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5th October 2001 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note
Accordions Worldwide Office Manager Tatiana Lanchtchikova will be attending the Citta di Castelfidardo International Competition in Italy this month. Following this competition, Tatiana will travel to London, England to attend the Coupe Mondiale with her student, Campbell Bettridge (New Zealand), who is competing in the event. Other Accordions Worldwide staff attending the Coupe Mondiale are Harley Jones, Holda Paoletti-Kampl and Kevin Friedrich. We hope that accordionists attending these two popular events will take the opportunity to speak with Tatiana, Kevin, Holda or Harley about Accordions Worldwide.

Wayne Knights Webmaster


This Weeks News

Citta di Castelfidardo International Competition - Italy

Contributed by Paolo Picchio

The 26th annual Citta di Castelfidardo International competition for all solo concert performers of classical music, will be held from October 10th to 14th in Castelfidardo. Over 600 people - 160 soloists, 45 groups (chamber music) and 5 accordion orchestras, will participate in a variety of categories such as Classical Music, Light Music and Jazz Music classes for different age groups.

Simone ZanchiniFrederic SchlickJury members include Chairman Boris Porena (Italy), Ińaki Alberdi Alzaga (Spain), Thomas Assmus (Germany), Klaudiusz Baran (Poland), Giorgio Dellarole (Italy), Jean-Marc Fabiano (France), Marco Gatti (Italy), Ladislav Horak (Czech Republic), Claudio Jacomucci (Italy), Tatiana Lanchtchikova (New Zealand), Denis Modrusan (Croatia), Owen Murray (UK), Emanuele Rastelli (Italy), Fabio Rossato (Italy), Tony Russo (Switzerland), Wang Shusheng (China), Vojin Vasovic (Yugoslavia) and Vladimir Zubitsky (Ukraine).

Alexander DmitrievA variety of concerts will be given by performers including "Terre Di Mezzo" Trio (accordionist Simone Zanchini), Frédéric Schlick Sextet (accordionist Frédéric Schlick), La Crus (featuring Riccardo Tesi) and Alexander Dmitriev (Russia). Claudio Jacomucci will also give a workshop entitled "Introduction to the Alexander technique for Accordion".

For further details email:

Japan Accordion Association Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On October 7th, the JAA (Japan Accordion Association) will hold a concert at the Kansai Philharmony House in Osaka. Performances will be given by members of the JAA, including Noboru Emori. For further information phone or fax the JAA Osaka Office at: +81 6 6954-7039


X International Accordion Music Festival - Poland

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

The X International Accordion Music Festival will take place at the facilities of the ZPSM (Zespól Panstwowych Szkól Muzycznych) in Przemysl from December 13th to 16th, organised by the ZPSM in Przemysl and sponsored by the National Department of Art, Culture and Heritage. The event is open to individuals and ensembles (all age groups) with categories for transcripts, original pieces, ancient through contemporary pieces, popular, improvisations etc.

The competition will begin with an official opening and concert, followed by intense competition during the next few days. On the final day the official results will be announced at an "Awards Ceremony" and concert of the competition winners.

The closing date for entries in October 20th, 2001. For further details email:

Alabama Workshop and Concert - USA

Contributed by Jim Wadowick

The Alabama Accordion Association will present Tony Lovello in a Workshop & Concert on October 27th at the South Alabama Power Conference Center in Clanton, Alabama. The workshop will include information on performance and showmanship techniques. Up to 100 people are expected to attend this event. For further information email:

Viktor Romanko Performs in Germany

Contributed by Jutta Menn

Viktor Romanko will tour Germany from October 7th to 21st performing concerts in Höchstadt, Calw-Altburg, Freudenstadt-Grüntal, Waldbronn and Erndtebrück. For further details phone: + 49 2733 61370

Lanciano Accordion Competition - Italy

Contributed by Cesare Chiacchiaretta

The Ist Lanciano International Competition for accordionists will be held at the F. Fenaroli Theater in Lanciano on October 20th & 21st. The event will include a variety of competition categories for junior (under 18 years old) and senior competitors.

Jury members include Vladimir Zubitsky (President), Claudio Jacomucci, Gianluca Pica, Paolo Rozzi, Paolo Picchio, Renzo Ruggieri, Mirko Patarini, Sergei Voitenko and Alexander Dmitriev. For further details email:

Alice in Wonderland Concert - USA

Alice in Wonderland ConcertHenry Doktorski joined the Cleveland Chamber Symphony on September 24th in a performance of "Vintage Alice: Fantascene on a Mad Tea Party" by the American Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Del Tredici. The concert, performed to a packed house at the Drinko Recital Hall at Cleveland State University, featured the Israeli-born soprano Hila Plitmann, and was conducted by the composer.

Doktorski said, "The accordion part was substantial: some two dozen pages of music. It was one of the most difficult accordion pieces I have played with orchestra - due to the presto tempo and convoluted right and left-hand passages (after all, it was a mad tea party), but that simply made the live performance even more exciting. For much of the piece, the accordion, banjo and mandolin functioned as a trio within the orchestra; at several other places, the accordion was featured as a solo instrument and had its own cadenza toward the end".

During a four-hour recording session held the following day, Vintage Alice was recorded for a future compact disc release.

Chappelle du Bon Pasteur - Canada

Canadian accordionist Joseph Petric will take part in a Chappelle du Bon Pasteur event in Montreal on October 10th. The program will include works by Krebs (brass and accordion), Couperin (brass and accordion), Scarlatti Sonatas, Boyd MacDonald, David Pearl and Ramon Pelinski.

Joseph will perform with his group "Bellows and Brass" which includes Guy Few (trumpet & piano) and Alain Trudel (trombone). For further details email:


Voitenko Receives Award of State Importance - Russia

Contributed by Olga Kopylova

On October 2nd, accordionist Sergei Voitenko was presented the "Hope of New Russia" award. This award was founded at the conference "Mission of Female Public Organizations of Russia" Moscow in December, 2000 where delegates from 128 public organizations took part. This initiative has received support from the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

The "Hope of New Russia" award is a public recognition of the role that business people play in promoting positive public values, and who have achieved positive changes both in their life and in the lives of Russians. This is a very honourable award and Sergei is especially pleased as he is the youngest recipient and the first accordionist. Other recipients have included the Governor of the Samara area and known political figures. This is a great victory for the accordion!

Quintet Performs with Vocalist - Austria

Quintetto AccentoContributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

"Quintetto Accento" (Austria) and vocalist Nora Angelini began their concert season with two concerts in Weiz and Rottenmann. Their program, which included music by Astor Piazzolla was well acclaimed by the public.

Quintetto Accento took first prize at the Piazzolla Competition in Castelfidardo in 1995 and has made many appearances in concerts and on TV since then. They have also released several CD's such as "La Setima Realidad", "Listen to a Life in Motion" (which includes pieces by Weill, Ludvik &Casals), "Reflexión" (songs by Astor Piazzolla) and "Live at Orpheum". For further information please email:

Sonic Boom Festival - USA

On November 11th accordionist Dr William Schimmel will perform at the Sonic Boom Festival at the Knitting Factory, New York. His program will include "Small Hotels, a Seantic Cabaret", for an "accordionist who sings, talks, scats and rants". Dr. Schimmel composed the music and the lyrics and the text is by George W. S. Trow (formerly a writer for the New Yorker and the Founder of the National Lampoon). The dramatic direction is by Micki Goodman, (Dr. Schimmel's wife and primary collaborator). For details email:

Royal Oak October Concerts - England

Guest Brian Peters will perform traditional songs & ballads on the melodeon and concertina at the Royal Oak in Lewes on October 11th.

On October 18th Jim Bainbridge will entertain with his own original traditional songs accompanied by melodeon. For further details email:

New Edition of News Francais Now Online

A New Edition of the French National "News Francais" is now online. If you would like to contribute an item for this news please email Gregory Frenard at:

2nd Bavarian Autumn Seminar - Germany

Contributed by Hedy Stark-Fussnegger

The 2nd Bavarian Autumn Seminar and workshop will be held from October 31st to November 4th at the Bayerische Musikakademie in Alteglofsheim. Events include workshops on Orchestras, jazz and popular music, and solo/duo/ensembles. Tutors include Wolfgang Pfeffer, Stefan Hippe, Bernd Maltry and Kurt Maas. For further details email:


National Congress in Loreto - Italy

Roberto LucaneroDaniele RavagliaContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

During the 37th National Congress on "Eucharist to Annunciation", a religious event held from September 14th to 17th in Loreto, Italy, the trio of Daniele Ravaglia, Mirco Patarini and Roberto Lucanero performed at the Auditorium Giovanni Paolo II playing diatonic, MIDI and classical accordion.

Hospital Concert - USA

Accordionist Jon Hammond will entertain patients of the psychiatric ward at Laguna Honda Hospital on October 27th. Following this Jon will perform at the "6th St. Harm Reduction Center" in San Francisco with his quartet. For further details email:

Accordion Champions of Ireland CD

CD coverA new CD entitled "Champions of Ireland - Accordion" by Denise Shiels is now available. Tracks include a variety of reels, jigs and airs such as The Salmanca Reel, Knocknagow Jig, Sliabh Na mBan Air and Tom Billies Jig. For further information email Crashed Music at:


New CD by Steve Roxton - England

Steve RoxtonA new CD by Steve Roxton entitled "Under Paris Skies" was released recently. CD sales have been brisk and the CD is being played in 8 restaurants. Tracks include "Under Paris Skies", Never on Sunday, Lara's Theme and Sakkijarven Polka. For details email:

Accordion Information Required

Ron Wolf would like information on a 48 bass Giuseppe Venuti accordion, that he believes was made in 1950's and 60's. Email:


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