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3rd March 2000
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Last week we received an email from Angelo Tommasini who wrote: "I am so very pleased with your Web site. I am a 69 year old male who was always fascinated with the accordion. I started learning it and loving it. Your site shows how international the love of the accordion is. I would very much like to meet people who are also learning the instrument in my area and would like to trade tips on playing".

It is very pleasing to hear that we are achieving one of the main aims of Accordions Worldwide - to build an "International Home" for the accordion, where people can find answers to their needs. We believe it is important for people to make new contacts and to exchange their level of accordion experience. We have a section in the Yellow Pages "Penpals & Friendship", where you can find listings of people who are looking for new contacts.

Wayne Knights Webmaster

International Accordion Festival - England

Steve RoxtonContributed by Thomas Duncan

The International Accordion Festival - Millennium 'All Star' Show 2000 will be held in Lytham St. Annes, Blackpool from March 15th to 20th. This year's event will feature Barbara Ann Martindale (Canada), Oleg Sharov (Russia), Frederic Baldo (France), Vilnius Accordion Duo (Lithuania) and David Lukins, Gordon Glenn, Janusc Zukowski, Ken Hartley, Johnny Coleclough, Nina Suscenko and Steve Roxton (UK).

Visitors can enjoy dance music by Roy Hendrie and his Scottish Dance Band, a "Spectacular Trade Exhibition", buskers, auction, masterclasses and performances by orchestras and groups. For details email:

International Reykjavik Accordion Festival 2000 - Iceland

Contributed by Jonatan Karlsson, General Agency

Preparations for the International Reykjavik Accordion Festival 2000, held from July 14th to 16th are now in "full swing". Reykjavik is one of the cultural cities of Europe 2000, which means that many cultural events will take place throughout the year. The festival program will include concerts, guest appearances, accordion music in venues around Reykjavik, dances and an open air concert at Lake Reynisvatn.

Over 80 accordionists from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Scotland and England have confirmed their attendance. A list of guest performers will be announced in May. For details email:

"L'Accordéon fait son Cirque" Festival - France

"L'Accordeon fait son Cirque" FestivalContributed by Jean Brun

The "L'Accordéon fait son Cirque" Festival will be held on April 8th & 9th in Brehemont. Four shows will be presented in a 450 seat venue. Entertainment will be provided by Frederic Langlais, Domi Emorine & Roman Jbanov, Jackie Carman, "La bande a Bardet" (which includes performers dressed in humorous costumes), Jean Brun, Jo Sony and "Angelique". For details email:

Carmelo Pino Featured with the Three Tenors - USA

Contributed by Verne Leven, Titano Accordion Co., International

Accordionist Carmelo Pino will accompany The Three Tenors, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, when they appear at the MCI Center in Washington, DC on May 7th. Pino's accomplishments in the music world were reason enough for the Three Tenors to request that he join them in a combination of seraphic voices and heavenly music.

A regular at Kennedy Center, Carmelo Pino frequently appears with the Washington Chamber Symphony with which he did a special children's program to introduce the accordion and its unique qualities. He also has several movie scores to his credit.

AIFC Meeting in Castelfidardo - Italy

Meeting of the AIFCContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

A meeting of the AIFC (chaired by Eugenia Marini) was held on February 27th in Castelfidardo (Italy). Association members discussed the success of the Fisarmoniae newspaper and their intention to develop new teaching methods for the accordion through a permanent workshop aimed at creating programs for the State school system. Future ideas include the opening of a site specializing in accordion teaching at: For further details email:

Frankfurt Music Fair Concerts - Germany

Luca Serenelli & Renzo RuggieriJazz musicians Renzo Ruggieri (accordion) and Luca Serenelli (keyboards) will give two concerts on April 12th and April 13th during the Frankfurt Music Fair 2000. The performances will take place in the "Gallery", a venue set up for concerts within the Fair building. The first performance will feature electronic instruments and a blues/fusion repertoire, while the second one will present famous jazz standards played on acoustic accordion and piano. The concerts are sponsored by the Piermaria and Orla companies based in Castelfidardo and the two musicians will be present at those company stands throughout the Fair.

Accordion USA, News from across the United States

The March edition of the United States National News publication, Accordion USA is now on-line. Don't forget to submit your news story or concert information. Also, enter to win a CD from one of the hottest accordionists around - Jerome Richard. News, Concerts, Clubs/Associations, Monthly Features and more!

Accordionist at Arts & Crafts Festival - New Zealand

Contributed by Steve Collins

Auckland accordionist Tracey Collins will perform outside the Vine Café at the Devonport Arts & Crafts Festival in Auckland on March 11th & 12th. Tracey will perform a range of French and Latino tunes on both days. For details see Future Events.

Boermusic Meetings Underway - South Africa

Contributed by Sean Minnie

Boermusic concertina meetings in South Africa began last month with the Vaaldriekoek and Bloemfontein branches holding gatherings on February 26th. The Pretoria branch will hold their first meeting this year on March 4th followed by the West Rand (at the Roodepoort Town Hall) and Hartswater branches, both on March 11th. For details email:

Guest Performers at Accordion Celebration - USA

Contributed by Janice Bowen

Guests performers at the Rocky Mountain Accordion Celebration (RMAC) held from August 4th to 6th have been confirmed. Tony Lovello (who has played all over the world) and Lyle Schaefer (who has played and competed internationally) will provide an entertaining program. The weekend is a "celebration" of accordion music and dancing. For details email:

Spanish Accordionist Tours England

Inaki Alberdi

Spanish accordionist Iñaki Alberdi will tour England in March giving concerts at the "Instituto Cervantes" in London on March 21st and the "Instituto Cervantes" in Manchester on March 22nd. His program will include pieces by Spanish composers Luis de Pablo, Gabriel Erkoreka, Jesús Torres, Sofía Martínez and Yvan Nommick. For details email:

AIDA Plans - Argentina

Contributed by Florencia Herrera

President of Asociación Internacional de Acordeonistas (AIDA - International Association of Accordionists), Julio Erman (alias Gasparin) plans to organize music club meetings on the second Sunday of each month. Professional and amateur accordionists are invited to attend and perform at these meetings.

The AIDA currently publish an informative booklet with news of future concerts and events in South America. Their magazine "El Acordeón" unfortunately stopped publication two years ago because of financial reasons, but the association hopes to resume publication of this magazine in the near future. The association currently has about 500 members. For further details email:

ATG to feature "Entertainment Competition" - USA

Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

The Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG) celebrates its 60th Anniversary and the New Millennium by announcing the ATG Virtuoso Entertainment Competition to be held at the 60th Anniversary Competition and Festival from July 20th to 23rd.

Open to accordionists under 32 years of age, prizes include: First Prize - US$1000.00, Second Prize - US$500.00 and Third Prize - US$250.00. Contestants must perform a 15 minute program of choice, consisting of a minimum of four (4) pieces of different styles and moods.

For full details, a current list of guest artists and entry forms please email ATG President Joan Sommers at:

Fisorchestra Italiana on Tour - Italy

Fisorchestra ItalianaContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Fisorchestra Italiana has received a great deal of encouragement and positive feedback thanks mainly to the accordion, which is going through a phase of rediscovery in Italy. Over the next few months the orchestra (based in Cinisello Balsamo) will be involved in a series of prestigious events, including a concert at the Palazzina Liberty in Milan on March 11th, a concert at the Salle Dauphine in Grenoble (France) on April 29th and a performance at the "Pentagono" in Bormio (near Sondrio) on June 17th as part of the Valtellina Festival.

The organizers of this international event invited the Fisorchestra after their concert with Peppino Principe in the Church of Primolo, near Bormio in August 1999. The orchestra's busy schedule will also include concerts in Saronno, Cesano Boscone and Sesto S.Giovanni. For further information email:

CBC Music program - Canada

Canadian accordionist Joseph Petric can be heard on the CBC Radio Two program "Two New Hours" (hosted by Larry Lake) on March 5th. His program will include "Accordion Sequenza" (Luciano Berio). For details email:

Museum Offers Orchestra Recording - Germany

The souvenir shop of the Harmonica Museum in Trossingen (in conjunction with the Hohner Company) will offer new postcards and a CD with original recordings of the Hohner Orchestra (conducted by Rudolf Wuerthner). The CD includes over 60 minutes of music including "Perpetuum Mobile" (Strauss), "Faust Walzer" (Gounod) as well as other classics. The pieces were recorded in the 1960s in Vienna. For details email:

Belajo Accordion Club Concerts - France

The Belajo Accordion Club (Belgium) will be welcomed by the community in Herstal, France when they entertain at an afternoon for the elderly on March 18th. Following this, from March 24th to 26th the club will participate in an exhibition organized by the "Maison de la Laïcité" with the theme "Masquerades. For details email:

Aidi Cup Accordion Competition 2000 - China

Contributed by Chen Zhong

The Aidi Cup Accordion Competition will be held in Kunming on August 1st organized by the Kunming Accordion Association, and supported by Hebei Province Xiangan Instruments Ltd (Aidi Accordion). The event is designed to help strengthen Chinese and overseas accordion academic interchanges and will be held in conjunction with the Chinese International Tourism Festival. For more details, please phone Ms Liu Dong Mei: +86 871-3180678

Russian Composer Passes Away - Russia

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Composer Yuri Shishakov died in Moscow on February 1st after having celebrated his 75th birthday on January 18th. Yuri has been Professor for composition at the Genssin's Institute since 1977. His wrote works for symphonic orchestra, orchestra with folk instruments and concert pieces for different solo instruments and ensembles. His most important works include "Russian Fantasy", "Sonata in A-minor", "Suite in A-minor" and many transcriptions of Russian folk melodies. Yuri also wrote "Pictures of Uglitch" which was a Coupe Mondiale test piece in 1977. See Memorials, for others who have passed away recently.

Peter Soave with Brooklyn Philharmonic - USA

Contributed by Faithe Deffner of Ernest Deffner Publications

Accordionist/bandoneonist Peter Soave appeared as a guest soloist with the string section of the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra and guitarist Martin Mastik on February 25th and 26th at the Harvey Theater in the Brooklyn Academy of Music complex. Maestro Robert Spano conducted as Soave played Astor Piazzolla's "Homage A Liege," Double Concerto for guitar, bandoneon and string orchestra. Accordionist William Schimmel was also part of this exciting program, as an orchestra member in the premiere New York performance of Nancarrow's "Studies for Player Piano," Nos. 12 and 7.

Jews Brothers Band Tour Australia

New Zealand group "Jews Brothers Band" (accordionist Hershal) will tour Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia from March 3rd to 23rd. Their March 6th concert at "La Fabulosa" in Sydney will include performances by Sydney based "gypsy klezmer" band "Monsieur Camembert" and the Melbourne based Gypsy Trio "Vardos" who are "something out of the ordinary".

In Adelaide the band will give five performances in the famous Spiegeltent as part of the Adelaide Arts Festival. They will also give a series of performances in Jewish schools in Melbourne. For details email:

Guest Performer at Leyland Accordion Club - England

Jan ZukowskiContributed by David Batty

Accordionist Jan Zukowski has been invited to entertain members of the Leyland Accordion Club at their March 8th meeting in Croston, Leyland. Jan will perform a popular repertoire of classical music. Following this Jan will perform at the International Accordion Festival in Blackpool, Lancashire from March 15th to 20th.

Accordions on the Water - Sweden

Contributed by Ari Haatainen

Over 1,000 accordionists will take part in a variety of concerts from March 5th to 7th on the water when they board the ship "Silja Europa". The ship will sail between Turku, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden.

The Alexander Technique for Accordionists - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The local administration of Monteciccardo (a small medieval village near Pesaro) has planned a music event featuring an "Alexander Technique" workshop for singers and players of all instruments, a seminar on the application of the "Alexander Technique" to the accordion and a course on baroque cello from July 20th to 30th.

The accordion course will include individual lessons on the "Alexander Technique", on contemporary repertoire (by accordionist Claudio Jacomucci) and on the interpretation of baroque music (by Leticia Montaño).

The "Alexander Technique" is a re-education method that teaches how to move in a way that minimizes mental and physical stress, increases self-awareness, improves the co-ordination between body and mind, provides freedom of movement and agility. The technique is especially useful to deal with problems that often plague musicians, such as tendonitis, bad posture, sore back, stiffness, breathing problems, excessive stress and stage fright. For details email:

12th Banbu New Year Concert - China

Contributed by Li Cong

Over 500 people enjoyed the 12th Banbu City Accordion New Year Concert in Banbu, Anhui Province on February 17th. Huang Zhen Sheng (Vice Professor at Banbu Teacher's School) actively encourages accordion students to perform, showing parents and accordion enthusiasts their progress and talent. Performers included Lu Li Na (Nanjing Art Conservatory), Liu Lei (Music Department of Anhui Normal University) and Yue Liang (Music Department of Beijing Normal University).

The event also included award presentations as follows: Cao Jia Liang (2nd place, 15 & under, Beijing Cup National Accordion Competition) Zhang Wen Wen (1st place, 15 & under, 1st Anhui Province Accordion Festival & Competition) Peng Si Jing (2nd place, 15 & under, 1st Anhui Province Accordion Festival & Competition) Yi Xiao Nan (1st place, 12 & under, 1st Anhui Province Accordion Festival & Competition)

Redwood Heights Multicultural Fair - USA

The Redwood Heights Multicultural Fair will take place in Oakland, USA on March 4th. Accordionist Valarie Morris will perform with percussionist Ward Spangler. The event will include music, dance, arts & crafts booths and a "Special Museum". Admission is free. For details email:

New Sites Updated information on the International Music Competitions of the Val Tidone held from May 30th to June 4th in Italy.

Antique Accordion Information

Hans Janiak would like some information on "Arpeggio" accordions and where they are made. Please email:

Richard Winters would like some information on a Maestro II accordion, made by La Burdina in Italy. Please email:

Robert Makuski would like some information on a Beaver Brand concertina made in Germany. It is rectangular in shape, 5" in depth, 11" high, is made from rose wood and has 20 buttons on one side9 on the other. Please email:

A reader has an "Elite" piano accordion, believed to be two generations old. If you have any details on this instrument please email:

Jerry Lyon has a Grande Vox, made in Italy by Colombo. Information on this instrument can be sent to:

Holly Bergman has a "Hammerschmidt" accordion, "Horch" model made in the 1940's. If you have any information on the manufacturer please email:

Accordion Questions

Jørundur Gardarsson from Norway would like some information on duet concertinas. Please email:

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