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06 August 2004 This weeks news | Past News  | Send news

This Weeks News

  • Italian participants at the Coupe Mondiale - Italy/France
  • Akkordeon Ensemble di Aosta Concert - Italy
  • Frankfurt Musikmesse 2005 Information Booklet - Germany
  • Accordion Family Wedding - Italy
  • International Accordion Summer School - Serbia
  • Fratres Performs in Kassel Musiktage - Germany/Finland
  • Beijing Students' Recital Concert - China
  • Accordion Festival in Morgex - Italy
  • Henry Doktorski Performs in "Lord of the Rings Symphony" - USA
  • Norimichi Nagasaka New CDs Now Released - Japan
  • Free Accordion Concert in Hong Kong - China
  • South Balkan Music - USA
  • Foster and Allen Tour - Australia, New Zealand
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  • Quote of the Week
  • CD Review
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    Italian participants at the Coupe Mondiale - Italy/France
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    The A.P.M Music Center in collaboration with the Academia Internazionale di Foormazione Musicale (A.I.F.M) have chosen their first national selection of Italian candidates to represent Italy at the 57th Coupe Mondiale in Pontarlier, France from 19th to 24th October.

    The chosen candidates in the Senior Coupe Mondiale category are Marco Gemelli, Simone Marini and Daniele Ingiosi; Junior Coupe Mondiale category are Pasqualino Bao; Senior Virtuoso Entertainment category are Sara Bianchi and Ferdinando Ciarelli; Junior Virtuoso Entertainment category are Denis Berto, Luca Colantonio, Giorgio Albanese and Daniele Bianchi.

    For further information contact


    Accordion Family Wedding - Italy
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    Recently Andrea Ballone Burini, the son of one of the owners of one of the oldest accordion factories in Castelfidardo (The Ballone Burini Accordion Factory has been crafting accordions since 1920) married Guendalina Latino, the daughter of the owners of a well known fashion shop in the main shopping street of Civitanova.

    Un unforgettable day in a beautiful historical scenery with a lot of elegance but still remaining the young and fresh spirt of the newly married couple
    Accordion Worldwide and its staff wish the young and beautiful couple a happy life together.


    Sem Accordions France

    Accordion Festival in Morgex - Italy
    Contributed by Stefania Camoletto

    Music, applauses, ovations and many thanks in Morgex on 17/18 July. This party atmosphere event involved the public with participation by all the associations from the town territory. The association "Giovanni and Giuseppe Verde" of Leinì was the main organizer and promoter of the event and were also responsible for last years festival when the company Verde celebrated its 110th anniversary.

    The festival took place at the Park of Villa Violante in Leinì and one of the main highlights of the event was the opening of a new museum devoted to the accordion. The museum holds more than 100 accordions and 10,000 music titles. Like last years festival, the popular Paris-Moscow Duo of Domi Emorine and Roman Jbanov put on a great performance. Domi and Roman along with teachers from the CNIMA (Centre National et International de Musique et of Accordéon), a prestigious international musical center directed by Jacques Mornet, kept the audience spellbound with their performance. There were also solo performances including competition winners who presented a repertoire that ranged from classical, Musette to folk. There were performances from over 50 artists who showcased the accordion to an enthusiastic audience of more than 1,000 people.


    Akkordeon Ensemble di Aosta Concert - Italy
    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    The Akkordeon Ensemble di Aosta (pls link) will perform on 8th August at 11am at the Villa Tesoriera in Torino. The ensemble will perform the works of Van der Roost, Zolotariev, Piazzolla and Strauss. The Akkordeon Ensemble, founded in March 1997 includes seven accordionists from Aosta who were winners of the group category at the XXII "Città of Castelfidardo" Competition.


    International Accordion Summer School - Serbia
    Contributed by Tania Lukic-Marx

    An International Accordion Summer School was held from 4th to 14th July in Kragujevac, Serbia, the host town of the 2000 Coupe Mondiale. The summer school was an exciting event which included daily master classes by Ivan Koval (Weimar Music Academy), Radomir Tomic (Music Academy in Kragujevac), Vojin Vasovic (Music Academy in Kragujevac) and Tania Marx (Music School in Sydney). The participants were from France, Spain and Serbia and the classes were well attended by enthusiastic teachers and students. The program featured nightly concerts by winners of prestigious international accordion competitions such as Klingenthal, Coupe Mondiale, Arrasate and Tropheo Mondiale . Participants are pictured.

    Sem Accordions France

    Beijing Students' Recital Concert - China
    Contributed by Lian Jones of Accordion House

    51 accordion and piano students from Beijing Shijingshan Night University held a recital concert in the school hall at the end of July. The aim of the concert was for students to gain more performance experience and also to get ready for the coming accordion exams. Mr Pan Ruijing, the accordion teacher also performed at the concert.

    For future concert information, email


    Fratres Performs in Kassel Musiktage - Germany/Finland

    Famous Finish accordion trio Fratres performed two concerts on 31st July and 1st August at the Kassel Musiktage Festival in Germany. The concerts were part of the Mussorgski's Pictures Exhibition where the trio performed the works of Finnish composers. On 5th August, Fratres returned to Finland where they performed at the Lohtaja Church Music Festival.

    Trio Fratres, consisting of Raimo Vertainen, Toni Hämäläinen and Heikki Jokiaho formed in 1994 after the members graduated from the Conservatory of Central Finland where they studied under Vladimir Dolgopolov and Alpo Pohja among others. The trio made international headlines from as early as October 1994 when they won first place, small chamber category, at the prestigious Citta di Castelfidardo " competition in Italy. Since then, the group has performed in several Nordic countries as well as Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Russia and Estonia.

    Ángel Luis Castaño

    Frankfurt Musikmesse 2005 Information Booklet - Germany

    Registration information for exhibitors at next years Frankfurt Musikmesse is now available. Organizers of the event say that these documents are now online at As in the past, exhibitors who register early and send in their details before 15th September will benefit from an 8% discount on booth rental.

    For further information contact Christine Kern, email

    Henry Doktorski Performs in "Lord of the Rings Symphony" - USA

    Henry Doktorski performed with some 200 musicians and singers for three pieces of "The Lord of the Rings Symphony" by Howard Shore. Doktorski performed in Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra which accompanied the Mendelssohn Choir and Pittsburgh Children's Festival Chorus & Soprano Sissel. There were three shows from 29th to 31st July at the Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    "Howard Shore's symphony is a sometimes powerful and sometimes intimate musical portrait of Tolkien's trilogy. The wet-tuned accordion (Musette accordion is called for in the score) helps create an ancient Celtic-sounding harmonic accompaniment to a beautiful fiddle melody of the Hobbits, those adorable Halfling creatures of Middle-Earth, who are the heroes of the epic masterpiece," said Doktorski.

    The symphony is a six-movement "tour de force" which presents the soundtrack from Peter Jackson's (movie Director) nine-hour film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" in a two hour opera like performance. The styles, instruments and performers on the soundtrack were from around the world, providing each of Tolkien's cultures with a unique musical imprint. These performances mark Doktorski's 38th, 39th and 40th appearances with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

    Norimichi Nagasaka New CDs Now Released - Japan

    Popular Osaka accordionist, Norimichi Nagasaka's two new CD's have just hit the market. The two CD's, were released by Horizon Music and CFA Records. They are titled "Ondanshitsujun Accordion" (Japanese Sky) and "Taiyo-to-Accordion" (Accordion and Sun).

    For further information on CD sales, email

    South Balkan Music - USA

    One of San Francisco's best known Balkan bands, Anoush performed at the San Pablo, Berkley on 4th August at 8.30 pm. The band performed music from the South Balkans (including Greece, Macedonia and Armenia) in languages such as Romany, Bulgarian, Albanian, Armenian, Aruman, Greek, Ladino and Macedonian plus a Balkan dance lesson with Nancy Klein during the last hour of the Anoush Concert.

    The concert received warm appreciation, for Bill Cope (accordion), Ken McCormick (violin and vocals), Michael Matthews (clarinet), Michele Simon (Tupan and vocals). Guest artist, Dan Auvil played the Tupan and Dumbek. The band performs regularly in several venues of the Bay area.


    Free Accordion Concert in Hong Kong - China
    Contributed by Lian Jones of Accordion House

    The Hong Kong Government's Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) holds free concerts and entertainment programs every month. On its August program, the Hong Kong Accordion Orchestra will be invited to play at Stage 1 of Tai Wo Shopping Centre in Tai Po District at 8pm on 28th August.


    Foster and Allen Tour - Australia, New Zealand
    Contributed by John McDonald

    Ireland's popular folk duo "Foster and Allen" are back for yet another tour of Australia and New Zealand with a 30 Day concert tour in September to celebrate 30 years of their musical partnership. Accordionist Mick Foster and guitarist Tony Allen have been performing Celtic music together since 1975. The duo made their US debut in 1996 with the single "After All These Years" and have gained a lot of popularity and high record sales from performing their unique blend of easy listening and folk music.

    Their 23 albums have included the immensely popular "The Rambles of Spring", "A Bunch of Thyme", "Maggie" and "After All These Years". After 30 years, their popularity continues to flourish and fans often travel long distances to catch their shows. During their September tour, the duo will release a recording titled, "The Essential Foster & Allen" a Triple CD to celebrate their anniversary.

    Foster and Allen will perform in:

    Australia New Zealand
    31st August in Dee Why at the RSL Club 20th September in Auckland at the Town Hall
    1st September in Yallah at the Wednesday Woolshed 21st September in New Plymouth at the TSB Showplace
    2nd September in Brisbane at the Kedron-Wavell Service Club 22nd September in Napier at the Municipal Theatre
    3rd September, a Matinee Performance at 11am in Tweed Heads, Twin Towns Services Club 23rd September in Palmerston North at the Regent on Broadway
    3rd September at 8.30pm in Tweed Heads at the Twin Towns Services Club 24th September in Wellington at the Opera House
    4th September in Tweed Heads at the Twin Towns Services Club 25th September in Dunedin at the Regent Theatre
    5th September in Tweed Heads at Tweed Heads at the Twin Towns Services Club 26th September in Christchurch at the Town Hall
    6th September in Toowoomba at the Empire Theatre Australia Dates Continued ....
    7th September in Rooty Hill at the RSL Club 14th September in Geelong at the Gpac- Ford Theatre
    8th September in Penrith at the Evan Theatre 15th September in Hobart at the Tasman Hall
    9th September in Bendigo at the Capital Theatre 17th September in Melbourne at the Arts Centre, Hamer Hall
    10th September in Shepparton at the Eastbank Centre 18th September in Canberra at the Erindale Vikings Club
    11th September in Morwell at the Kernot Hall 28th September in Adelaide at the Norwood Concert Hall
    12th September in Frankston at the Arts Centre 29th September in Bunbury at the Entertainment Centre
    13th September in Warrnambool at the Entertainment Centre 30th September in Perth at the Concert Hall

    For further information, email


    Accordion Help/Information

    Question: I am looking for some background on an accordion with the words Anelli Fisarmoniche Cromona Brevetti Italiani which is in a Geib case. The accordion is old and has some spring back thing that I have never seen on any other accordion. I would appreciate any further information.
    - Robert Mitchell
    Question: I have an accordion with the name "Marzella Paris" on it and would like to know, if anybody knows the value of this accordion. E-mail
    - Pierre Lipari



    Quote of the Week

    Teaching Quote of the Week Edited by Willoughby Walshe

    "The Grannastevna Accordion Music Festival is held in Torshaven at the end of May each year in the Faroe Islands, which is a country that belongs to Denmark. The name Grannastevna comes from an old Faroese tradition where small villages gathered to sort out their disagreements. Organizers use the name to mean "Festival for Neighbors" and heartily encourage people from other countries to participate

    Find out More…The Art of Bayan Playing or Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips.


    CD Review

    A new CD by Chango Spasiuk titled "The Charme of Chamamé". Review done by Musicologist, Paolo Picchio.


    New & Updated Sites - Paul Chamberlain's website with new information and photos and a new look layout.


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