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12th July 2002 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note

Our CD review currently online by Tania Lukic-Marx is always a popular read and has encouraged a number of requests from readers wanting to purchase this CD. The CD is entitled "Goldberg Variations, J. S. Bach" by accordionist Lena Rist-Larsen. Unfortunately we do not have a contact email address for Lena, nor do we have any details of where this CD can be purchased. If anyone can help our readers, please email:

Wayne Knights Webmaster



This Weeks News


ATG Festival Orchestra Performs at Disney World - USA

Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

The 62nd annual ATG festival was held from June 27th to 30th in Orlando, Florida. The ATG Festival Orchestra was a feature of this years event, performing at the Epcot Center in the heart of Walt Disney World, conducted by Brian Laurie (Scotland) and Joan Sommers, ATG President. The orchestra consisted of 84 accordionists, 38 singers, chimers and dancers, including guests such as jazz legend Frank Marocco, Raymond Bodell (Chairman of the National Accordion Organization of the United Kingdom and CIA Vice President), members of the Paisley Accordion Orchestra from Scotland, members of the UMKC Accordion Orchestra (Kansas City), CIA President Kevin Friedrich, members of the Puerto Rican Accordion Orchestra, plus accordionists from India, UK as well as throughout the United States, making this a truly international event.

Unfortunately Myron Floren and Frederic Baldo were unable to attend, and at the last minute were replaced by outstanding artists Frank Marocco and Peter Soave.

Myron was forced to cancel due to unforeseen health problems, however we are pleased to report that he is now fit and well again, and ready to resume his concert agenda. Frederic Baldo was mugged enroute to the airport in Paris, where his travel documents were stolen, including his passport. Unfortunately, he was unable to replace them in time to attend the ATG convention. While extremely disappointing, the ATG is happy to announce that he was not harmed, and that they will proceed with plans to have him as their feature artist at the 2003 ATG Convention in Chicago from July 25th to 29th, 2003.

Several competitions were held during the course of the weekend including the ATG United States Junior National Championship won by Andrea Caruso, and the ATG Piano Accordion Competition won by Jason Stephen. Both candidates will now represent the United States and the ATG in their respective categories at the Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships in Copenhagen, from October 16th to 20th, 2002.

The ATG also hosted the Myron Floren International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music and the Anthony Galla-Rini International Competition for Classical Accordion, both of which were won by Lidia Kaminska. Lidia, although a citizen of Poland, lives in Kansas City where she is studying for a Doctorate in Music in Accordion Performance at UMKC.



8th "Semaine International de l'Accordéon" Festival - Portugal

Anibal FreireMika VayrynenContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 8th "Semaine International de l'Accordéon" Festival will be held in Alcobaca from July 20th to 28th organized by Serenata, Aníbal Leão Freire and the Association d'Accordéon d'Alcobaca. The major festival sponsor is Pigini Accordions.

Nine concerts will take place in different Portuguese venues such as Refeitòrio do Mosteiro de Alcobaça, Culdas da Rainha, Auditòrio das Furnas - S. Miguel, Leiria, Batalha and Hotel de Sta. Maria in Alcobaça during the nine day festival. Performers include Mika Väyrynen (Finland), Yuri Shishkin (Russia), Duo Monte Carlo (France) and Ensemble Melodya (Ukraine).

For further details phone/fax: +351 262 596790



Accordion Orchestra Open Air Concert - Germany

Contributed by Uli Ebner

The Schlüchttal-Akkordeon Orchester Gurtweil will perform an open air concert entitled "Örgeli goes Pop" at the Hallenplatz Gurtweil on July 28th. Their program will include a variety of pieces from ABBA to ZAPPA including songs from the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Simon and Garfunkel. Other performers include the Akkordeon Orchester Klettgau. For further details email:


"Cluster 2002" - Italy

Accordionist Giorgio Dellarole will hold an accordion course from July 14th to 20th during "Cluster 2002". This event includes a series of summer courses held in Courmayeur (province of Aosta, Italy) and organised by the Courmayeur City Council alongside the AIAT Monte Bianco Association. For further details email:



18th Festival International De Ortigueira - Spain

Contributed by Eva Pato Martinez

The 18th annual folk Festival International De Ortigueira will be held from July 12th to 14th on the beautiful Galician coast of Spain. Performers include accordionist Kepa Junkera. For further details email:



31st International ASA Competition - Australia

Contributed by Elizabeth Jones

The Accordion Society of Australia will hold their 31st International competition from July 15th to 21st in the Bankstown Pacific International, Bankstown Sydney. The event will include age, duo, trio, ensemble, band and orchestra competition classes, and also Australasian and Australian National classes.

Workshops and evening concerts will be held throughout the week at the festival venue. The week will finish with a Gala Concert to be held at Club Marconi in Bossley Park on July 19th. Competitors from Australia, New Zealand and Reunion Island will take part in the event. Guest artists include the Reunion Accordion Orchestra (Reunion Island), Ross Maio, Grant "Yogi" Martin, ACE and the NSW State Accordion Orchestra. For further details please email:



Romantic Music Festival - Netherlands

Accordeon Melancolique A Romantic Music Festival entitled "Dag van de Romantische Muziek" will take place in the "Park" under the Euromast in Rotterdam on August 11th. The event will include a variety of romantic and classical music. Performers include Duo Accordeon Melancolique who will perform pieces from their new CD "Parade des Poules" including the title song "Parade des Poules" and "Mango" (both composed by Jean-Pierre Guiran). The duo will play with Nick McGuire (double bass - England) and Coen de Cauter (guitar and saxophone - Belgium).

To add to the romantic "flavour" of the event the audience can only order bottles of wine with two glasses. For further details email:



Scottish Accordionist Tours Northwest USA

Gary & VickieGary Blair, Dick Contino & Johnnyt McCaffreyAccordionist Gary Blair had a successful two weeks in the Pacific Northwest recently. He visited the Leavernworth Accordion festival in Washington where he performed at the ''Gazeebo'' on the main street four days running. He also performed at King Ludwigs Restaurant and Heidi's Restaurant, playing solo and in groups with Dick Contino and Johnny McCaffrey.

During the second week of his trip (and the main reason why he was touring the Northwest USA), Gary was one of four accordion teachers at the Rose City Accordion Camp which was held at the beautiful Silver Falls Conference Centre in Oregon. The other teachers were Ilmar Kuljus (Washington, USA), Joe Morelli (Canada) and Don Bottari (Portland, USA). The Oregon Public Broadcast system filmed a whole day's events. The will be broadcast in the near future. A most amazing week of Accordion fun!



Peak Time for Accordion Activities - China

Contributed by Li Cong

Summer time is the peak time for Chinese accordion activities and this year is busier than ever as a large variety of accordion activities will be held over the next two months. Events include:

  • 3rd Guangxi Province Accordion Competition (July 29th to 21st)
  • 2nd National Button Accordion Teachers' Course and 7th Accordion Summer Camp in Hulu Island, Liaoning Province (July 20th to 27th)
  • 1st Qingdao National Accordion Competition and Summer Camp in Qingdao (July 29th to August 2nd)
  • Jingzhou National Accordion Competition in Jingzhou, Hubei Province (August 7th to 9th)
  • 9th Beijing International Accordion Festival and Competition in Beijing (August 10th to 14th)
  • Accordion Week (Competition, concerts & lectures) in Qiqihaer City, Heilongjiang Province (August 19th to 21st)
  • Tianjin International Accordion Festival (competition, concerts & master classes) August 24th to 29th)
  • Heze 4 Provinces Accordion Competition in Shandong Province

These activities will help to promote the accordion in a number of ways. For further information, please visit the China accordion site or email:



Val Tidone International Competition - Italy

Contributed by Vladimir Zubitsky

The Val Tidone International Competition was held in Val Tidone recently. This competition for accordion (and also other instruments) included the "Premio Bengalli" category for concert accordionists which is similar is prestige to the Castelfidardo and Klingenthal competitions. The event also included the "Comune di Val Tidone" competition category for non concert accordionists. The prize system included an "absolute" first prize for the competitor who receives maximum points. There is also a first prize for the next competitor (after this absolute winner), so two different first prizes are awarded.


"Premio Bengalli"
1st: Konstantin Ischenko (Russia) with 100/100 points (Special Prize awarded by jury)

Concorso "Comune di Pianello Val Tidone"
Category A (under 11 years)
1st absolutely: Solange Baron (France)
1st: Volkovas Grazivydas (Lithuania)

Category B (11 to 15 years)
1st absolutely: Ana Grikevic (Lithuania)
1st: Pepita Car (France)

Category C (15 to 19 years)
1st: Liliya Akhmerova (Russia)

Category D (19 to 25 years)
1st:Almaz Chagapov (Russia)

Category E - Varietè Junior
1st: Mauro Rai (Italy)

Category F - Varietè Senior
1st: Marco Valenti (Italy)

The international jury included Vladimir Zubitsky (Ukraine/Italy - President), Radjap Chaikhoutdinov (Russia), Giuseppe Colardo (Italy), Jean-Marc Fabiano (France) and Ricardas Sviackevicius (Lithuania).



A.I.D.A. Appoints New Committee - Argentina

Contributed by Angel Russo

The A.I.D.A International Accordion Association recently appointed their new committee as follows:

President: Ernesto Scelza, Vice President: Anibal Gomez, Secretary: Eliseo Bonomo, Assistant Secretary: Jorge Fusco, Treasurer: Angel Russo, Assistant Treasurer: Mateo Arcuri, Internal Minutes Secretary: Eliseo Bonomo and Auditor: Elisabet Roithner.

The new committee aims to begin its own accordion orchestra and to walk around the city and parks of Buenos Aires to retrieve lost members and to promote the accordion.

The association is also pleased to report that their weekly radio program "Eternal Harmony of the Accordion" broadcast by Radio Folclorisimo at 1410 frequency is proving very popular. For further details email:



Melbourne Exhibition Centre Performance - Australia

Bernadette ConlonAustralian accordionist, Bernadette Conlon recently performed solo at the presentation of medals to some of Australia's greatest sportsmen and women at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

Among the audience were the Lieutenant Governor (Lady Southey AM), politicians, City of Melbourne Lord Mayor, and some of Australia's greatest Sporting identities including Alyshia Camplin, 2002 Salt Lake City Ski Jump Olympic Gold Medallist.

Bernadette played requests ranging from tango to pop to classical, using her midi/acoustic accordion and received many compliments including one from the Lieutenant Governor.



American Accordionists' Association 2002 Annual Competition & Festival - USA

"K" TrioThe American Accordionists' Association 2002 Annual Competition & Festival began on July 10th and will run until July 14th at the Holiday Inn, Minneapolis. In addition to a variety of concerts, competitions, massed band performances, workshops, accordion summit meeting and daily accordion exhibits, the event will feature a day trip to Duluth where participants will visit A World of Accordions Museum for the ribbon-cutting ceremony in celebration of the gala opening of the Museum's "Charles Magnante Exhibit."

Performers include the "K" Trio who will entertain at the Charles Magnante Tribute Concert, and hold a workshop entitled "How We Do It" which covers precision ensemble training. On July 14th, the trio will also give the premiere performance of "Oh, Za Haem, Haem", a work written for accordion trio by Sergey Kvhoshchinsky.

For further festival details email:



Musical Breakfast Concert - Germany

A "Musical Breakfast" concert organized by Pfefferwerk AG Berlin, Ahoi, and the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina will be held at the Pfefferberg in Berlin on July 12th. Performers include the Chango Spasiuk Orquesta (Argentina) who are currently touring Germany.

Accordionist Chango Spasiuk has performed with Pat Metheny and John Mc Laughlin at the Jazz Festival in Montreal (in 1997) and last year he performed at festivals in the USA. Presently he is mainly active as a film musician. His musical style is influenced by polka and afro rhythms as well as by Argentinean guarani, criollos and chamame. In 1999 Spasiuk was named "Best Folklore Musician" in Argentina for his record "Polcas de mi tierra". His latest work "Chamame Crudo" is dedicated to Astor Piazzolla.

For concert details email:



"Once Upon a Time the Accordion" - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Sandro Strologo's book entitled "C'era una volta la fisarmonica" (Once upon a time the Accordion) will be presented in the congress hall of the Camerano Town Palace on July 12th. The work, now in its second edition, focuses on the appearance of Scandalli accordions in documents and print media between 1900 and 1980, and includes a revised catalogue of the accordion collection. The event will feature an accordion performance by Gervasio Marcosignori.


Uruguay Bandoneonist in Spain

Uruguayan bandoneonist Enrique A Telleria held a short accordion course in Basque on July 1st and 2nd for accordion teachers in the area. The course included talks about the different eras of tango music and how to arrange it for the piano accordion. The course was a success thanks to the organizers Joxean Anduaga and Javier Ramos.

Maestro Telleria has been invited to attend the Arrasate Festival in December this year. For further concert details email:


New Accordion USA National News Online

A new edition of the Accordion USA, United States National Accordion News is now online. If you would like to contribute an item for this news either send it via the online submit form or email Kevin Friedrich at:



New Article on Pauline Oliveros Online

A new Article entitled "Pauline Oliveros Retrospective" written by Faithe Deffner, Titano Accordion Co. International is now online.



"Au Pif" - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The "Au Pif" show will be held on July 14th in Brescia. The show, which is choreographed by Marina Rossi includes music by accordionist Davide Bonetti who also is in charge of stage design. The show is full of improvisation, moments of intense theatricality with sounds and music by the accordionist and a DJ.

Future shows will be held on July 20th at Alfonsine (province of Ravenna) during the "Lavori in Pelle" Festival and on July 29th in Polpenazze (province of Brescia) during the San Pietro in Lucone festival. For details email:



New Sites/Updated Sites Updated information on distributors of Pigini accordions



Accordion Information Required

Kris Washington would like information on a piano accordion with 10 treble keys and two bass buttons with "FH Walters NY" on the front. She believes it is similar to a Cajun squeezebox and was probably made in the 1950's. Email:



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