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Hello, my name is Jesús Peñaranda.
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I am an accordion player finishing my last course at the University in Liverpool (UK). I am writing my Final Project Paper about the current situation of the accordion including what will be its immediate future.

I want to focus my research on how the new technologies are effecting the accordion environment. For instance, last year I was involved in the first Roland V-Accordion Festival. (Picture below). For me, it was very strange to compete in this festival because I had never thought of myself as playing a digital accordion.

Since I can remember, I have been playing the accordion as a classical player, contemporary music, transcriptions etc….

After this Festival, I had to recognize, that during my experiences as a musician and accordionist, from the time I was a beginner, my point of view of the accordion was very narrow and with a lot of prejudices concerning the instrument and its players.

Now, taking advantage of my FRP (Final Project Paper), I want to "clean up" my mind and to rediscover the accordion by myself, enjoying all its musical range as an instrument and hopefully helping generate a small piece of understanding between accordionists.

My first idea was to get the accordionist prototype. To know what we think and what we do with the accordion. For that reason, I am make a short survey to get further information to help me understand what the majority of accordion players think concerning certain subjects about the accordion - their profile.

I suppose, for example, Roland has made this point as well, but I would like to convince myself that maybe their point of view is right in the way that they have a lot of sources to sell their products but at the same time they are adapting themselves to this majority of accordion players and the potential demand of accordionists, relevant to the accordion.

I feel impressed, how this company is getting deeper and deeper into the national and international movements of accordion, internet, festivals, competitions, etc….

In my opinion I find it very interesting that a big enterprise such as Roland is focusing their investments in the "small world" of the accordion and how they are trying to be successful in this project, realizing that the accordion environment is very special in many factors and yet at the same time, I sense, they are trying to change the general view point of accordionists and how they related to digital accordions, to increase the popularity of their products.

For these reasons, I would like to invite any person who is interested, to give his/her point of view in this Survey (or to email me an essay? Email: Right now, I got different persons around the accordion (professional performers, teachers, students, fans) who said me yes to be interviewed by me, but I will receive very gland your advices or just your opinion about it.

I appreciate in advance any help for this project, which is for me another way to find responds to myself of this peculiar and fantastic accordion world.

Best wishes.

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