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Title: Frispei
Artist: Gameboj Hitparade
Supplied by: Gameboj Hitparade
Review date: 22nd January 1999
Tracks: Gaffaman
Jubileumspolka (INTRO)
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This CD features John Kullberg a diatonic and accordion player and his band Gameboj Hitparade from Sweden. John was born in 1979 and started to play the mouth harmonica when he was 2 and when he was 3 he began with the diatonic accordion. When he was 4 years old he played in public for the first time. He has been touring Scandinavia, Russia and USA and played on radio and TV many times. In the 1996 John got Alingsas sites cultural prize and it was the first time that the prize goes to a diatonic-player and accordionist.

In 1996 John started a trio (Gameboj Hitparade) with bass, drums, diatonic and accordion. They play "Russian fusion" a kind of rock-music with tunes that John picked from computer games and Cajun music. You can hear many different kinds of style in their music - folk, classical, rock and so on........

It is not often that I come across a CD where accordion (in this case diatonic as well as standard) is used in a rock band. Even though I am a classically orientated accordionist, I do not find this CD disturbing. On the contrary, I found it accomplished with good taste. It is a rock music CD with all the characteristic sounds and rhythms of rock music and very interesting with the accordion as a lead instrument of the band. The accordionist is clearly very skilful especially in terms of style and technique.

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