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21st September 2001 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note
The week the Accordion Examination Board of New Zealand held their annual "Allan William Jones Memorial Scholarship" evening in Auckland. The event was attended by Accordions Worldwide staff Wayne Knights and Christine Adams and included the presentation of examination candidates with their certificates, scholarships and special awards. Accordions Worldwide News Co-ordinator Christine Adams was presented the Annual Merit Award for her services and contributions to the advancement of the accordion movement in New Zealand. Accordions Worldwide would like to congratulate Christine on receiving this award.

Wayne Knights Webmaster


This Weeks News

1st International Accordion Festival and Symposium - USA

Bernadette ConlonBarbara Scott, Bernadette Conlon, Richard Naujoks, Sharon Setera, Henry SchirmerContributed by Juan Tejeda

The 1st International Accordion Festival and Symposium will begin on September 27th and run until the 30th at the historic La Villita (on three separate stages at Maverick and Juarez Plazas, and the Arneson River Theatre) in San Antonio, Texas.

The San Antonio Accordion Club recently held a press conference in front of the historic Alamo, to promote the accordion festival and symposium. Press and local television stations gathered to hear local accordionists and visiting Australian accordionist, Bernadette Conlon, give demonstrations of what can be expected. For further details email:


"Akordeono Muzika" Festival - Lithuania

The "Akordeono Muzika" Festival took place in Vilnius from September 7th to 9th organized by accordionist Kazys Stonkus. Participants include the Paris-Moscow Duo, (Domi Emorine & Roman Jbanov - France), Duo E. Gabnys & G. Savkov (Lithuania), Igor Zavadskij (Ukraine), R. Sviackevicius (Lithuania), A. Poelujev (Russia), D. Rozovas (Lithuania, S. Stavickaia, V. Ushakov (Russia) and the Cantus Quintet (Lithuania).


Concertinas at Witney - England

"Concertinas at Witney" will be held from September 29th to 30th at the Henry Box School in Witney (near Oxford), organized by Hands on Music under the direction of Dave Townsend (concertina, accordion and melodeon). The weekend will include information for all concertina systems (English, Anglo and Duet) with tutors Anne-Marie Boisard, Jenny Cox, John Kirkpatrick, John Morgan, Chris Sherburn, Simon Thoumire and Dave Townsend.

Workshops include "Concertina Band", "Anglos All Round", "Technique on the Duet", "Getting to Grips with the English Concertina", "Irish Music on the Anglo Concertina" and "Improvisation on the Concertina". For further details email:

Church Concert - Germany

Gabriele GuthohrleinContributed by Professor Walther Maurer

On September 9th a concert was given by accordionist Gabriele Guthöhrlein (Germany) in the Protestant Church in Lemberg. Her popular program included works by Bach, organ works by Philip Hayes and melodies from France. The audience in the packed church showed their appreciation by applauding with enthusiasm and the church minister expressed hope that they will get the opportunity to hear future concerts of this calibre, which he found enriching.

Allan William Jones Memorial Evening - New Zealand

Alex SelmanSilvio de Pra & Christine AdamsContributed by Christine Adams

The Allan William Jones Memorial Evening was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the heart of Auckland city on September 16th, organized by the Accordion Examination Board of New Zealand. The evening included performances by four accordion orchestras plus dance music by Maurice Jones, Frank Villich, Tracey Collins, Silvio de Pra, Steve Collins and Lian Jones. Certificates were presented to successful participants of practical examinations and scholarships were awarded to:

Grades 3 & 4: Ben Li
Grades 5 & 6: Hamish Anderson & Travis McWalter
Grades 7 & 8: Carol Yan and Nicola Herbert

Douglas Mews Rosebowl (awarded to the examination candidate above Grade 4 level, with the highest mark): Alex Selman
Marie Efford-Masefield travel assistance grant: Paula Harris
Accordion Examination Board of NZ Merit Award: Christine Adams

Patrizia Merciari and the Butterfly Duo - Italy

Patrizia MerciariContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The extended concert tour by accordionist Patrizia Merciari and her Butterfly Duo (which includes pianist Sanna Stella) finished recently with a concert at the Porto Cervo Conference Center, in the Italian "Costa Smeralda" (Emerald Coast). The performance was very well received both by the large audience and by the critics. Their program included pieces by Liszt, Bach, Beethoven, Frosini, Benelli, Heetfeld, Volpi, Piazzolla and Boccosi.

Nordic Champions Tour - Sweden

Johan KullbergMaria KalaniemiAccordionists Bernt Andersson (Sweden), Johan Kullberg (Sweden), Jon Faukstad (Norway), Maria Kalaniemi (Finland) and Greta Sundström (Åland) are currently touring the west coast of Sweden until September 23rd. These accordionists took part in a "Nordic Champions of Accordion" concert series during March and April this year and will perform an exciting program, accompanied by Hans Westling (bass) and Timo Alakotila (piano) such as "Calle Jularbo" and some of the player's own compositions.

Successful concerts have been held in Göteborg, Hova, Åmål, Tidaholm, Nödinge, Hjo and Lidköping. Further concerts will be held in Munkedal (22nd) and Lilla Edet (23rd). For further details email:

Amsterdam Accordion Club Forzando Concert - Netherlands

Contributed by Hillebrand van der Veen

The Amsterdam Accordion Club Forzando "B" Orchestra (conducted by Marian van Vloten) will perform at the De Klinker home for the elderly in Amsterdam on October 8th. The orchestra has entertained residents of this home for the past ten years and are always given a warm welcome. Their program includes a variety of well known songs that the residents can sing along to, plus other favourites like "Ob la di, ob la da" and "Yellow Submarine" (The Beatles). For further details email:


Festivals Acadiens - USA

Organizers of the Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette, Louisiana decided to go ahead and hold this event (from September 14th to 16th), with the support of local Police and the Diocese of Lafayette, following the national tragedy in the USA last week. In conjunction with the festival, the United Blood Services took names of people that were able to donate blood.

The festival included a children's entertainment section plus a variety of entertainment in Girard Park, workshops, jam sessions and Arts & Crafts. Entertainers included Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys and Geno Delafose.

70th Anniversary DHV Celebrations - Germany

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Deutscher Harmonika Verband e.V. (DHV) held their 70th anniversary celebrations on September 15th. The celebrations included moderator Frank Golischewski (entertainer author, composer, actor and director), Berlin entertainers the Akkordeon-Quintett Hof, the Neuenburg Ensemble, Comedy-Brothers, Blancke-Trio (vocals, guitar, percussion, mandoline and accordion) from Bremerhaven, New Colony of Dance, Accordion-Acoustic-Ensemble (Trossingen), F & F-Duo (Hildrizhausen) and "Au bal Musette" (Munich).

The travelling exhibition of the German Harmonica Museum presented a photo exhibition of the Landesjugenorchester (State Youth Orchestra) which gave an interesting insight into accordion history.

French Accordionist Performs in Japan and Korea

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Pascal Contet performed a concert in Sapporo (Japan) and in Seoul (Korea) last month with the Trio Paris-Seoul (accordion, violin and piano). Over 3,500 people enjoyed the program, which included works by Piazzolla. The concert was recorded by Korean EBS television.

Women of the Accordion - Argentina

Contributed by Florencia Herrera

On September 15th an event entitled "Women of the Accordion" was held for the second consecutive year in Buenos Aires with participants from all over the Entre Rios province. Performances were given by Gloria Casadey, Vilma Salvetti, Fátima Ferrabut, Silvina Vello, Thelma Gonzáles, Miriam Gutierrez, Marta Balbuena, Yanina Hirschfeld, Juana Izaguirre, Mary Barrios, Mariana Duarte, Zulma Graz Pereyra, Florencia Herrera and Marcia Muller. Their program included a variety of popular chamamés, chamarritas, fox-trots, tangos, two steps, cuambia and Brazilian tunes.

Concert includes Tribute to New York - USA

Accordionist Jon Hammond performed at the Laguna Honda Hospital last week with saxophonist Marc Baum. Over 100 people enjoyed their program, which included a tribute to the people of New York with the song "New York, New York".

Accordionist Appointed Professor at Conservatory - France

Bruno MauriceFrench accordionist Bruno Maurice was appointed the new Professor of accordion at the National Conservatory of Bordeaux in west France. Bruno succeeds Mr Apparailly (who has retired) and was chosen from five candidates by Conservatory Director, M. Portelli.

The National Conservatory of Bordeaux is the third biggest conservatory in France (after Paris and Lyon) with 1600 students, 2 symphonic orchestras, one jazz big band, many choirs and 70 teachers.

Bruno plans to extend the accordion development in the conservatory by teaching a variety of accordion types, increasing the choice of music (transcriptions, jazz, improvisation, modern etc), and mixing the accordion with other instruments, therefore attracting further students. For further details email:


Autumn Accordion Festival/Bridlington - United Kingdom

We wish to correct an error that was in our Weekly News for a short time last week. While it was quickly changed, we wish to publish a correction to those who read it. The Bridlington International Accordion Festival (formerly Caister) held from November 8th to 11th is also known as the Autumn Accordion Festival. Robert and Loretta Rolston are the organisers of this event and have historically used the name Autumn Accordion Festival as did the former organiser, the late Malcolm Gee. We apologise for any confusion our news item may have caused. - Ed.

Castle Festival in Nideggen with Lydie Auvray - Germany

Lydie AuvrayContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On September 2nd a well received concert was held in the castle courtyard in Nideggen by accordionist, composer and vocalist Lydie Auvray (France). Lydie and her well-known band "The Auvrettes" fascinated the audience with songs, rhythms and melodies from around the world.

7th National Montese Competition - Italy

Contributed by Carlo Fortunato

On September 15th and 16th the seventh edition of the Montese national accordion competition was held in Montese, near Modena (Italy). This event included three solo accordion categories - classical music, folk music and free bass, plus a category for groups and orchestras open to all ages. Head of the jury was Vladimir Zubitzky.

The event also included a conference entitled "Roads for the Development of the Accordion and the Bandoneon".


Accordionist Performs with Chantrese - USA

Accordionist Dr William Schimmel appeared with Marishka (chantrese) at Judy's in Chelsea, New York on September 16th. The duo will perform again at the same venue on September 30th, October 1st and 2nd. For further details email:

Portuguese Accordionist Tours with "Atuna" - Australia

AtunaContributed by Bernadette Conlon

"Atuna", a group of 30 medical students from the University de Porto (Portugal), performed recently with accordionist Alexandre Resende in Melbourne, Wollongong and Sydney. The group are travelling around the world, singing, dancing and playing their instruments which include double bass, violin, flute, guitar and accordion. Future concerts will be held in Bangkok before they return to Portugal.

Swedish Accordionist Performs in Tokyo - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On September16th, Swedish accordionist Lars Hollmer performed at a concert entitled "Lars Hollmer's Sola, the global home" at the TLG (Tribute to the Love Generation) in Odaiba, Tokyo.

On the same day the Solo Section of the Kantou area competitions were held at the Akabane Kaikan Hall in Kita Ward, Tokyo. Further divisions of this competition will be held over the next few weeks.

Pascal Contet in Brussels - Belgium

Pascal ContetContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On September 25th Pascal Contet will perform a solo concert at the "Au Café Central" in Brussels. This free evening is organized by the "Au Café Central" for about 150 people. For further information contact Mr Cedric at:

Alexandre Skliarov in Concert - China

Alexandre SkliarovContributed by Li Cong

After attending the Beijing International Accordion Festival, Russian accordionist Alexandre Skliarov gave concerts in Shanghai and Yingchuan, accompanied by Li Yansheng (Secretary of the Beijing Accordion Association). A sell-out crowd of over 1,200 enthusiastic people attended the concert at the Shanghai Concert Hall, including guests such as the Shanghai Music Conservatory Party Secretary, two Vice Principals, Affiliated College Principal, and the Dean of the Composition Department.

Organizer, Li Cong (President of the Shanghai Accordion Association) said that musicians and academics from the Shanghai Music Conservatory were invited to attend so they could have the opportunity to see the diversity of the accordion.

Jazz Club Performance - Austria

The Klaus Paier Trio (which includes accordionist Klaus Paier) will perform at the Jazz Club Miles in Graz on October 4th. Their program will include pieces from their CD "Movimiento". The following day the trio will play at "Marenzikeller" in Leibnitz. For details email:

Accordionist Features in New Dance Work - USA

Accordionist Guy Klucevsek features in a new dance work entitled "Maerchen", which began on September 20th and will run until the 22nd in St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery, New York City. The work was choreographed by Eliza Miller and set to music by contemporary composers Alan Bern and György Ligeti. Guy Klucevsek played Bern's original score for "Maerchen", the title dance of the evening.

On September 23rd, Guy and Alan Bern (composer/accordionist/pianist) will present a concert at the Congregation Adath Israel in Middletown, Connecticut. Their program will include compositions from their Winter & Winter recording "Accordance". For details phone: +1 860 346-4709

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