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Before now, there has only been very brief article about the accordion history of Poland. Prof. Lech Puchnowski has been asked to provide a fuller history of Poland's extensive accordion activities and in the meantime, he has also forwarded a report about recent accordion activities in Poland which we have added to this page. We think this report will help readers realise the extent and depth of accordion activities in Poland.
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Activity Report (1.10.1998 to 1.10.1999) of the Chair of Accordion at the Frederic Chopin Academy of Music
AM = Academy of Music; AMFC = Fr.Chopin Academy of Music in Warszawa; WSP = Higher School of Pedagogy; ZN = Scientific Academic Editions; MA = Master of Arts degree.
Accordion Chair:
Head: Prof. L. Puchnowski, dr ph.m.
Full prof. - Bogdan Dowlasz- AM Lódz, Jerzy Jurek - AMFC, Jerzy Kaszuba -AM Bydgoszcz
Associate Prof. - Jerzy Madrawski - WSP Kielce, Jerzy Lukasiewicz - AMFC, Krzysztof Olczak - AM Gdansk
Assistant Professors: Klaudiusz Baran - AMFC, Zbigniew Ignaczewski - AM Lódz, Pawel Paluch - AM Kraków, Janusz Pater - AM Kraków, Elzbieta Rosinska - AM Gdansk, Jerzy Siemak - AM Szczecin
Assistants: Piotr Dziubek - AM Wroclaw, Elwira Sliwkiewicz - UMCS Lublin
Instructor: Zbigniew Luc - AM Wroclaw,
Technician: Czeslaw Rybicki (AMFC, head of the repair unit).
The activity of the chair covers 75% of the territory of Poland. The members of the chair are also members of the Executive Commitee of The Polish Accordionists Association.
MA Graduates
In the academic year 1998/1999, there were 14 MA degrees in accordion as main subiect of studies presented - 8 with excellent marking and 6 with good marking. In order to pass the MA examinations after 5 years - 10 semesters of studies,one has to present : two full recitals and written MA thesis.
One of the graduates was Lidia Kaminska. She performed with the Symphony Orchestra as part of her MA examinations, Concerto for Accordion, by Bogdan Dowlasz. As a student of Prof.J.Sommers at the Kansas University, (USA) she will be studying for dr's degree.
Number of accordion students at the eight Academies of Music. There are 80 accordion students, all studying for MA degree in accordion. All play button concert accordion with free bass converter, B-system in both hands.
The students took part in the following national and international competitions:
VII All Polish Accordion Festival in Przemysl (12-13.12.1998), there are four solo category - to 12, to 15, to 18. The 5th category is without age limit and the 6th category is for chamber music - accordion ensembles, accordion with other instruments. More than 150 competitors took part in this festival.
Vth All Polish Accordion Festival
in Mlawa (20-21.01.1999), there are four solo categories - to 12, to 15, to 18. The 5th category is for professional players and the 6th category is for chamber music - accordion ensembles, accordion with other instruments. The aim of this festival is to select the candidates for the international competitions in Klingenthal and Castelfidardo. More than 100 competitiors were competing to be the Polish representatives to both these international events. The candidates selected for Castelfidardo 99' took part in special accordion seminar in July (1- 14.1999), where they had oportunity to master their programs tutored by academy professors.
All Polish Accordion Competition in Chelm (20-23.05.1999), for young talented accrdionists, age limit 15 - 18 years. The aim of this competition is to select candidates for professional education at the academies of music (MA degree). Of the 36 candidates who appeared, 100% of them played button accordion B system in both hands with converter.
We also had some regional accordion competitions (auditions) mostly for younger students of music schools of the first and second grades: Wroclaw Accordion Presentations (22.11.1998 for the western part of Poland), Kashubs' Accordion Meetings (28.04.1999 for the northern part of Poland), Accordion Presentations in Gorlice (19-20.04.1999 for the southern part of Poland).
Castelfidardo (7-12.10.1998): Polish competitors selected at the IVth All Polish Accordion Festival in Mlawa (20-21.01.1998) received the following prizes and places in second section: cat. A - P. Staniszewski III prize, R. Dominiak IV place, M. Okon VI place; cat. B - M. Majkusiak II prize, D. Walisiak VI place; cat. C - J. Kutera IV place; cat. chamber music M. Machel acc and D. Wisniewski clarinet III prize.
Klingenthal (7-13.05.1999): cat. II - P. Kopiec was II prize winner, cat. III - L. Kolodziejski was I prize winner, cat. IV - T.Holizna was XII in the second section, cat. V chamber music B. Brodzinska (accordion) and A. Wlodarska (flute) were II prize winners.
Castelfidardo (6-11.10.1999): cat. A - P. Staniszewski was III prize winner, cat. B - P. Kopiec was III prize winner, B. Kwiatkowska was V, cat. C - L. Kolodziejski was II prize winner, K. Korban was IV, cat. Concertisti - M. Cwiklinski was VI, cat. G1 chamber music - B. Brodinska (accordion) and A.Wlodarska (flute) were III prize winner.
Research and scientific works
Published books and articles:
L. Puchnowski, Forty years of presence of accordion in professional education in Poland , ZN, AMFC, Warszawa, 1999.
L. Puchnowski, New Syllabi (accordion, accordion chamber music, accordion literature, accordion methods of teaching, principles of accordion repair and tuning, plan for 5 years - 10 semesters of studies) for MA degree in Polish Academies of Music in concert accordion, ZN, AMFC, Warszawa 1999.
K. Olczak, The new technics in accordion composition, AM, Gdansk, 1999.
J. Pater, The music language of A.Krzanowski in his compositions for accordion, AM,Kraków, 1999.
J. Madrawski, Pedagogical and concert literature in B.Dowlasz's compositions for accordion, AM, Warszawa, 1999.
E. Rosinska, Astor Piazzola and his compositions, Music Movement Magazine, 19/98, Warszawa; Tuba mirum!, Music Movement Magazine, 7/99.
Master Theses
B. Brodinska, Development of the music education and accordion teaching in the Jaworzno region, AMFC,Warszawa,1999.
B. Krauz, Development of the music education and accordion teaching in the Rzeszów region, AMFC, Warszawa, 1999.
L. Kaminska, Accordion in USA, Warszawa, 1999.
P. Ksiazek, New technics in composition for accordion, description and analysis, AMFC, Warszawa, 1999.
M. Molenda, Development of the music education and accordion teaching in the Zamosc region, AM, Lódz, 1999.
M. Pelcarski, Development od the music education and accordion teaching in the Krosno region, AM, Lódz, 1999.
A. Cudo, Analysis of 24 Capriccios of B.K.Przybylski, AM, Bydgoszcz,1999.
R. Borysionek, The accordion compositions of K.Olczak, AM, Gdansk, 1999.
G. Spiewak, The music and playing problems in accordion compositions of A. Krzanowski, AM, Kraków 1999.
O. Gut, A.Piazzola's "Homage a Liege" and its position in Bandoneom literature, AM, Kraków, 1999.
M. Bielinska, The character of B.Dowlasz's accordion compositions, AM, Kraków, 1999.
I. Konopko, New trends in accordion literature for children, AM, Gdansk,1999. A.Mierzwa, Position of accordion in the French music of the XXth century, AM, Wroclaw, 1999.
J. Kosinski, Development of the music education and accordion teaching in the Legnica region, AM, Wroclaw.
New Compositions for Accordion
M. Niziurski, Execises - pictures for accordion solo, 1999, (manuscript)
L. Wos, Sonatina for accordion solo, 1999 (manuscript)
L. Wos, Children suite for accordion solo, 1999, (manuscript)
A. Tuchowski, Ballada for accordion solo, 1999, (manuscript)
A. Tuchowski, Jazz - Toccata, for accordion solo, 1999, (manuscript)
B. K. Przybylski, Progress for concert accordion, 1999, (manuscript).
V. Monti/L. Puchnowski, Cardas, virtuoso transcription for accordion and violin (flute), Manfred Weiss Musikverlag, Dormund, Germany, 1999.
J.S. Bach, Preludium and Fuge e minor BWV 535, transcription for accordion orchestra, Manfred Weiss Musikverlag, Dortmund, Germany, 1999.
Concert Activity
The accordion in Poland is fully accepted as a concert instrument. Members of the chair gave 461 full solo and chamber music recitals and 8 concerts with symphony orchestras. They performed for TV and Radio some 384 minutes of accordion music. They also took part in 20 well known festivals of contemporary music in different parts of Poland.
In the Music Academy of Warszawa, big concert hall (14.11.1999), took place the concert of the chair of accordion. There were presented works of: D. Scarlatti, J.S. Bach, A. Repnikov, A. Banszczikov, Ole Schmidt, H. Brehme, Astor Piazzola-Grnad Tango for cello and accordion, Milonaga for viola and accordion, Fr. Poulenc clarintet and accordion. This concert was very well received by the audience of about 400 people (Concert hall is for 600 people).
On the 8.12.1999, K. Baran will perform with the academic symphony orchestra, Concerto No.3 by A. Repnikov.
General Activity
The members of the chair were active as members of:
National Council for Music Education (L. Puchnowski), music experts, deans (J. Jurek, J. Siemak)
Presidents of the Music Academies (B. Dowlasz in AM Lódz, J. Kaszuba in AM Bydgoszcz)
Publishers (J. Lukasiewicz), President of the FONOLA Publishing House.
They were members of national and international jury panels. They were active on development and improvement of the music and accordion education in Poland.
Prof. Lech Puchnowski
Accordion Chair Head
Frederic Chopin Academy of Music

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