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21st February 2003 This weeks news | Past News | Send news
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Editors Note

Our News Co-ordinator, Christine Adams has been away on a course for all of this week. Christine will reply to all emails on her return. If you have sent a news item, which is not in this weeks news please be assured that the item will be included as soon as possible.

Wayne Knights Webmaster


Paolo Soprani Accordions

This Weeks News

Texas Accordion Association

3rd European Festival of Accordion Orchestras - Czech Republic

Contributed by Pavel Svarc

The 3rd European Festival of Accordion Orchestras will be held at the Vinohrady National House and other representative city halls in Prague from April 7th to 11th, 2004 organized by the Czech Accordion Association and the Concert and Travel Agency CTA Prague as part of the third European Accordion Festival in Prague. Accordion orchestras and friends from all over the world are invited to this great international music show.

Festival categories include Junior Accordion Orchestras (for orchestras of 12 or more musicians - at least 70% of members must be under the age 16 years), Classical music (orchestras of 12 or more musicians - no age limit), and Light music (orchestras of 12 or more members with no age limit, consisting mainly of accordions and other instruments).

For further details on the 2004 event email:


Ranco Accordions

First International Award "Fisa…armonie" - Italy

Contributed by Rina Anna Rusconi

Auditions for the First International Award "Fisa…armonie" Competition are currently underway in Trieste for soloists, concert players and chamber accordion groups and will run until April 30th, 2003. Competition finals will take place in Trieste from May 16th to 18th. The event is organized by the Altamarea, Associazione Musicale Cluster, Associazione Musica Libera della Glasbena Matica of Trieste and Gruppo Artistico Triestino with the collaboration of the Regional Tourist Board and supported by the Trieste Tourist Information Office, Municipality of Trieste and Trieste Councilor's Office for Culture.

Age group categories are included for soloists 10 years and under, 11 to 13 years, 14 to 17 years, 18 years and under, open solo and Chamber music groups. Prizes will include trophies and prize money totaling € 2.900

The jury includes Ivano Battiston (Chairman), Vladimir Zubitzky, Ivano Paterno and Aleksander Ipavec. Applications close March 31st, 2003. For further details email:


Beijing Accordion Association Annual Meeting - China

Contributed by Li Cong

The Beijing Accordion Association held their annual meeting at the You Conference Centre on February 7th. Over 150 people attended this event including invited guests & accordionists Li Yuqiu, Zhang Ziqiang, Yang Wentao, Ren Shirong, Shang Yuanchang, Li Cong (President of the Shanghai Accordion Association) and Chen Jun (Deputy Professor from the Sichuan Music Academy).

Jiang Jie (President of the Beijing Accordion Association) welcomed the guests and wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year. The annual meeting was held in a fun atmosphere! The event highlight was a performance by the trio of Jiang Jie, Chen Weiliang and Mr Soklov (Russian accordion teacher, working at the Jiangjie Culture Centre).

The Beijing Accordion Association has held this annual meeting for many years, to coincide with the festivities of the Chinese New Year.


Scandalli Accordions

4th Annual Scandinavian Squeeze-In - Sweden

Contributed by Jim Lucas

The 4th Annual Scandinavian Squeeze-In will be held in Torna Hällestad (southernmost Sweden) from April 25th to 27th. Concertina players from near and far will gather for a weekend of making music, sharing knowledge and skills, and general enjoyment. The aim of the event is an informal and relaxed weekend where both experienced and new concertina players can exchange tunes and techniques. There are no designated instructors. Instead, when everyone gathers on Friday evening they will compose a workshop schedule depending on what the participants want to learn and who has expertise to share. Example themes could include duet concertina styles, song accompaniment, Swedish folk music, baroque, jazz, Irish on the English, or anything else that interests participants.

Registrations must be received by April 1st, 2003. For further details email:



South Amsterdam Entertainment - Netherlands

Contributed by Hillebrand van der Veen

The Amsterdam Accordion Club Forzando Light Orchestra will entertain at the home for the elderly in the little village of Bovenkerk, situated South of Amsterdam on February 23rd. Among the many popular Dutch tunes and songs in their program, they will play "Wien bleibt Wien", songs from Im Weissen Rossl am Wolfgangsee, and a Bolivian folksong. For details email:


Master Sound

Lips Performs in Belgorod - Russia

Friedrich Lips & Efrem PodgaitsContributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

After the successful world premiere of "Lips Concerto" (Efrem Podgaits) last year in Markneukirchen (Germany) during the opening concert of the annual Klingenthal Accordion Competition, Lips began performing this piece in a series of concerts in his home country, Russia.

On February 12th, he performed this work (for bayan solo and symphony orchestra) in Belgorod. Podgaits uses different rhythms based on the initials of Friedrich Lips (F & L), the theme of J.S. Bach's "Invention in F" (fa-la), his telephone number (315-28-24) and an "ellipse" which contains the name of the artist (Lips).

His first work for bayan was "Fantasy in Memoriam of A. Schnittke" (available on Lips CD 014 Miserere due to be released this year). Then in 2000 he wrote the test-piece for bayan solo and chamber orchestra for the Bayan Competition in Moscow.


Ranco Accordions

Spring Dinner and Dance - USA

The Accordion Club of the Redwoods will hold their "Spring Dinner and Dance" in Rohnert Park, California on March 7th. For further details email:


Texas Accordion Association

Orchestra Celebrates 65th Anniversary - Germany

The 65th anniversary of the Kieler Accordion Orchestra 1938 e.V. took place on February 15th. The orchestra (directed by Karsten Schnack) will celebrate their anniversary with a concert at the Kronshagener Community Centre in Kiel on March 1st. Special guests include the "Trio Total", which includes Karsten Schnack (accordion), Ingo Hirsekorn (violin) and Wolfram Nerlich (double bass), who will perform songs from their new CD "Souveniers". For concert details email:


6th Grand Prix National "Young Talent" Competition - France

Contributed by Gerard Chassagneux

The 6th Grand Prix National "Young Talent" Competition will be held on March 22nd and 23rd in the "Auditorium" in Montrond Les Bains, Loire. The competition includes classes for accordionists and pianists aged from 15 to 19 years. For further information phone: +33


Master Sound

Burwell Summer School "Burwell Bash" - England

Contributed by Richard Moon

The Burwell Summer School "Burwell Bash" will be held at Clifton Lodge in Kentford, Suffolk from August 5th to 9th organized by Stephen Bardwell. The piano accordion class will be tutored by Sam Pirt (BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Winner).

The Burwell Bash is a residential folk music summer school which takes place annually and offers both instrumental and band tuition courses for young people and adults. The course has previously been known as the "Shetland Fiddle, Accordion, Flute and Whistle Course", and also the "Musical Madness" summer school. This year the course starts just one day after the Cambridge Folk Festival and will include a Folk Club night (play, sing, dance, juggle), a "One Night Stand Competition", a DIY Ceilidh, open, informal sessions, Tutor's concert, music-related quiz and musical Charades. For further details email:



Bellows and Brass Performs in USA & Canada

Bellows and Brass, which includes Canadian accordionist Joseph Petric, Guy Few (trumpet & piano) and Alain Trudel (trombone) began a tour of the USA and Canada on February 20th with concerts in Montreal, Toronto (Canada), and Santa Barbara, Los Angeles & California (USA) until February 27th.

The group will present a new program of newly commissioned works by Linda Bouchard and Peter Hatch. For details email:


Ranco Accordions

11th German Concertina Weekend - Germany

Contributed by Mario Kliemann

The 11th German Concertina Weekend will be held in Bielefeld from May 9th to 11th. The event will include a welcome party and "Ceilidh" dance as well as workshops for German, English and Irish concertina with tutors Aoife O'Connor, Mr Xnn, Eberhard Klose, Thomas Meier and Nils Meyn. For further details email:


16th Annual A.A.M.S Accordion Festival - USA

Dee LangleyK TrioContributed by Joanna Arnold Darrow

The 16th Annual American Accordion Musicological Society (A.A.M.S) Accordion Festival will be held at the Holiday Inn in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania from March 7th to 9th. The event will include competitions, workshops, exhibits, massed band performance, a variety of concerts plus a dinner with Guest of Honor Carmelo Pino (MD). Accordion artists include The "K" Trio, Mort Herold (VA), Carmen Carrozza (NY), Joe Cerritto (RI), Bobby Raye (PA), Dee Langley (MN), Ron Onda, Rita Davidson, Dr. Robert McMahon, James Vandelly, Vitaly Pirog and Frank Hodnicki. For details phone: +1 856 854-6628


Texas Accordion Association

Sergei VoitenkoAccordionist Receives Star Award - Russia

Accordionist Sergei Voitenko was presented the "Star Samara Region" award at a ceremony in the Samara Region last month. The awards were held for achievements in science, art, music, theatre, business, politics etc. Voitenko was given the award for his accordion performances in Russia and Europe during 2002.


Master Sound

Illawarra Folk Festival - Australia

Contributed by David De Santi

The Illawarra Folk Festival will be held at Jamberoo, New South Wales from September 10th to 14th 2003. This festival received a Highly Commended Award in the 2002 National Community Link Awards and was a finalist in the NSW Tourism Awards. Performer applications close February 28th, 2003. For further details email:



Turbigo Orchestra Concert - Italy

Contributed by Luigi Luoni

The Complesso Fisarmonicisti Città di Varese will perform at the Sala Concerti in Turbigo, Milano Province on March 29th. The 16 piece orchestra will play a program of both classical and popular music. For further information email:


Texas Accordion Association

Accordionists Perform at Burn's Supper - Scotland

The Scotbox CeilidhContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Scotbox Ceilidh band which includes accordionists Robert Baird and Paul Chamberlain played for the Edinburgh University Law Society Burn's Supper on January 25th at the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh.

The group will also perform a Dinner/Cabaret dance along with comedian Eddie Rose on February 22nd at Minstead, near Bournemouth. The band features special guest Russel Hunter (piano) for this event.

Paul performed pieces by Zolatariev, Scarlatti, Rossini and Angelis as well as a mixture of light and Scottish music at the Blackpool International Accordion Festival this week. The festival, which is organized by Tom Duncan, featured many performers including Roman Jbanov & Domi Emorine (Duo Paris-Moscou), Harry Hussey and Nikolai Ryskov.


Paolo Soprani Accordions

China Accordion Association Executive Meeting - China

Contributed by Li Cong

The committee of newly elected members of the China Accordion Association held their first executive meeting at the Beijing Dongchen District Children's Palace on February 8th. Zhang Ziqiang, Wang Xiaoping, Yang Guoli, Wang Shusheng, Li Cong, Du Ning, Yang Yi, Chen Jun and Guo Yu Guang attended the event.

The meeting focused on the current state of the Chinese accordion development and discussions on the set up of the working principle and frame. This included Accordion Music Composition, Accordion Theory Study, Accordion Professional and Casual learning/teaching study, Accordion Teaching Manual Exchange, Management of Association Members, Developing Accordion Garden magazine, Accordion Paper and Accordion Online.

Attendees also discussed the development of the accordion in China, its healthy condition, possible new problems and challenges plus the aim to get association members and accordion enthusiasts working together for a better future.


Duo Accellorando Perform in Strasburg - Germany

Duo Accellorando will perform at "Kapelle" in Strasburg on March 22nd. The duo which includes Tatjana Pereswetow (accordion) and Rebekka Wittig (cello) will play works by Bach, Hosokawa, Stravinsky, Webern and Seiber. For details email:


Ranco Accordions

CD Promotional Tour - Europe

Norwegian accordionist Frode Haltli took part in a promotional tour for his debut solo CD "Looking on Darkness" (released in November 2002) from February 17th to 19th in Europe. Beginning in Munich, Germany Frode performed on a radio program. The following day he performed at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, Italy. His final performance was at "Sphères" in Zurich, Switzerland on February 19th.

The album features Nordic music (from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) written for the accordion. Four of the five pieces are premiere recordings, with three written especially for Haltli. The centrepiece of the album is the 24 minute "Gagaku Variations" (by Norwegian composer Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje), which sets Haltli's accordion against the strings of the Vertavo Quartet. The album also includes compositions by Bent Sørensen, Asbjørn Schaathun, Magnus Lindberg and PerMagnus Lindborg. For further CD information email:


New CD "Hammond's Bolero" - USA

CD coverA new CD by the Jon Hammond Trio was released recently in San Francisco. The trio comprises of Jon Hammond (accordion), Ronnie Smith (drums) and Alex Budman (saxophone). Special guest guitarist Joe Berger also performs with the trio. Tracks include "Hammond's Bolero", "Jennifer's Song" and a 9/11 Tribute Medley that includes "America the Beautiful", "Get Back in the Groove" and "Bordeaux Gork Pop". Most of the songs were composed by Jon Hammond.

The group will perform at an in-store party and concert at Tower Records, San Francisco on March 1st. For details email:


Texas Accordion Association

New CD Commemorates 2002 Vienna Accordion Festival - Austria

CD coverContributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

A new CD entitled "The World of the Accordion" which commemorates the 2002 Vienna Accordion Festival was released recently. The festival of 32 concerts at 18 different places with over 120 musicians from all over the world, changed the town to one of the capitals of our instrument. The CD was presented to a large crowd and includes many highlights of all musical styles such as typical Viennese songs, Klezmer, zydeco, blues, chanson, musette, modern-music and jazz.

This year's festival will be held from February 22nd to March 23rd. For further CD or festival information email:


Antique Accordion Information

Richard Stephenson would like information on the manufacturer of the Lyric Custom built piano accordion model C distributed in the USA by Wurlitzer. It appears to be Second World war vintage but in new condition except the belt fasteners. Email:


Master Sound

Accordion Information Required

Trevor Furby would like information on a Ludwigs button accordion, made in Germany. On two buttons there is a picture of a Christmas tree & the inscription "Schutz-Marke". Email:



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