founder of the music school Luigi Valcavi di Carpineti (RE) and the artistic director of the competition "Carpineti in Musica" and an accordion orchestra conductor. Lorenzo recently released a recording that contains a number of works by Astor Piazzolla.

    Lorenzo's August and September performances are:
    7th - 8th August - Rumo Val di Non ore 21 Concerto Fisorchestra L. Valcavi
    11th August - Carpineti Piazza Matilde di Canossa
    21st August - Concerto Fisorchestra L. Valcavi (In favore dei bimbi rumeni di Sighet)
    14th August - Civago, Palatenda ore 21, Concerto Fisorchestra L. Valcavi
    15th August - Vetto, giardini pubblici ore 16 Concerto Fisorchestra L. Valcavi
    22nd August - Tortona Concerto Fisorchestra L. Valcavi
    5th September - S. Vito Cadore Rifugio S. Marco (Dolomiti) at 11.30 - Concerto duo Novo Millennium, Con Andrea Medici al clarinetto
    11th September - Sestola Chiesa S.Maria - Spettacolo teatrale "Il canto di Etty"
    18th to 19th September - Concorso Montese - Giuria e concerto
    25th to 26th September - Biennale Gorni Kramer (MN) - Giuria e concerto con Bandoneon
    25th September - Modena p.zza Matteotti, Concerto Fisorchestra L. Valcavi
    For further information, email


    Call to Arms for Accordion Clubs - Australia

    A new gaming machines tax for gambling machines stationed at clubs and charities was recently introduced by the state of New South Wales to major protest by non-profit groups. Members of the accordion community are also part of the 'axe the tax' protest movement which will culminate with a rally on 1st September.

    NSW accordionist John McDonald said many accordion clubs and accordion performers will be affected. "This increase in Poker machine tax has affected everyone that does business with the club industry," John explained. "(Accordion) Entertainers are just part of the whole picture of those who supply services to registered clubs. The majority of clubs in NSW that have gaming machine in their facilities also provide valuable support for the smaller local community groups like accordion clubs."
    John explained. "As far as my experience goes, most accordion clubs meet and hold functions in halls and meeting rooms with some registered club facilities. They use facilities like club auditoriums, for their accordion championships and also for presenting special shows/concerts featuring visiting overseas accordion performers."

    "It would really affect accordionists who were part of a Production or Package Show, or an accordion/entertainer involved in presenting cabaret, like me working the club circuit regularly," said John.
    "It has been already noted that some clubs have cut entertainment budgets by sometimes more than half, thus canceling already pre booked shows."
    For further information on the 'axe the tax' rally, email


    International Montreux Accordion Camp - Switzerland

    The International Montreux Accordion Camp, now celebrating its 5th year will be held from August 20th to 27th at the Maison de Jeunes, Chemin de Peccaux in Les Avants, Switzerland. The camp, run by Jean-Louis Noton , Madeleine and Peter Soave was formerly held in Grimentz but will now be held at 1833 Les Avants, just 8 km from Montreux.
    IMAC organizers say "The camp offers 7 days of workshops, lectures, master-classes and private instructions in a professional setting that harmonizes nature and learning."
    Subjects taught include:
    " Classical, tango, Musette, jazz, improvisation, world-music
    " Midi programming and performance
    " Standard & free bass, piano & chromatic keyboard, accordina, Bandoneon
    " Articulation, fingering, phrasing, bellows techniques
    " Preparation for performance and international competitions
    " Solo and chamber music
    " History of the accordion
    " Sight reading
    " How to "play by ear" jam sessions
    Professional and amateur participants of all ages will gather from around the world to perform, train, and share their accordion knowledge.
    For further information, contact Madeleine Soave on email:


    2004 Music Exams in Xinjiang - China
    Contributed by Lian Jones of Accordion House

    The Music Examination Board of the Chinese Musician's Society has just completed its series of examinations for the year in Xinjiang province. The music exams were held for artists specializing in accordion, piano, keyboard, violin and Chinese traditional instruments. Examiners traveled to Wulumuqi, Hami, Keerle, Changji, Dushanzi, Zepu Oil Bass, Qitai and Shihezi.


    Victor Prieto Summer Schedule - USA, Spain
    Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

    The Victor Prieto Trio will perform at 9pm on 16th August at the Detour on 349 E 13th Street, New York City with Victor Prieto (accordion), Carlo De Rosa (upright bass) and Henry Cole (percussion). On 12th September at 2pm, the trio will perform at the Central Public Library located at 89-11 Merrick Boulevard, Jamaica, NY in a concert featuring Maestro Horacio Laguna (guitar). On 17th September, the trio will appear at the Williamsburg Jazz Festival in New York at 9.00pm.

    The Williamsburg Jazz Festival organizers said "It is our intent to create a music festival of lasting cultural significance by featuring up-and-coming fresh voices in jazz alongside nationally known and established artists. An excellent definition of art is that it makes you feel different, special, and somehow enriched to be around it. We hope to provide such an experience." After these three US performances, Victor Prieto will make a solo tour to Spain presenting master classes and concerts.
    For more information, email

    Sem Accordions France

    4th International Competition "Fisarmonica D'oro" Benevento - Italy
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    The 4th International "Fisarmonica D'oro" Competition was held in Benevento from 19th July to 4th August and ended after a very successful occasion of world-class music and competition. Anton Torbeev of Russia won the coveted gold accordion award, ahead of 65 entries from Greece, France, Austria, Poland, Italy, Serbia and the USA. The competition was organized by director Luigi Febbraro, artistic director Renzo Ruggieri, president Peppino Prince and an organizing committee of most successful accordion teachers and performers; namely Massimiliano Pitocco (Italy), Jean-Marc Fabiano (France), Alexander Dmitriev (Russia), Mirco Patarini (Italy), Michele Perrino (Italy) and Giovanni Rooster (Italy).

    One of the highlights of this year's event was the gala performance each evening with renowned jazz artist Art Van Damme at the Benvento Cultural Center of Fisarmonica.
    The winners of the Fisarmonica D'Oro competition were:
    Fisarmonica D'oro - Anton Torbeev (Russia)
    Classic Student Category - 1st Nikola Jelic (Serbia) 2nd Nikolic Mihajlo (Serbia)
    Classic Junior Category - 1st Petar Maric (Serbia) 2nd Vladimir Virijevic (Serbia) 3rd Milena Radicanin (Serbia)
    Classic Senior Category - 1st Anton Torbeev (Russia) 2nd Aude Giuliano (France) 3rd Marcin Sebastian Krzyzanowski (Poland)
    Variete Student - 1st Mario D'Amario (Italy) 2nd Nikola Jelic (Italy) 3rd Mihajlo Nikolic (Italy)
    Junior Variete - 1st Petar Maric (Serbia) 2nd Oadsteads Soro (Serbia) 3rd Dario Ciracì (Italy)
    Variete Senior - 1st Ferdinand Ciarelli (Italy) 2nd Albanian George (Italy) 3rd Carmine Turilli (Italy)
    Fisarmonica Jazz - 1st Gianluca Casadei Group (Italy) 2nd Roberto Palermo Group (Italy) 3rd Cauteruccio/Galimi Group (Italy)
    Interpretation Peppino Prince - 1st Carmine Turilli (Italy - Benevento)



    Gary Dahl, Author of Mel Bay's Master Accordion Scale Book - USA
    Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

    Gary Dahl is the author of the recently released book "Mel Bay's Master Accordion Scale Book With Jazz Scale Studies". The book has been designed to develop the professional or recreational accordionist further toward advanced musicianship. The Mel Bay Master Accordion Scale Book contains fundamental classical and jazz scales with explanations which are presented in a clear and concise format. Table of Contents.

    Why do we practice scales? The great Jazz Accordionist, Art Van Damme, when asked what he practiced, replied, "only the fundamentals!" The book is dedicated to famous jazz performer Art Van Damme and sells online. Sales information at

    Ángel Luis Castaño

    German Accordionist's CD re-released - Taiwan
    Contributed by Lian Jones of Accordion House

    Record company, Windsong Music International Co. Ltd recently introduced German accordionist Professor Helmut C. Jacobs's solo album titled Paganiniana. This CD was first released in Europe in July 1993 and is now introduced in Asia, for the first time in Taiwan. The "Paganiniana" CD has 35 tracks, full details available from, email

    FÆRD and Karen Tweed tour - Australia, New Zealand

    One of UK's most successful accordionists, Karen Tweed, will be touring Australia and New Zealand in September and October with the Scandinavian quintet 'FÆRD'. Describing themselves as "an expedition, a life's work, a journey" FÆRD's music crosses borders between styles, nationalities and traditions. Their style has its roots going back before 1700 to Danish and Faroese ballads, melodies by the Faroese troubadour J.Chr.Svabo and Shetland fiddle tunes.

    FÆRD's other members are: Carina Normansson on vocals and fiddle who has played all over Sweden for 20 years, Peter Uhrbrand a prize-winning Danish fiddle and viola player from the island of Fano, Eskil Romme the soprano saxophonist from Denmark and Tapani Varis (bass) who studied at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.
    22nd September - Melbourne Folkclub (Jeanette Gillespie)
    23rd September - Ballarat Folkclub (Ewan Barker)
    25th September - Danebrog, DanishClub, Melbourne (Vibeke Sybrandt)
    27th September - Candelo Arts Society, Candelo (Charlotte Lyngby)
    28th September - The Merry Muse Folkclub, Canberra (Billy Arnett)
    29th September - Gig in Sydney (Lucia Okumoura) t.b.c
    30th September - Gig in Sydney, Scandinavian Societyes (Graeme Traves) t.b.c.
    2nd October - Bellingen Global Carnival (Bryony Taylor)
    3rd October - Bellingen Global C.
    5th October - Laidly folkclub, Glenore Grove, Queensland (John Colville)
    6th October - Danish Club,Brisbane (Kurt Christensen)
    8th October - The Sound Lounge, Brisbane (Rob Bare)
    9th October - Port Lincoln,South Australia(Ron Higgins) t.b.c.
    10th October - Whyalla, S.A.
    11th October - S.A
    12th October - Scandinavian Society, Adelaide
    13th October - Folkfederation of South Australia, Adelaide (Cliff Milne)
    14th October - S.Coast Folkclub, Port Noarlunga, Adelaide (Peter Thornton)

    New Zealand
    16th October - Penguin Club, Oamaru (Tony Gallager) t.b.c.
    17th October - Christchurch Folkclub (Russel Gillies)
    18th October - Dunedin Folkclub Mike Moroney, Marcus Turner) t.b.c.
    21st October - The Mussel Inn, Golden Bay (Andrew Dixon)
    22nd October - Gig in Havelock (Lone M.Sorensen)
    23rd October - Wellington Folkfestival (Sue Ikin)
    24th October - Wellington Folkfestival
    26th October - Danevirke Scandinavian Club (Dick McAvinue) t.b.c
    27th October - Palmerston North Folkclub (Peter Mack)
    29th October - Waiheke Island (Alan Knight)
    30th October - The Danish House, Auckland (Christina Jensen)
    31st October - Devenport Folkclub, Auckland (Roger Giles)
    For further information, email

    Victor Romanko Concerts - Germany
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    Popular award winning Russian bayan artist and professor, Viktor Romanko will perform in Germany in October and November. Viktor is highly acclaimed, receiving the highest accolade given to musicians in Russia by President, Vladimir Putin.
    3th October - 5pm, Rohr/Thüringen - Evangelist Michaelis Church
    9th October - 8pm, Bad Teinach - Evangelist Dreifaltigkeits Church
    10th October - 4pm, Bretten - citizen hall "Alten Rathaus"
    15th October - 7.30pm, Stockach - Melanchthon church
    16th October - 6pm, Oberuhldingen - Bodensee Evangelist House
    17th October - 6pm, Bad Krozingen - Evangelist Church
    24th October - 5pm, Münster-Mecklenbeck - St. Anna Church
    29th October - 7.30pm, Altena - Evangelist Luther-Church
    30th October - 7.30pm, Sendenhorst - Evangelist Friedenskirche
    31th October - 5pm, Dillenburg-Donsbach - Evangelist-Church
    6th November - 7.30pm, Engelskirchen - Akkordeon-Orchester Bergisch-Land e.v.
    7th November - 5pm, Berlin - Heilig-Kreuz-Church, Malchower-Weg 22
    10th November - 2.30pm, Netphen - Evangelist-House
    11th November - 8pm, Metzingen - Citizen Hall
    14th November - 5pm, Hamm - Paulus-Church
    For further information, email

    Southwest Accordion Festival, Arizona Accordion Club - USA

    The Southwest Accordion Festival organized by the Arizona Accordion Club will be held on 16th October at 1 block South of Loop 101 and 7th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. The festival is open to all players and will feature a polka mass at 5pm and an accordion dance band featuring two lead accordionists from 6pm to 10pm. Organizers say there will also be performances by some of the best accordionist in New Mexico, California and Nevada.
    For further information, contact Leigh Dechaine at e-mail:



    Jon Hammond's Busy Schedule - USA, Germany

    San Francisco artist, Jon Hammond began a busy schedule of concerts this week with a concert at the Laguna Honda Hospital for 90 minutes for approximately 120 patients and their visiting families. The concert on 9th August, began a series of performance which also included a trip to New York City where Jon's new CD was released on the 12th August.

    On 13th August, Jon performs at the Rondure Music Club in a duo with tenor saxophonist Tim Armacost and on 18th August Jon will fly to Germany where he will play concerts in Frankfurt and Hamburg. In Frankfurt Jon will play at the famous jazz club "Jazzkeller" with a quartet that include Kevin Mauder (tenor saxophone), Heinz Lichius from Hamburg (drums) and Joe Berger (guitar). Jon's engagements in Hamburg include radio shows on FSK Radio and NDR Info 4 Radio. On 27th August, the quartet plays in Hamburg at "Schnulze".
    For more information, email


    Quote of the Week

    Teaching Quote of the Week Edited by Willoughby Walshe

    "Listen to good singers and try to emulate them, because phrases executed with the human voice are always natural and expressive.

    Find out More…The Art of Bayan Playing or Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips.


    CD Review

    A new CD by Chango Spasiuk titled "The Charme of Chamamé". Review done by Musicologist, Paolo Picchio.


    New & Updated Sites - updated information and concert dates for Lorenzo Munari, accordion performer, teacher, composer and conductor. - with updated information on upcoming events and new concerts in France.


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