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23rd May 2003 This weeks news | Past News | Send news
Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

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This Weeks News


NAO Annual Competitions and Festival Includes Special Award - England

Joan Sommers, Mario Patrodarchi, Mirco Patarini & Fausto FabiColcheser Accordion OrchestraContributed by Kevin Friedrich and Gina Brannelli

The National Accordion Organization of the United Kingdom (NAO) recently celebrated their annual competition and festival in the lovely seaside Spa resort in Scarborough, UK.

The weekend featured competitions for all levels including solo, duo, ensemble and orchestra as well as trade shows with music and instruments, a Ceilidh dance and performances by international guests. Among these were the recent winner of the CMA Competition Mario Pietrodarchi, 1984 CMA winner Mirco Patarini who now heads the Paolo Soprani Accordion Factory in Castelfidardo and Fausto Fabi also from the Paolo Soprani Accordions. International judges included Mirco, Mario as well as Joan Sommers from the USA, Slavko Madgic from Slovenia and CIA President Kevin Friedrich who resides in the USA.

During the weekend, Miss Pauline Noon was honored for her long service to the accordion at the NAO UK Championships in Scarborough. Secretariat of the National Accordion Organization, organizer of the CIA Coupe Mondiale in London 37 years ago and 2 years ago, Secretary of the British College of Accordionists, her long career has been truly astonishing, working long and hard most of the time in the background, a solid foundation for any organization within which she operates.

During the festival, Mme. Gina Brannelli was elected the new chairperson of the NAO taking over from Raymond Bodell who completed a total of 9 years as Chairperson.

Results of the top classes at the NAO were as follows:
Virtuoso Solo - Larysa Bodell
Senior Recital - Stefan Bodell
Art Level Orchestra - Colchester Accordion Orchestra (Elaine Beecham, director)
Accordion Showband Orchestra - Colchester Accordion Orchestra (Elaine Beecham,

Gary Blair with students: Gary Blair Junior & Neal GalbraithThe County of Antrim Accordion Orchestra from Northern Ireland won the Advanced Orchestra sections in both Test Piece and Own Choice while the Graham Laurie Paisley Accordion Orchestras from Scotland continued their yearly success winning all Intermediate & Elementary divisions!

Pictured here is Gary Blair Junior, the son of popular entertainer Gary Blair who won several awards during the festival, including the 11 & Under Solo, Scottish 12 & Under Solo, Polka 12 & Under Solo and the Musette 11 & Under Solo. Another of Gary's students Neal Galbraith is pictured left, who won the Polka Senior solo and Scottish 16 years & Over solo.

Accordion Festival Celebrates 55th Anniversary - Belgium

Contributed by Inge Vrijsen

The Koninklijke Accordeonvereniging De Nachtegaal in Edegem will hold an accordion festival to celebrate their 55th anniversary next month. The festival (which is usually held every five years) will be held on June 7th and 8th in Edegem, Antwerp and will include performances by a variety of accordion groups, brass bands and a symphonic youth group.

The aim of the festival is to promote as many styles of music as possible and encourage participants to jam along with each other and have some fun! Performers include Accordion De Nachtegaal, Sinfonische Jeugdorkest Edegem, Accordion Sint Rochus, Kon. Fanfare Sint Rosalia, Accordion De Notengalm, Ancora, Accordion Mainz, Accordeonata, Accordion De Decker, Edegems Harmonie orkest and Accordion Katelijne.

Entrance to the event is free. For further information phone: +32 3449.97.50



ATG Festival Orchestra Appears at Arlington Racetrack - USA

The 2003 Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International Festival Orchestra will appear at the Arlington Race Track in Chicago on June 28th.

In addition to following a track full of horses as they gallop around the racetrack, attendees will get to enjoy a performance by dozens of accordionists during the short, but very high profile performance on Raceday.

In addition to this Race Track performance, the ATG International Festival Orchestra will be performing at concerts during the annual festival. Conductors will be ATG President Emeritus Anthony Galla-Rini, Joan Sommers, Jazz legend Frank Marocco, Gary Daverne (conductor of the Auckland Symphony Orchestra in Auckland, New Zealand), and conductor of the Concord Chamber Orchestra Janet Millard.

For further details email:


Master Sound

"Parisian Waltz" Concert in Honor of Latvian Accordionist - Russia

Contributed by Vladimir Ushakov

On May 7th in St. Petersburg, Russia, a special event was held in honor of Yuri Peshkov (Riga, Latvia), well-known accordionist, composer and teacher. Yuri Peshkov's compositions are popular in all countries of the former Soviet Union and his music is performed from the Far East to Baltic Sea and from the White Sea to the Black Sea.

Yuri PeshkovYuri Peshkov was born in 1940 in Leningrad and since the age of six he has lived in Riga, Latvia. He began his career as an accordionist in 1957, playing solo and in a variety of ensembles. In 1961 he began his pedagogical activity, teaching the accordion in music schools & colleges. At the same time he began to compose and his compositions became so popular that in the mid 1990's his composition "Waltz-Mazurka" was accepted as a test piece in the international competitions held in Denmark.

The concert in St. Petersburg was entitled "Parisian Waltz", it was arranged by the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble. The event was held as part of the concert series "Friends Meeting at the Neva Riversides" in the St. Petersburg Concert Hall. Musicians from Latvia, Lithuania and Russia were invited to take part including Yuri Peshkov, Duet Kristaps and Rajvis Gintars (Latvia), Lithuanian Accordion Duet Eduardas Gabnys and Gennady Savkov (Lithuania), Baltic International Accordion Quintet (Vladimir Ushakov, Svetlana Stavitskaya, Gennady Savkov, Eduardas Gabnys & Sergei Likhachov - representing Latvia, Lithuania and Russia), Server Abkerimov (Russia), soloists and groups from St. Petersburg - Ivan Medvedev, Sergei Petrov, trio "Collage", "Aventurine" accordion quartet and the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble.

All compositions performed at the concert were composed by Yuri Peshkov such as Nostalgie, Waltz-mazurka, Greeting Waltz, Snow-storm, The Moth, Vagabond, Mazurka, Autumn Dreams, Spanish Imitation, Mazurka-expression, Carnival, Dark Eyes Variations, Parisian Waltz, Nordic Lights, Moldavian Softly Played, A Post Troika is Rushing Variations, Argentinean tango, Natalie, Intermezzo, Dedication, Step, Samba and Boogie-Woogie.

A special issue of five music books containing all the compositions by Yuri Peshkov was made available at the concert, published by "S.P.M.E. Editions".

Over 600 enthusiastic accordion lovers attended the concert, which ended with an encore of all performing musicians playing "Boogie-Woogie".


Ranco Accordions

Queensland Accordion Club Honors Accordionist - Australia

The Queensland Accordion Club will hold a concert to honor their Musical Director Ossie Mazzei at the Albert Waterways Community Centre, Gold Coast, Queensland on June 18th. The concert will celebrate Ossie's 75 years of service to the accordion world and also celebrate his 90th birthday.

Performers include local and overseas artists such as the Ossie Mazzei Accordion Orchestra, the Kalander German Show Band, Bernadette Conlon, Lachlan Baker, Grant Martin, Annie Chen Gong, Ossie & Leo Mazzei Duo, Joseph Castorina, Julie Hertel, John Cave and John Colville. Compere will be Maurice Horsburgh. For details email:


Jury Members Perform at Klingenthal Accordion Competition - Germany

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Mr. Gaeber

Amelie Castel

The "Music Days" in Klingenthal under the direction of Manfred Gäbler included a program for both music lovers and specialists from around the world.The 40th International Klingenthal Accordion Competition saw a variety of accordion soloists and chamber musicians evaluated by an international jury consisting of professors, composers and music pedagogues. President of the Jury was Professor Jürgen Ganzer.


Rade Mijatovic

The public showed special enthusiasm for a concert with jury member Tobias Morgenstern and the Orkester LeipJazzig, plus an accordion/cello concert by Elsbeth Moser and Christoph Marks.

Duo Cieslak/Kolodziejski

Altogether 94 participants from 18 countries took part in the competition as follows: category II: 21, category III: 17, category IV: 23, category VA: 8, category VB: 6, and category VI: 19.


Konstantin Ischenko


Dimitri Bouclier

A final gala concert included performances by the Vogtland - Philharmonie Greiz Reichenbach Orchestra conducted by Doron Salomon (Israel) and competition winners.

Office Memebers

Quartet Expromt

Amazing Three days of Great Music and Good Company - Bulgaria

Zorica KarakutovskaContributed by Anica Karakutovska

The Accordion Spring International Competition 2003, held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria from May 15th to 17th was successfully organized by the Bulgarian Organization of Accordionists. The amazing final gala concert which included performances by the first prizewinners was held on May 17th. The stage was decorated with nine unique statuettes for the winners, which gave a special and additional charm to the whole competition.

The audience enjoyed the whole show, rewarding all participations with enthusiastic applause. The culmination of the gala event, was the moment when the winners in the main categories opened bottles of champagne, and with their teacher Zorica Karakutovska (declared the best teacher at the competition), joined with the organizers for a toast on the stage!!


Master Sound

Amplitude Festival - Denmark

Pascal Contet performed in the Royal Library as part of the Amplitude Festival in Copenhagen on May 17th with the Trio Allers-Retours and the Trio of Bernard Cavanna. Their program included works by Klaus Jorgensen, Ivar Frounberg, Jexper Hollmen, Igor Ballereau, Erick Abecassis and Bernard Cavanna.

The following day he performed solos and duos on a Danish radio program with the Duo Rom/Contet. They played "Electrosolo" a work of improvisations between electroacoustic and techno music.



Musical Twinning - Germany/Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Mirco Soprani (left) and right (with the accordion) Reiner Schneidenbach

The twinning of the towns of Castelfidardo and Klingenthal was made official on May 9th, 2003 at a signing ceremony in Klingenthal, a German city known throughout the world for the high quality of its musical instruments. The document was signed by Castelfidardo Deputy Mayor Mirco Soprani and by Reiner Schneidenbach, Mayor of Klinghental.

The sombre ceremony, which was attended by the highest authorities of the two cities, was introduced by the music of two young accordionists and was full of joy and significance. The cities have several important things in common, including an accordion manufacturing industry, the holding of international accordion competitions (Klingenthal's in May, Castelfidardo's in October), museums dedicated to the popular instrument, the inventiveness and entrepreneurialism of their citizens, the will to promote a tourism based on the beauty of the territory (Klingenthal in particular is situated
in a magnificent geographical location) and the commitment to European integration.


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Benedum Theater Gala Fundraiser - USA

American Accordionist Henry Doktorski and Slippery Rock University faculty member Warren Davidson performed for a gala fundraising event at the Benedum Theater for the Fine Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the Pittsburgh Opera Company on May 17th.

The duo, specializing in classical and light classical compositions, performed for a select group of 200 of the major donors for the Pittsburgh Opera.

Doktorski serves on the faculty of the City Music Center at Duquesne University as instructor of accordion. He is currently completing a mammoth project: recording a double compact disc set of the complete works of the great vaudeville accordionist Guido Deiro. Doktorski has also written a definitive work: "The Classical Squeezebox, a History of the Accordion in Classical Music."


Kimmo Pohjonen at "Festival on the Danube" - Austria

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen performed at the international "Festival on the Danube" in Vienna on May 11th. Kimmo looks back on 20 years of musical development and can therefore be called an absolute "Crossover" artist. From rock to folk, avant-garde, improvisations of all kinds, classical, dance and theatre music, he presents a performance, which goes beyond basic accordion playing in a most impressive way and with the support of special lighting effects. How can such creativity affect an accordion? Kimmo Pohjonen shows us - giving his audience an unforgettable event for eyes and ears.



Cahors Accordeon Course - France

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Cahors Accordeon will organize a training course to be held at the Cordeliers Center in Gourdon from July 27th to August 3rd. The course will be open to all accordionists wishing to improve their musical style and will cover bellows control, keyboard use, traditional accordion music, jazz and variety. The aim of the course is to encourage "Music" and the accordion. Tutors include Peter Soave, Lionel Suarez, Mady Soave- Dessimoulie, Sylvie Pulles, Patricia Lafon and Muriel Roques.

For details email:


Master Sound

John Leslie Accordion Tuition Week - England

The John Leslie Accordion Tuition Week was held recently at St Audries Bay Holiday Club, West Quantoxhead in Somerset. The event was organized by John Leslie and his team of accordion teachers including Edward Jay, Sue Bennett, Christine Beetlestone and Jill Martin each taking groups and individual classes.

Numbers were up on last year for this popular annual event and all participants seemed to mix well and enjoy each others company as their mutual love of the accordion was shared in serious study and at times with much fun and lashings of "friendly accordion camaraderie!"

St Audries is a fantastic place to visit and the next opportunity for accordionists is the Summer Accordion Week from July 19th to 26th. In addition a Folk/Accordion Week will be held from August 30th to September 6th. For details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Aidar Gainullin Performs in Austria

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Aidar Gainullin will perform at the Volksheim in Gross Jedlersdorf on June 13th. The Accordion Ensemble Hermi Kaleta will also perform at this event. For further information email:



Orchestra Cámara De Acordeones Claroscuros Concerts - Spain

The Orchestra Cámara De Acordeones Claroscuros now has a new and interesting repertoire, which was recently performed in the Valladolid National Theater. Their repertoire includes Ballet Tango (Piazzolla), Varietés Music Hall (Würther) and Intermezzo in Blue (Bui). Future concerts will be held at the Teatro Nacional "Principal" Zammora (June 5th), Teatro Nacional "Juan Bravo" Segovia (June 6th) and Auditorio Nacional De Burgos (June 14th). For further information email:



Kyril and Methodius Bulgarian Cultural Festival - USA

Accordionist Dan Cantrell will join Rumen Shopov (tambura, bouzouki, drums and vocalist from Bulgaria) and Friends at the Kyril and Methodius Bulgarian Cultural Festival held at the Slavonic Cultural Center in San Francisco, California on May 24th. Their program will include a variety of music from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, and the Balkan Romany (Gypsy) tradition for listening and dancing.

The group will also entertain at the Bulgaria At Night Restaurant in the Oakland City Center Plaza every Friday night through to mid-June. For further details email:


Master Sound

Church Concert in Jarocin - Poland

Accordionist Olexiy Suslov performed a variety of baroque, classical and modern music in the
Jarocin Church on May 17th. His program included works by Bach, Haydn, Dvorak and Mendelssohn as well as his own new compositions such as "Concerto-Dyptich nr 3" for accordion and string quartet which was performed with the String Quartet Recordanza. The event was organized by J. Baranski, Director of the Kotlin Private School of Music



Benefit Concert - Italy

Contributed by Carlo Fortunato

On May 26th the Polisportiva of Fresonara (province of Alessandria) will host a benefit concert with the participation of several accordionists and "By Marco" accordions. Performers include some of the leading Italian dance band accordionists, such as Paolo Bagnasco, Massimo Andreotti, Sandro Allario, Debora Sbarra and many more. Proceeds from the concert will go towards charities for children in developing countries. For further information please email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

"Tango Forever Trio" Performance - Australia

The "Tango Forever Trio" performed at Sanctuary Cove on May 17th and will entertain again on June 1st. The trio includes dancing duo Rosita Rivas (Argentina) and Mr Daniel" with Manuel on accordion. For details email:


CD Baby Meeting - USA

Accordionist Jon Hammond will attend (as a panelist) the CD Baby members meeting event on May 29th at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant in Times Square, New York. Jon's new CD "Hammond's Bolero" is listed on the CD site.

Thousands of artists whose CD's are for sale on CD will attend the event and founder and director of CD Baby, Derek Sivers will be there to speak. For details email:



Updated Sites Updated information on upcoming concerts by French accordionist Pascal Contet Updated information on Accordions Worldwide USA representative and accordion performer, Kevin Friedrich


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Andy Swaim would like information on a 12 bass Castelli piano accordion, made in Germany, colored white pearl, with silver bellows, and red trim. Email:

Edna Roy would like information on a 24 bass Ariston piano accordion. Email:



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