Mika Väyrynen performs live-streamed concert
"Of Life and Death"
September 8, 2021
World Premiere of Sonata Nr. 3 by Paavo Korpijaakko

by Veli Matias Kujala, Head of the Classical Accordion Studies, Sibelius-Academy of the
University of Arts, Helsinki, Finland, Concert accordionist, composer, DMus.

Mika Väyrynen

Mika Väyrynen (picture above) will perform a solo recital at The Great Hall of The Sibelius Academy, Finland, on Wednesday 8th September at 19.00 Finnish time (UTC +3). The concert will be live online. A link to the online video will be added to the following website about one hour before the beginning of the concert:


The concert is called "Of Life and Death" and is a musical journey of life from childhood to death. The concert includes the world premiere of Sonata Nr. 3 "Testament" by the famous Finnish composer Paavo Korpijaakko.

It is one of the largest solo works ever written for the accordion with a duration of over half an hour. The work challenges the performer to extremes due to its technical challenges, endurance requirements and huge musical form.

Accordionists have been waiting for the premiere of this work, which had to be postponed a couple of times due to Covid-19.

Mika Väyrynen

Picture above: Paavo Korpijaakko (left) and Mika Vayrynen (right).

Mika Väyrynen is one of the world´s most well-known accordionists. He has performed hundreds of concerts around the world, recorded a couple dozen CD´s and commissioned and premiered a lot of new music for the accordion. He teaches at one of the world's most appreciated music universities, The Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki. His upcoming book in English about accordion playing, "The Chain of Actions", will be published in late spring 2022, more information will follow.

Program of Concert:

”Of Life and Death”
Mika Väyrynen, Accordion
The Great Hall of The Sibelius Academy, 8th of September 2021

Volodymir Podgorny: Two Preludes
(1928-2010)  - Prelude In Memoriam Vladislav Zolotarjow
  - Prelude to Those Who Left Us
Pjotr Tchaikowsky: From ”The Children Album”
(1849-1893) - Morning Prayer
  - Winter Morning
  - Hobbyhorse
  - The Toy Soldier´s March
  - Dolly is ill
  - Dolly´s Funeral
  - My new Dolly
  - The Witch in the Wood
  - Dreams
Paavo Korpijaakko : Sonata nr.2 ”Dead on Time”*
(b.1977)  1. Toccata
  2. Meditation (Before the Curtain)
  3. Burning Papyrus
Nicolas Economou: From ”Childhood Whims”
(1953-1993) - Question
  - Waltz á la Prokofiev
  - Lullaby
  - Greek Dance
  - Psalm
  - Mexican Dance
  - Revery
  - For Chopin and Tchaikowsky to Prokofiew
  - Toy Shop
  - Caprice
  - Curiosity
  - Melancholy
-------------------------------------INTERMISSION (5 minutes)----------------------------------
Paavo Korpijaakko: Sonata nr. 3 ”Testament” (2019–2020, World Premiere)*
  1. Lento - presto – lento- allegro
  2. Quasi adagio – andantino
  3. Adagio
  4. Allegro spirito – presto
*Dedicated to Mika Väyrynen

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