Party for 25th Anniversary of Beltuna
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Tuesday 9th October 2007
Andrea Pugnotti
Beniamino Bugiolacchi of Italcinte and Beltuna owner Nando Mengascini
Giorgio Cerioni
Giorgio Cerioni
Beniamino Bugiolacchi and Claudio Sabbatini of MusicTech
Part of the audience for this popular anniversary event.
Giuseppe Gatto (left), Nando Mengascini (middle) making a thank you presentation to Settimo Cecconi.
Beniamino Bugiolacchi makes a thank you speech after his presentation, thanking him in his role as a City official for all he has done for the accordion over many years.
Anna Maria Osimani and Holda Paoletti-Kampl Accordions Worldwide Manager.
Genny and Francesco Mengascini
German distributors Sikoba for Beltuna, Siefried Koppold with Nando Mengascini and Stefan Christi.
Frederic Deschamps associated with Hohner, Massimo Pigini owner of Pigini Accordion Factory were two of many from the accordion
industry who came to congratulate Nando Mengascini
and Beltuna on the 25th Anniversary.
A photo showing the lovely wine display.
Posters were around the town advertising the On Stage
venue of festival activities and the Beltun Festival

Wednesday 10th October 2007

Pietro Adragna
Pietro Adragna

The popular performers of the evening united to perform a tango to strong applause
from the audience. Pietro Adragna, Vera Lucia, Mario Gatto.

Thursday 11th October 2007

Vera Lucia started off the program with
playing and singing
Giuseppe Gatto introducing Eleonora Tomassetti
Eleonora Tomassetti in performance
Nice crowds were attending the very pleasant
evening of light entertainment and folk music.

Friday 12th October 2007

Paolo D'Ascanio performing for the crowd.
Pasquale Coviello in concert.
Nice crowds attended all the 25th Anniversary celebrations
Paolo Picchio receiving a thank you presentation from Nando Mengascini for his cooperation and work as Artistic Director of the annual Castelfidardo Competition and Festival.

Pasquale Coviello receiving a thank you presentation from Stefania and Nando Mengascini.

Saturday 13th October 2007

The ever popular Pino di Modugno
having a good time on stage.
E Christa Behnke ready to start
E Christa Behnke in concert.

E Christa Behnke and Pino di Modugno enjoying themselves and making the audience very happy.
A very nice ending for the Beltuna 25th Anniversary Celebrations.