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Title: Missing Time
Artists: The Gary Blair Ceilidh Band - Gary Blair
Supplied by: Gary Blair
Review date: 8th May 1998
    Jig Time:
  • Morrison' s Jig
  • Rory MacLeod
  • Glasgow City Police Pipers
  • Jeanette Maclnnes
    Waltz Time:
  • Kelly-Ann McLeod
    Reel Time:
  • The Joys of Quebec
  • Frenchie's Reel
  • The Stumbling Block
  • Margaret McLeod's Reel
    March Time:
  • Linda MacFarlane
  • Master Alastair Cunningham Weir
  • Bobby Brown's Welcome to Scotland
    Waltz Time:
  • The Red Rose Cafe
  • Les Bicyclette de Belsize
    Strathspey Time:
  • The Boys of Bluehill
  • The March Hare
    Reel Time:
  • Suzanna Barbour
  • C.M.Barbour
  • Miss Mary Printy
    Continental Time:
  • Fliegende Blatter
Two-Step Time
Waltz Time
Reel Time
Slow Air Time

Gary Blair is well known as one of Scotland's foremost accordion entertainers and presents himself on this CD with a very enjoyable and entertaining choice of music. He has divided the programme into 12 sections, calling them: Waltz Time, Continental Time, March Time, etc…. making it easy for people to select which style of music they would like to listen to, without having to listen to it first!

Although Gary's performance consists of many traditional pieces, he changes them in a pleasantly unusual way. This has been achieved by colouring them with Scottish folk motives, which give them a unique and interesting style. In the pieces like Morrison's Jig, Glasgow City Police Pipers, Gary offers us a completely new sound, by combining the accordion with violin.

Gary and his band sound so alive, inventive and sophisticated and they play with such SPIRIT! They must really enjoy making music, as this is so apparent in this EXCELLENT recording.

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