Housed at the Dargaville Museum (New Zealand) is the historical accordion display titled 'Accordion Gems - A Master Collection of Accordions Through Time'. Full history of how this display has developed is online at 'Accordion Gems'.

This March 20111 concert of 'Kevin Friedrich and Friends' was held to raise further funds for the Dargaville Museum and also for the 'Accordion Gems' display.
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Audience at Kevin & Friends concert, Dargaville
The Dargaville Museum’s 4th afternoon of Music with Kevin Friedrich and Friends held at the Lighthouse Function Center, was sold out to capacity with quite a few concert hopefuls being turned away again. Picture above of some of the audience.
Kevin Friedrich thanks the Dargaville Museum officials
Kevin Friedrich welcomes the audience and thanks the Dargaville Museum officials for their support.
Kevin Friedrich playing with Lionel Reekie singing the New Zealand national anthem
Kevin Friedrich playing with Lionel Reekie singing the New Zealand national anthem
God Defend New Zealand.

The concert began with the New Zealand national anthem God Defend New Zealand, to celebrate the New Zealand spirit and to honor and respect to all those affected by the mining and earthquake tragedies in the South Island of New Zealand.
Alexandra Reekie
Young performers Nikolai Puharich, Alexandra Reekie and Taz Nesbit were the opening acts for the concert. Pictured above is Alexandra Reekie, daughter of Lionel Reekie performing.
Kevin Friedrich & Nolene Osbaldiston
The audience welcomed Nolene Osbaldiston to officially cut the red ribbon and christen the brand new piano at the Lighthouse Function Center. Proceeds from last years concert and this years concert were able to pay for the beautiful new piano, which is something that the entire Dargaville community can enjoy.
Flautist Pippa Howes & Kevin Friedrich
Flautist Pippa Howes performed one work in duo with by Kevin Friedrich and one work with Kevin Friedrich and Nolene Osbaldiston (piano).
Lionel Reekie
International accordionist and singing sensation Lionel Reekie closed the first half with selections from his newly released CD ‘From Russia with Love’ which is recorded with the Siberian Festival Symphony Orchestra. The concert was also on Lionel's birthday. To celebrate his birthday, the entire audience delighted in singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.
Alexander & Lionel Reekie, Kevin Friedrich
A most unusual reversal of roles here, as the birthday cake is put on stage and Kevin Friedrich plays and sings happy birthday to a very happy Lionel Reekie who is not singing!!!! Daughter Alexander Reekie is singing and enjoying the moment as were the audience.

That was the conclusion of the First Half of the program.
Ben Emmett’s Accordion (BEA) Reunion Ensemble, Pictured (left to right): Fleur Simpkin (Ruawai), Lynette Parkinson (born Fowlie), the Emmett’s daughter Joan, Kevin Friedrich, the Emmett’s daughter Linda and Jacque Lowe (born Fischer).
Before the start of the second half, the Ben Emmett’s Accordion (BEA) Reunion Ensemble took a picture outside the Museum which overlooks the city of Dargaville. The picture they are holding is of Ben Emmett and you will see that daughter Linda is wearing the same Exclesior accordion that her father is wearing in the picture they are holding.

The second half of the concert was devoted to accordion, opening with Ben Emmett’s Accordion (BEA) Reunion Ensemble in honour of Ben and Doreen Emmett’s role as founding members of the New Zealand Accordion Association. The NZAA is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year. Pictured (left to right): Fleur Simpkin (Ruawai), Lynette Parkinson (born Fowlie), the Emmett’s daughter Joan, Kevin Friedrich, the Emmett’s daughter Linda and Jacque Lowe (born Fischer).
Ben Emmett’s Accordion (BEA) Reunion Ensemble
Ben Emmett’s Accordion (BEA) Reunion Ensemble.
Kevin FriedrichKevin Friedrich, Marager and Ted Tier dancing
Kevin Friedrich performed a solo program of novelty pieces, entertainment works, a few classical selections and even one medley featuring Margaret and Ted Tier dancing. Kevin was then joined by pianist Nolene Osbaldiston and flautist Pippa Howes for two works by Astor Piazzolla.
Kevin Friedrich with antique accordion
Kevin Friedrich demonstrating one of the antique accordions in the
'Accordion Gems - A Master Collection of Accordions Through Time' display.
Kevin Friedrich
Kevin with a more serious classical work, followed by a standing ovation from the appreciative audience.
Kevin Friedrich & Lionel ReekieKevin Friedrich & Lionel Reekie
The concert closed with three duos by Kevin and Lionel Reekie. Among the duos was a World Premiere of Valse Séraphique, the last composition by the late Graham Romani. On the right, Kevin is demonstrating the "flutter" accordion to the audience in part of a duo. The flutter accordion was donated to the museum display by Titano Accordions, Accordion House in Takapuna, Director Maurice Jones.
Lionel Reekie & Kevin FriedrichKevin Friedrich & Lionel Reekie
There was also an entertaining version of a Finnish Polka. Kevin and Lionel had some fun, with Lionel strolling around to "help out Kevins right hand technique"!!!!! which only a few seconds later, Kevin returns the favour (photo right) with a little demo on Lionel's keyboard, complete with Lionel adding some Squish sounds using his elbow!!!!

A lot of laughter from the audience with these fun antics while all the time, some good polka music cleverly integrated.
Kevin Friedrich & Lionel Reekie
Concert finished to lots of applause for Kevin and Lionel.
Lynette Parkinson
Lynette Parkinson (born Fowlie) making a presentation of her accordion to the museum (picture right).
Ben Emmetts daughters Joan and Linda & Kevin Friedrich
Ben Emmetts daughters Joan and Linda had managed to find and purchase the accordion their father was pictured playing many years ago. They have donated this instrument to the Dargaville Museum display in honor of all that Ben and Doreen Emmett did for music in the Dargaville region.
Harley Jones & Kevin Friedrich
Then the traditional Jam Session began. Above, Harley Jones joins the Jam Session.
Maurice Jones & Harley Jones
Maurice Jones from Accordion House also joined the Jam Session, where nine accordionists from Dargaville, Auckland and even Waganui played popular favourites well into the late afternoon while the audience sang a long. A lovely ending to a popular annual fun event.

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