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4th May 2001
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Strasser Harmonikas

This week we have updated the Comments page with recent comments we've received from customers and readers. It is great to receive so many positive emails from accordionists and enthusiasts all over the world. If you would like to send in a comment about the Accordions Worldwide site or service please email:

Wayne Knights Webmaster

USA National Accordion News
Ganian's Murderer Caught - Czech Republic

Michael GanianContributed by Vahan Hatutyunyan

Police believe they have caught the man who murdered accordionist and composer Michael Ganian on April 13th 2000. The man named Petr S., was arrested by police in Brno on the first anniversary of the day Michael Ganian was buried (April 24th) and is suspected of murder, illegal keeping of arms and other unlawful acts. He is believed to be a member of the Russian/Ukrainian mafia and was armed with a sub-machine gun and a hand grenade and tried to defend himself.

The accused man is also a member of an extortionist organization founded in 1999 by a Czech woman and a Russian man. A Czech member of this organization voluntarily pleaded guilty recently and police are interrogating him at the present time, hoping to unravel details of the murder.

The Blesk Magazine, Brno reported on April 27th that Kamila Janícková (spokesperson for the Brno Police) said Petr S. has been interrogated already and accused of Ganian's murder. He was then placed in a police cell.

38th International Klingenthal Competition - Germany

The 38th International Klingenthal Competition will be held from May 4th to 10th in Klingenthal. This year's event will include a variety of concerts by Trio Galliano (Richard Galliano, Jean Marie Ecay and Jean Phillippe Viret), Vogtlandphilharmonie Greiz/Reichenbach and competition prize winners.

International jury members include Professor Wang Yu Ping (China), Jeanette Dyremose (Denmark), Professor Matti Rantanen (Finland), Professor Jacques Mornet (France), Professor Owen Murray (Great Britain), Professor Radomir Tomic (Yugoslavia), Professor Lech Puchnowski (Poland), Professor Friedrich Lips (Russia), Professor Elsbeth Moser (Switzerland), Professor Tibor Racz (Slovakia), Inaki Alberdi (Spain), Mr Fenjuk (Ukraine), Professor Joan Sommers (USA), Professor Dobler, Mr MD Fraas, Professor Jurgen Ganzer, Tobias Morgenstern, Professor Reidys, Mr Seifert, Professor Wall (all from Germany).

For further details email Manfred Gäbler:

Strasser Harmoninkas
Masterclass by Noton and Soave - Switzerland

Jean-Louis NotonContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionists Jean-Louis Noton (France) and Peter Soave (USA) will hold a master class in Grimentz from August 24th to 31st. The pedagogy and purpose of this workshop is to provide musicians with the tools to discover and further develop in-depth knowledge of their instrument of choice. Musicians will be able to participate in classes for MIDI accordions and musical informatics, chamber music, bandoneons, proficiency and improvement courses and see to international concert preparations.

Registrations close July 31st. For further information email:

Premiere of New Accordion Work - Denmark

Contributed by Owen Murray

Peter Katina gave a well received performance in the premiere of an exciting new solo accordion work by the Danish composer Lars Graugaard entitled "Spheres and Spikes". The concert, organised by N.M.O. (New Music Odense) took place at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense, Denmark on April 14th.

Alexander Technique Workshop for Accordionists - Portugal

Claudio JacomucciContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

An Alexander Technique Workshop for accordionists was held by Claudio Jacomucci in Alcobaça from April 7th to 10th. Many accordion students attended the event, which was organized by Anibal Freire and the Serenata Music School. The course covered the emotional reactions during performing time and practising in relation with body tensions, coordination and balance.

Claudio will return to Alcobaça from July 20th to 24th to attend the 7th International Accordion Week and give a new Alexander Workshop for accordionists. For further information email:

Successful State Championships - Australia

Contributed by Elizabeth Jones

On April 29th the NSW Division of the Accordion Society of Australia (ASA) held their annual State Championships at the St. George Leagues Club, Kogarah. The day was very successful with competitors entering age classes, duo, ensemble, band and orchestra classes. The highest mark of the day was awarded to Christopher Tavernese with 100% for his performance in the Showmanship class. The main class of the day was the NSW State Championship, which saw a high level of playing.

Tania Lukic-MarxNSW State Championship results:
First Place - Paula Harris
Second Place - David Stanizzo
Third Place - Milica Obradovic

Adjudicators included Else Brandman, Cornelia Baier, Catherine Day and Tania Lukic-Marx. In July the Accordion Society of Australia will hold their annual International Festival. For full details please see the ASA website.

USA National Accordion News
Successful Television Show for Sylvia Pagni - Italy

Sylvia PagniContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Well known accordionist Sylvia Pagni has been very busy following the great success of the TV show "Scommettiamo che", which is broadcast live on the first channel of the state television network every Saturday night (from March 10th to June 9th) at 9pm, hosted by Fabrizio Frizzi and Valeria Mazza. During the opening show, on March 10th, Sylvia played the "Flight of the Bumblebee", and her success was such that the audience has demanded that she play it again in one of the next shows. Sylvia teaches piano and accordion at the "Octopus" music school, an institute directed by famed conductor Fabio Frizzi, brother of TV host Fabrizio.

Accordionist and Vocalist - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On May 13th, accordionist Ryozo Yokomori and vocalist Shizuru Ookaka will perform at the "Koto Ward Culture Hall", Koto Ward, Tokyo. For further details phone: +81 3-3291-2711

Strasser Harmonikas
Wath Festival - England

Scottish group Burach (which includes accordionist Sandy Brechin) will play at the Wath Festival in Wath, Sheffield on May 5th, supporting 70's pop star, Tom Robinson. The following day the group will perform at the "Fishpond" in Matlock (30 miles from Wath), Scotland. Their program will include "The Highfield Set" and "Left Unsaid".

Burach have appeared on numerous TV and radio shows in the UK and abroad. For further details email:

Folk Orchestra Concerts - USA

"Accord! Folk Orchestra"Accordionist Dee Langley has completed her first season as the Director of the Ethnic Dance Theatre's "Accord! Folk Orchestra". The company presented "Ballad of the Balkans" from April 19th to 22nd in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota which featured music, song and dance from Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Slovenia, Romania, Greek Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Dee believes that the challenge of the orchestra is for them to think like musicians of each country while playing the music. The articulation, ornamentation and improvisation as well as the instrumentation itself has to be as close to authentic as possible.

The Accord! Folk Orchestra will release their first CD in June. For further details email Dee Langley at:

Fabiano Demonstrates New Accordion - France

Contributed by Denis Salmon

On May 13th Jean Marc Fabiano (Professor at the St Etienne Conservatory in Marseille) will demonstrate new chromatic bass accordion models in Paris. For further details email:

Emanuele Rastelli in Concert in Milan - Italy

Emanuele RastelliContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On May 4th accordionist Emanuele Rastelli will hold an important concert in the enchanting church of Saint Francis in Pazzuolo Martesana (near Milan). The concert, which is organised by Antonino Vetrano (City Councillor in charge of cultural activities) will be conducted by Ivano Bramilla and will feature musicians of the world-famous Scala theatre. Rastelli will also give a lecture on "The Accordion in City Schools".

USA National Accordion News
Accordionist Graduates - Netherlands

On April 6th, accordionist Anne Landa graduated at the Alexander Technique Centre of Amsterdam as Professor of Alexander Technique. Anne works with accordionists to overcome the numerous problems they face, including stage fright, problems of nervousness, tensions, tendinitis, etc.

As a professional accordionist and professor of the Alexander Technique, Anne studies the design of the accordion and how the accordionist utilises his/her own body in relation to the instrument. The aim is to save energy and work with the appropriate muscles to develop a conscious control over the psychological and physical mechanisms controlled by the accordionist.

Anne Landa will work mainly in Spain as a professor of the Alexander Technique, giving courses and private classes. For further information email:

May Forro Concerts - Brazil

Contributed by Teotônio Barbosa de Santana

Forró concerts will be held in Salvador during May organized by the AABB (The Brazilian Bank´s Club). On May 4th, Farofa D'água will perform at the Flor de Açucena followed by well known accordionist, singer and composer, Flávio José who will perform on May 11th and Menina Faceira on the 18th. For further details email:

Strasser Harmonikas
Brighton Festival Ceilidh - England

On May 19th the Brighton Festival Ceilidh will be held at The Tower Theatre, Brighton (Brighton College Of Technology) as part of the Brighton Festival of the Arts. The ceilidh will include dance band "The Sussex Pistols" which includes Bing Lyle (accordion) and Tina Smith (concertina), with caller Vic Smith. For further details email Tina Smith at:

Floresville Market Day Concert - USA

On May 5th "Ed Kadlecek and the Fun Bunch" will perform at the Floresville Town Square in Texas for the Floresville Market Day. The group will play several times throughout the day while onlookers enjoy a variety of exhibits, arts and crafts, food, drink and entertainment. For further details email:

Vancouver Concerts - Canada
Canadian celtic band "Mad Pudding" (which features accordionist Amy Stephen) will perform concerts in Vancouver this month. On May 6th the group will play at the West Van United Church (West Vancouver, BC) with "Musica Intima" and percussionist Sal Ferreras.

On May 11th they will repeat their program at the Ryerson United Church. For further details email:

Theatercafé Concerts - Austria

The Klaus Paier Trio & String Quartet will perform concerts at the Theatercafé in Graz from May 15th to 18th. Their program will include pieces from their new CD "Movimiento". For further information email:

USA National Accordion News
Orchestra Entertains Shoppers - Netherlands

Contributed by Hillebrand van der Veen

The Amsterdam Accordion Club Forzando A-orchestra (conducted by Piet Verzijde) will entertain shoppers at the Baarn Shopping Centre in Baarn on May 19th. For further details email:

Toowoomba Accordion Festival - Australia

Ross MaioAustralian accordion entertainer Ross Maio will be the featured guest artist at the 5th Toowoomba Accordion Festival held in Toowoomba on May 5th and 6th. The festival consists of concerts, jam sessions and workshops for all free reed instruments. Ross will be presenting unique arrangements of music by Mozart, Bach, Pagannini, Piazzolla and traditional French and Italian favourites.

Ross was the recipient of the 20th Mo Award (1995 Variety Instrumental Performer), the 1998 Instrumentalist of The Year (Australian Club Entertainment Award) and has made numerous television appearances ranging from children's shows through to TCN 9 Midday Shows and SBS International Cabaret.

The festival will include performances by John Colville and various soloists, duos and ensembles, bush bands, concertinas and a harmonica workshop with Ray De Santi. For further details email:

Strasser Harmoninkas
New CD "Celtic Café" - USA

A new CD entitled "Celtic Café" was released recently by performers Karen Ashbrook (hammered dulcimer) and Paul Oorts (accordion, cittern, guitar, mandolin and tenor banjo).

The CD features Breton, Irish, French, Italian, Reggae, pseudo African, Texas-style, Belgium, Flemish and Scottish music such as "Handsome Maidens" and the 78th's Farewell to Belgium.

New Sites/Updated Sites Updated information on Beltuna Accordions with new models and specifications. Information on the 7th International Accordion Week held from July 21st to 29th in Alcobaca, Portugal Updated information on Italian accordionist Sylvia Pagni Updated information on Bugari Armando SRL manufacturers including new contact details

Antique Accordion Information

Marlys Williams would like information on a button Hohner Accordeon Marca made in Germany prior to 1912 of embossed wood. Email:

Accordion Information Required

Andrew Ross would like information on a Hohner Student VM 48 bass piano accordion, which he believes has not been made since the early 70's. email:

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