Faithe Deffner
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Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring Faithe Deffner

Cocktail Reception, Presentation, Award Dinner, Presentations and Concert
See below for: Accolades and Wishes and Additional Activities
Accolades, Wishes and Additional Activities in New York City

Greetings from the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA)

Dear Faithe,

It is with great regret that Anna & I cannot be with you on this special occasion. I am delighted the American Accordionists' Association (AAA) has hosted this "Lifetime Achievement Award Dinner" in your honor. It has been almost 40 years that you have supported the CIA, attending congresses as a delegate from the USA all over the world, and on behalf of the CIA we thank you and congratulate for all your dedication and all you have done for our instrument - the accordion!

We wish you a wonderful afternoon and would like everyone to join us in congratulating you on this award which is truly deserved.

Ray Bodell, CIA President

Greetings from Aldo and Ida DeRossi and good friend Dr. Roger Allen

Dear Faithe,

For as many years as we can remember (and among us we remember quite a few) you have served the accordion community with competence, grace, ingenuity, and unselfishness. Now the accordion community recognizes the attributes that have made you a leader among leaders in the industry. Although we cannot be with you in person today, we want you to know that we are with you in spirit, that our hearts are grateful for your friendship and that our thoughts of you will always be framed by glowing esteem.

Congratulations, Dear Lady, on a life lived through kindness and on having achieved business and professional service careers marked by well-deserved successes.

From Aldo and Ida DeRossi and good friend Dr. Roger Allen

Greetings from the Mangelly Family

Accolades to Faithe:

Just a slip of a girl when we met over accordions. Her husband Ernest Deffner was selling everything from Accordions to Xylophones in New York's late 1930's. Some years later Captain Mangelly and I, stationed in Munich, Germany, enjoyed luncheons with her mother-in-law, Mrs. Deffner Sr. We even took 16 mm movies of the Crucianelli factory in Castelfidardo, Italy while we were in Europe. Pietro Deiro Sr. was calling me the Ambassadress of the Accordion.

We've been in Augusta, GA sine 1953 and established an accordion school featuring a week-long live-in summer camp every summer for teachers and students. The school and camp's outgrowth took the ACCORDIONAIRES to Europe and Asia on concert tours of the city capitals. We showed off the Deffner's Videos, Crucianellis, Panjets, Pancordions and one Tiger.

We're proud that our two children are carrying on the magnificent accordion traditions just as Faithe has carried her business banner high. We four wish you many happy memories.

Tom, LaRue, Chris and Christine Mangelly

Greetings from the Accordion Pops Orchestra

Dear Faithe,

The AAA has had "faithe" in your leadership and support over many years.

We thank you for all your support of the Accordion Pops Orchestra through the many wonderful concerts, sharing the marvelous talents of Myron Floren!

Sorry we can't be there for this special day, but our "faithe" will always be with you! There are many beautiful memories of our accordion family that we shall always cherish!

God bless you!

Musically yours, Dan Desiderio - Director
Rosemarie Cavanaugh - Public Relations
and the Accordion Pops Orchestra

Greetings from Rose-Marie Coppola

Dear Faithe,

Regrets, I will not be able to attend.

Rose-Marie - Maryland

Greetings from Walter Maurer

Dear Faithe,

Congratulations with my best and warm wishes!

You have done the utmost work for the accordion nationally and internationally for many many years. This award should be a big THANK YOU for you.

With best wishes, from my wife also.

Walter Maurer - Vienna, Austria

Greetings from Larry Pino

Dear Faithe,

What an appropriate tribute to a most deserving individual.

Fondly, Larry Pino - Utah

Faithe Deffner’s achievements for the accordion are well recognized internationally and in her home country, the USA, however the New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) wishes to recognize her lifetime of services to the development of the accordion in New Zealand, and the warm international friendship she has extended to New Zealand accordionists over the years. Faithe Deffner’s support and encouragement has been instrumental in setting the foundations for the accordion network we have in New Zealand today. Her inspiration has been mainly directed at two key NZ accordion figures – Kevin Friedrich (CIA President & NZAA Life Member) and Harley Jones (NZAA Vice President & CIA Public Relations Manager) – however the benefits of her guidance and support has spread throughout the network of New Zealand accordionists.

Over the years, Faithe Deffner has been very helpful to the many New Zealand accordion soloists and orchestras traveling to the USA and other parts of the world in helping them arrange concerts, tuition, competitions, and generally providing useful concert touring information and contacts. Faithe’s organization has been instrumental to the musical career of Harley Jones, who gained from organized concert tours and tuition in the USA for Titano Accordions International in the early 1970’s. Harley was able to pass this knowledge back to his New Zealand accordion students upon his return home, leading to the beginnings of New Zealand accordion contestants on the international competition scene. During the late 1970’s into the 1980’s, Kiwis started competing in the Coupe Mondiale and other international competitions, performing with distinction (several 5th and 7th Coupe Mondiale placings achieved), and winning a considerable number of regional accordion competitions such as ASA (Australia), AFNA (California), AAA (USA) and ATG (USA). These early successes helped set a foundation for the excellent standards achieved by New Zealand contestants today.

For New Zealand accordion orchestras, Faithe’s inspiration and organization helped lead to the formation of the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra, conducted by Fay Schaw and directed by Harley Jones. Benefiting from his experience with world-class accordion orchestras in the USA, Harley and Fay coordinated and organized the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra which made biannually, international Goodwill Concert Tours in the 1980’s and 1990’s, enjoying many standing ovations at most concerts and forming lifelong international affiliations. Faithe was also a part of the historical Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra tour to China in 1988. This was the first accordion orchestra ever invited to visit China, a country with enormous numbers of accordionists, and was of great interest to accordionists all over the world. This tour formed the basis of the close relationship between New Zealand and Chinese accordion communities that has continued over the years.

Faithe’s guidance and mentorship also trained Harley to set up the Music Education Centre and assisted with the starting of Accordions Worldwide. The Music Education Centre was started specifically for accordion tuition, and has today become New Zealand’s largest private music teaching studio, offering tuition for a range of instruments. Faithe’s foresight of the potential future of the Internet prompted Harley to set up Accordions Worldwide in 1996, which has today become the largest group of Internet websites dedicated specifically to the accordion, and an important international communications and networking medium.

The NZAA also wishes to recognize Faithe Deffner’s support of the NZAA on an international level, in relation to the Confédération Internationale Des Accordéonistes (CIA – IMC-UNESCO). Faithe has had a consistent presence within the CIA, as one of its longest serving delegates and through her Presidency of the American Accordionists’ Association (AAA). Her influence aided New Zealand in 1980 when the NZAA first hosted the Coupe Mondiale. She also supported Kevin Friedrich to become CIA President in 2001. Her most recent efforts for the CIA include coordinating the 2007 60th Anniversary Coupe Mondiale in Washington DC, USA.

The inspiration and support of Faithe Deffner has therefore had a profoundly positive effect on the development of the accordion in New Zealand and in the many musical successes of New Zealand accordionists over a long period of time. The NZAA wishes to recognize the important contributions of Faithe Deffner towards the development of the accordion in New Zealand, with the NZAA Lifetime Achievement Award.
Taking advantage of the wonderful weekend in New York City to honor Faithe Deffner with her Lifetime Achievement Award Dinner, many of the attendees took the opportunity to renew friendships and share memories of wonderful times together with various accordion activities and the personalities involved in the industry. Frank and Carmela Busso invited friends to their house on Staten Island (NY) for a welcome to New York dinner.

Other guests took advantage of the weekend in New York to sightsee and see Broadway Shows, Museums and the many other offerings New York City has.
Above left: As guests made their way to Staten Island, they knew it was a sign of a great weekend, when an accordionist ventured onto their New York Subway train while enroute to Staten Island where the Busso family live.
Above right: The free Staten Island Ferry is not to be missed providing a glorious view back to downtown New York.
One of the world's most famous landmarks, The Statute of Liberty as seen from the Staten Island Ferry.
Guests at the Busso house: Back row: Suzanne and Frank Busso Jr, Christina Busso Lammers, baby Alexander Lammers, Frank Busso Sr, Carmela Busso, Tony Davies-Jones, Harley Jones. Front row: Roger Latulippe, Sam and Peggy Falcetti, DeeDee Latulippe.
Back row: left to right: Kevin Friedrich, Suzanne and Frank Busso Jr, Harley Jones, Tony Davies-Jones, Carmela and Frank Busso Sr.
Christina Busso Lammers. Front row left to right: Roger Latulippe, Sam and Peggy Falcetti, DeeDee Latulippe.
Faithe Deffner
Welcome, Biography, Passion for Accordion Translated into Action
Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring Faithe Deffner

Cocktail Reception, Presentation, Award Dinner, Presentations and Concert
See above for: Accolades and Wishes and Additional Activities
Accolades, Wishes and Additional Activities in New York City

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