All Russian Day of Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica 2017

18th March 2017, Concert Hall, Gnesin Music, Moscow
by Herbert Scheibenreif

Upon initiative of the chair for bayan and accordion of the Gnessin Music Academy in Moscow the annual All-Russian day of the bayan, the accordion and the harmonica was started in 2010. The bayan, the accordion and the harmonica always were very popular in Russia. At the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, at celebrations such as weddings they were irreplaceable companions in the country‘s everyday life.

In 1948 the folk instrument got a a new impulse, as for the very first time in the USSR, a faculty was opened at the Gnesin Institute (nowadays Academy). And since this time the Russian bayanists/accordionists were most successful at prestigious international competitions.

Concert program

In order to contribute to a further popularization of the art of playing and also to give a new impulse, the chair for bayan and accordion at the Gnessin music academy took the initiative to organize an All-Russian Day of the bayan, the accordion and the harmonica annually.

Since 2010, All Russian Day events have been held in  Moscow, Belgorod, Nishnij Novgorod, Novomoskovsk, Tula, Woronesh, Saratov, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Jemanshelinsk, Kurgan, Samara, Jekaterinburg, Vladivostok and other large and small cities of Russia so that this day became a part of the national project in cultural fields.

Mikhail Imkhanitsky

Searching for a new national idea it is surely very important to support all initiatives for preserving traditions and achievements of this multinational country where this holiday will play an important role for connecting people.

This year the concert place on March, 18 in the concert hall of the Gnesin Music Academy with the following program:

Friedrich Lips
Friedrich Lips and Conductor Igor Gromov

Video: Friedrich Lips performing a world premiere of the Michael Bronner composition
"Eight Sonnets About Love" for bayan and chamber orchestra.

Video: Rest of the concert. List of performers below.


M. Bronner – „Eight Sonnets about Love“ for bayan and chamber orchestra (world premiere) Chamber Orchestra of the A. Schnittke College: Igor Gromov, cond.; Soloist - Friedrich Lips

A. Kholminov – „Autumn Melody“
„Lion-Trio“ (Lev Lavrov, Julius Mistyukov and Alexei Mykytenko)

M. Brajkovic – „Contrasts“ for accordion
Drazen Koshmerl (Croatia)

M. de Falla - From the cycle „Seven Spanish Songs“: Moorish shawl - The Murcia segidilla – Lullaby – Song – Polo

Drazhan Kosorich - Vocal cycle for soprano and accordion
On the poems of Anna Akhmatova
Duo "AccoVoice" Lyubov Yudchenko-Koshmerl (soprano), Drazen Koshmerl (bayan)

Mikhail Imkhanitsky - Scherzo-Capriccioso and Postlude from Sonata for bayan
K. Saint-Saens - Introduction and rondo-capriccioso
Mikhail Imkhanitsky (on his 70th birthday)

Igor Rogalev - Concert „Domenico Scarlatti“ in 3 parts

A. Byzov - Two parts from the suite based on stories by J. London

I.Dunayevsky-B. Novikov – „I came from Berlin“ Vitaliy Gunin (bayan) and Inna Gunina (domra)

„Mariyskiye naigryshi“
Alexey Volkov (bayan)

E. Derbenko - "Zveni, harmonica"
ensemble of students of the Department of National Instruments: Mikhail Kuzmin, Ekaterina Mukhina, Alexei Volkov, Pavel Fomin, Viktor Ignatenko (head Pavel Ukhanov)

A. Timoshenko - Siberian Rhapsody (75th anniversary oft he composer)
Lev Lavrov

Ensemble „Elegato“
Aidar Salahov (accordion), Mikhail Talanov (violin), Dmitry Tarbeev (double bass)

Mikhail Bronner and Friedrich Lips

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