Thomas Schmelzle Visit
World Record forAccordion Marathon is Cracked!

December 1st and 2nd, 2007
Town Hall, Kronesaal, Bochingen, Germany

Thomas Schmelzle began his attempt to establish a new world record for marathon accordion playing on December 1st and 2nd, 2007 in the Town Hall, Kronesaal, Bochingen.

In 2001 the rules for the marathon records were internationally unified and for this reason, some record categories were not longer continued and records before 2001 were no longer valid.

The plan of Thomas Schmelzle plan was to attempt to play for 30 hours, to break the record of 28 hours, recognised by Guinness World Records, set in 2002 by Dutchman Hennie Kuik.

The Guiness rules allow five minutes breaks per hour, and that he should not repeat a tune within four hours.

The record attempt is being done with the support of Hohner, the famous accordion manufacturer based in Trossingen, Germany.

A picture left of Thomas at hour 3 enjoying himself playing.

There must be at least two observers present at all times to ensure that the rules are kept.

Jury members Holger Schühle und Markus Bach also enjoying the moment.

Jury members Thomas Seimel and Steffi Stenger.

Jury members Alexander Saur and Martin Karsten.

An enthusiastic crowd of supporters were present.

Thomas Schmelzle at Hour 20 still able to smile. Finally, the Worldrecord of Accordion Marathon is cracked!
Thomas played 29 Hours and 16 Minutes!

Congratulations to Thomas Schmelzle and all his supporters and sponsor Hohner.