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Title: Kyrillikata
Artists: Jacek Grekow and Piotr Chololowicz - accordions, Nadja Klincarova - vocal
Review date: 5th June 1998
Tracks: Izgrev ( Fantasy about Roma Themes)
More Sokol Pije (Macedonian Folk Song)
Kyrillikata (Topics from Razlog/Macedonia)
Dobrudza (Bulgarian Folk Song)
Strkeli (Roma-dance from the Balcan)
Spomen (Slavic Suite, Themes from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Poland)
Tuginata (Macedonian Folk Song)
Kyrillikata 2 (Bulgarian and Russian themes)

I recently received this very interesting and unique CD to review. I'll try to describe its musical content in brief: Macedonian, Bulgarian, Polish, Russian and Gypsy folk motives and themes are arranged and performed on two button (chromatic) accordions. Some other folk instruments are used too (tarambuka, bagpipes) as well as vocals. Rhythms are typically Balcan and South Slavic rhythms: 9/8; 7/8; 6/8.

South Slavic motives and rhythms are something I have grown up with, but on this recording they are brought up to a level of very fine art.

Technically, all the pieces are performed with great ease along with amazing tone and bellows control. Stylistically, Piotr and Jacek play with a lot of feeling and sensibility, their phrases 'breath' and 'sing' and are so refined that it touches you emotionally. One cannot be critical of their performances.

In general Balcan folk music needs a very strong bass pulse and a colourful variety of different rhythms (often Poly-Rhythms).

In the pieces where vocals appear it gives them very special feeling of deepness and melancholy. I would even dare to say Slavic melancholy! The vocals are also excellent!

At one point these fine musicians used the theme from the last movement of Zolotariev's Sonata No 3, which they do so with tastefulness and style.

An absolutely brilliant CD!

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