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17th August 2001 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

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This week we have updated the Weekly News page in Italian language with our new look. The new design will also include new features such as the Weekly News submit form, where readers can easily submit news items for publication.

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This Weeks News

2nd "Città di Capistrello" International Competition - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The second annual "Città di Capistrello" International Competition for accordion soloists and ensembles took place on August 4th. The Jury was chaired by Andrea Morricone (composer and orchestra conductor), while the event's honorary committee included Andrea Morricone, Carmine Di Marco, Giorgio Battaglia (TV author), Vladimir Zubitsky (lecturer of classical accordion at the Kiev Conservatory in Ukraine), Armando Bugari (entrepreneur), Bio Boccosi (publisher and editor of the "Strumenti e musica" magazine), Paolo Picchio (musicologist and artistic director of the "Città di Castelfidardo" International Trophy) and Alesandro Nùnes Allauca (Peruvian composer).

The event began with the first round selection of the candidates, who came from several Italian regions (Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Puglia and Calabria) as well as from foreign countries such as France, Yugoslavia, Russia, Ukraine, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Argentina. The candidates competed in three sections - "Classical music", "Variety" and "Original accordion compositions by Carmine Di Marco".

Giuliano CameliA gala concert entitled "World History of the Accordion", hosted by Amedeo Goria and Dana Ferrara was held in front of a large crowd. This concert enacted an historical journey through the performances of well-known international musicians as follows:

  1. The accordion in the early Twentieth Century (20's-40's): Giuliano Cameli (diatonic hurdy-gurdy world champion) and Francesco Citera (winner of the 2nd prize at the world championship of Santa Maria Nuova) Folk Music, Albertino Bastianoni (accordion) Italian "liscio".
  2. Vincenzo AbbraccianteThe accordion in the 50's and 60's: Appearance of the first original classical pieces for accordion and of the first transcriptions of symphonies. Giancalo Caporilli (composer and accordionist), Paolo Rozzi (composer and accordionist) and his Accordion Quintet.
  3. The accordion in the 70's: The years of electronic accordion (nowadays referred to as "midi"); Sylvia Pagni (member of the orchestra of the television show "Scommettiamo Che?"). The accordéon and the French musette waltz: Nathalie Boucheix (world champion) and Nikolas Massutier (Klinghenthal Competition Germany), Vincenzo Abbracciante (variety accordion world champion).
  4. Roberto FuccelliThe accordion in the 80's: creation of the first international composition prizes for concert accordion. Carmine Di Marco wins the 1983 "Città di Castelfidardo" International Composition Prize with his "Fantasia in E minor" (test piece at the 34th Accordion World Trophy); "Homage to the Works of Carmine Di Marco" with Gennaro Ruffolo (European champion), Pasquale Lancuba (winner of the first prize at the "Gorni Kramer" International competition in Mantua) and Dragan Vasiljevic (accordion world champion from Beograd, Yugoslavia), who performed Carmine Di Marco's most important work, "Follie", which has earned its composer important accolades at several contemporary music festivals. These are the years in which Astor Piazzolla's compositions gain enormous prestige all over the world. Roberto Fuccelli (concert performer and accordion teacher) and his Accordion Quintet. Duo Renata Tepore (piano) & Rinaldo Tepore (accordion).
  5. The accordion from 1990 to 2000. The single-note concert accordion. The Castelfidardo City Council funds a project initiated by Paolo Picchio for the commission of accordion works by some of the most important composers of contemporary classical music, with the aim of making them test pieces in the solo and ensemble concert performers section of the "Città di Castelfidardo" competition. This initiative produced works by such well-known authors as Franco Donatoni, Franco Mannino, Sergio Rendine, Carmine Di Marco and others.

    Meanwhile, Claudio Abbado organises in Vienna an international competition prize whose candidates are required to write a piece for solo instrument and orchestra. First prize goes to Carmine Di Marco with his "Nuclei" for accordion and symphony orchestra, which the jury singles out with the following motivation: "Di Marco is the first Italian composer to write outstanding music for accordion and orchestra".

    Vladimir Zubitsky World Accordion Oscar-winner, composer and conductor at the Kiev Conservatory (Ukraine). Eleonora Tomassetti (a future star of the concert accordion scene). Contemporary jazz accordion Duo: Renzo Ruggieri (accordion) and Marcello Sebastiani (double bass). The accordion alongside a speaking voice: Trio Sin Palabras: Alberto Biondi (percussion), Maria Gabriella Castiglione (piano) and Cesare Chiacchiaretta (classical accordion). Accordion orchestras: "Luciano Fancelli" accordion orchestra of Mirto-Crosia (province of Cosenza).


30th National ASA Festival - Australia

Contributed by Marcello Maio

The 30th Accordion Society of Australia (ASA) National Festival was held at the Mercure Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland at the end of last month. The event included a Welcoming Dinner and jam session, competition classes for standard bass, free bass and jazz for soloists, duets, ensembles and orchestras, as well as concerts by International and Australian accordionists. Guest adjudicator was Fritz Dobler from Germany. Competition competitors from Germany, New Zealand and Australia took part in the event.

Saalfelden Accordion OrchestraConcert entertainers included the Saalfelden Accordion Orchestra, ACE (Australian Concert Ensemble), a massed orchestra of players from Austria, Australia and New Zealand, Notable Soundz (New Zealand), a trio of Marcello Maio (accordion), Lukas Maio (saxophone) and Victor Lange (bass accordion) who played an original jazz composition by Marcello called "There's Nuttin Tuet", Elizabeth Jones, Ross Maio who accompanied tenor Romano Dragoni, and the Bavarian Youth Orchestra (conducted by Fritz Dobler) who played a program of contemporary and classical works plus "Kenyada" composed by Fritz Dobler.

During the festival the 31st annual congress was also held, which included the discussion of issues such as perpetual trophies, competition configuration and above all the Federal committee. Elizabeth Jones was reinstated for another three years as Federal President and other positions including Musical Director, Secretary and Treasurer remained the same. Rob Scott-Mitchell and Denise Kassis are now the Federal Vice-Presidents.

Competition Results:

Australian National Championship
1st - David Stanizzo

Australasian Championship
1st - Ann-Elise Koerntjes (Australia)

Showmanship Class
1st - Saalfelden Accordion Orchestra

X International Accordion Competition Cantabria - Spain

Contributed by Estibaliz Jaka

The X International Course of Accordion Cantabria will be held from November 16th to 18th in Torrelavega, Cantabria, Spain. A variety of different course categories will be held to cater for accordionists of any nationality, age or musical level. A number of exciting concerts will also be held. For further details contact Director Patricio Fernandez Blanco by phone or fax at: +34 942 88 07 94

Cotati Accordion Festival - USA

Contributed by Clifton Buck-Kauffman

The 11th Cotati Accordion Festival will begin next week in Cotati, California and will showcase the finest local and international accordionists on two stages at the La Plaza Park. The music will range from classical accordion, cajun, jazz, Tex-Mex Russian, Irish to Scandinavian and many more.

Proceeds from this non profit event will benefit community youth groups and the Performing Arts and Music programs in local schools. Events include an "Accordion jam" tent open to all those who bring their own instrument (sponsored and coordinated by the Bay Area Accordion Club), a wooden dance floor for polka dancing (sponsored by The Accordion Club of the Redwoods), Accordion and performance Workshops, a Lady of Spain-a-Ring and a Cajun Dance Party.

Performers include Anoush, Black Irish Band, Cachagua Playboys, Kerry Christensen, The Georges Lammam Ensemble featuring Elias Lammam, Hot Frittatas, Santiago Jimenez Jr., Los Compas, Los Trujillos, Tony Lovello, Misty River, Morgani, Motor Dude Zydeco, Red Hot Chachkas, Steve Shen, Joe Smiell, Sourdough Slim with Blackwood Tom, Steve & Mike Trucco, Steve Balich Polka Band, Joe Vento and Len Wallace. For further details phone: +1 707 664-0444

Mikhail Gorbachev and the Accordion - Italy

Mikhail GorbacievContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

During a recent visit to the Marche region to present the Earth Charter, Mikhail Gorbachev, former leader of the Soviet Union, Nobel peace prize recipient and current president of Green Cross (a non-governmental organization for the support of the poor), visited the town of Loreto. On this occasion the town of Castelfidardo, represented by Deputy Mayor Mirco Soprani, presented him with its new tourist guide and with an accordion. Needless to say, Mr. Gorbachev appreciated the gift. "I will put it in my private study, it's beautiful", he said upon receiving the accordion.

Accordionists Perform in Musical - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

Accordionist "Coba" (Yasuhiro Kobayashi) has been appointed the Musical Director of the musical "Itsu ka Vasco da GAMA no you ni" (someday, we'll act like Vasco da GAMA) which will be performed in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka from September 7th to October 15th. This musical features well known singer Kenji Sawada and actress Naomi Fujiyama. Accordionists Kanako Kato and Yoshiaki Sato will also play the roles of buskers (street musicians) who accompany the hero and heroine. For further details email:

8th Chinese International Accordion Festival - China

Contributed by Li Cong

The opening ceremony of 8th Chinese International Accordion Festival was held at the Beijing Exhibition Centre Theatre on August 10th. Performers included an orchestra of 50 Beijing accordion teachers' playing "Emancipating & Eulogizing" and "Free Tango". Orchestra leaders were Jiang jie (Chairman of the festival and President of the Beijing Accordion Association), Yang Guo Li (Vice President of the BAA), Li Yan Sheng (Secretary of the BAA and Vice President of the festival) and Li Cong (President of the Shanghai Accordion Association). Accordionists from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangxi entertained along with USA guests Dan and Kim Christian.

This week long accordion festival included International Accordion Competitions, concerts, workshops and an "Instrument, Sheet Music & Audio Exhibition". The competition included 8 different classes with over 400 competitors from China and Russia. Concerts were given by Mika Vayrynen (Finland), Alexandre Skliarov and Sergey Naik (Russia).

Over 1,000 accordionists, scholars and enthusiasts from China, Russia, Finland, Germany, USA and Italy attended the event which finished on August 14th.

Irish Fest Summer School - USA

The Irish Fest Summer School was held at the UW-Milwaukee Campus in Milwaukee this week. The event offered workshops for Celtic instruments including "Celtic Accordion", "Celtic Accordion For Session Playing" and "Celtic Concertina" by tutor John Whelan.


Concertina Meetings - South Africa

Contributed by Séan Minnie

Traditional Boer Music meetings resumed in South Africa last week. Three branches will hold meetings at the end of this month including the Bloemfontein Branch who will meet at the Posduif Hall on August 25th. Other groups include the Vaaldriehoek Branch who will meet at the Vereeniging Town Hall and the Pretoria Branch who will meet at the F/H Odendaal High School in Pretoria. For further details email:

51st Trophée Mondial de l'accordéon - France

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 51st World Accordion Trophy, organised by CMA, will be held in Lorient (France) from September 19th to 23rd. The event will include performances by Richard Galliano, Gaston Lorho and Jérome Richard. Details are now available for accordionists wanting accommodation and transportation to the event. For information email Anne-Marie Lamare at:

Blue Seal of Approval - Italy

Valentino LorenzettiMirko PatariniContributed by Nello Gabrielloni, Cemex

Roberto LucaneroOn July 28 the town of Sirolo celebrated the attainment of the "Blue seal of approval" (for the environmental quality of its beaches) with an accordion concert featuring the well-known trio of Roberto Lucanero, Mirko Patarini and Valentino Lorenzetti. The final concert item was given by Valentino Lorenzetti, whose performance was received with great enthusiasm by over 1,000 spectators in the audience. At the end of his recital, something very unusual happened: the audience, lost in the beauty of the music, remained motionless for what seemed like a really long time, without realising that the concert was over!

"Hiss" on Television - Germany

Contributed by Jenny Findeis

German group "Hiss" will perform three times on the live television show "SWR Sommertour - Grenzenlos" on the Südwestrundfunk Channel. The first show will be televised on August 27th from the town of Wertheim, where the group will play "Polkakönigin", "Tanz mit der Dor" and "Komm tanz mit mir". The second show will take place in Mosbach on August 29th where the group will play "Ich trinke", "Für Dich" and "Negerpolka". Their final concert will take place on September 3rd in Haigerloch with the performance of "Das Fest", "Tanz" and "Geld wie Stroh". For further information email:

Laguna Honda Hospital Concert - USA

Accordionist Jon Hammond will perform in the Clarendon Building of Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco on August 25th. This concert is sponsored by the American Federation of Musicians MPTF (Musicians Performance Trust Fund). Jon will also walk the hospital wards playing to individual patients and to small groups of varying ages who all require full time care.

As music is a regular and favorite part of the day at Laguna Honda, Jon will play requests by the patients including "Zippidy Doo Dah", "Makin' Whoopie" and "Havah Nagila". For further details email:

Festival Interceltico de Sendim - Portugal

Popular group "Burach" (which includes accordionist Sandy Brechin) performed at the Festival Interceltico de Sendim, which was held on an outdoor stage in the small town of Sendim, Portugal (on the Portuguese/Spanish Border) on August 4th. Over 1,500 people attended the festival each evening, which was televised on Portuguese television. Burach played "And Still There" and "A Turn Up For The Books".


New Zealand Accordionists Featured on Radio Show - Australia

On August 7th, Robert Gesmundo featured "Caprice" by New Zealand composer Gary Daverne on the weekly radio show from Australia "The World Of The Accordion". Performers included New Zealand accordionists Harley Jones, Sarah Langley, Lionel Reekie, Faye Ellen Schaw and Stephanie Grey. The program also featured Pearl Adriano (England) previously known as Pearl Fawcett, and Australian accordionist Peter Piccini and his Jazz Trio.

Accordionist and Brass Band - China

Yang YiContributed by Li Cong

Accordionist Yang Yi performed in concert at the Beijing Zhongshan Park Concert Hall on August 9th, accompanied by a brass band.

Yang Yi was tutored by his father Yang Wen Tao (famous Chinese accordion artist) and graduated from the Tianjin Music Conservatory. He won 1st prize at the China National Accordion Competition in 1987, is now a member of the Beijing Battle Companions Band and is a Certified Government 1st Class Performer, playing concerts and conducting workshops all over China. The group played works by Chaikin, Semionov, Li Yu Qiu's and other tunes about the army to an audience of over 1,000 people.


Accordionist Performs with Famous Tenor - USA

Joe SopraniContributed by Joanne McDonald

[Graphic: joes.jpg]

Accordionist Joe Soprani recently performed to over 3,000 people in the "Russell Watson Concert" at Trump's Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Soprani made a special appearance with England's most famous tenor, Russell Watson in his American debut, and played "Pelagia's Song" from the movie "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" (to be released August 17th). Also, on the program as special guests were recording star and entertainer Natalie Cole and Lea Salonga, star of Miss Saigon.

The concert was taped for Public Television at the Taj Mahal, and will be shown throughout the United States. The program is called "Russell Watson-The Voice".

Russell Watson will also appear on "Good Morning America" in New York on August 17th and has invited Joe Soprani to join him in a repeat performance of "Pelagia's Song". The arrangement features accordion, guitar and two mandolins.


Orchestra Performs at Gap Celebrations - France

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On September 1st the Orchestra Jean-Robert Chappelet will perform dance music at the opening of the Gap celebrations to over 1,800 people. The 14 member orchestra have enjoyed recent successful concerts in Geneva, Switzerland (to over 2,000 people on August 7th and 8th) and in Galaxy, Drome, France on August 12th. For further details email:

Standing Ovations for ALJO - New Zealand

The Akkordeon landesjugendorchesterContributed by Christine Adams

The Akkordeon Landesjugendorchester Baden-Wurttemburg (Germany) completed a successful tour of New Zealand last week with standing ovations at every concert. The orchestra was treated to an official Maori welcome in Hamilton, before playing their first concert in New Zealand. This was followed by two workshops in Taupo to over 800 school children.

MusicaleThe orchestra then performed another popular concert that evening before heading to Wellington the next day to perform at Old St Pauls, a magnificent historic cathedral. The audience was so impressed they demanded a number of encores and gave several standing ovations.

In Christchurch, the German orchestra shared their concert with the Christchurch Accordion Orchestra and a local organist. The final concert of the tour was held in Birkenhead, Auckland on August 10th. Initial performances were given by four accordion orchestras from the North Shore area, followed by the visitors.

Altogether, over 2,000 New Zealanders were treated to an exciting concert program by the ALJO, which included "Irish Suite" (Seiber), Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 (Liszt) and the Overture to Die Diebische Elster (Rossini).

Traditional Folk Music - USA

Contributed by Joyce Clyde

Traditional folk group "Harmonia" will play at the Ashkenaz Music and Dance Community Center in Berkeley on August 26th. The group play a variety of folk music from Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Croatia. Players include Walt Mahovlich (accordion & clarinet), Beata Begeniova (vocals), Marko Dreher (violin), Alexander Fedoriouk (cimbalom & nai - panflute) and Adam Good (bass). For further details phone: +1 510 525-5054

West Japan Accordion Meeting - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On August 18th and 19th, the annual "West Japan Accordion Players Meeting" will be held at the Kibougaoka Youth Hostel, Nozu County, Shiga Prefecture. For further information phone Mr Yamamoto at: +81 722-27-7600

Traditional Jewish Music Concerts - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Giorgio Dellarole will perform Traditional Jewish music concerts this month with the Trio Klezmer (which also includes violinist Antonio Sacco and Massimiliano Limonetti on clarinet). Their first will be held on August 17th in Arvier (AO) followed by a performance in Ghiffa on August 19th. For further details email:

New Article

This week we have the Article "It seems like Yesterday" written by Friedrich Lips now online in English and German.


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