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Reviewer: Joan Cochran Sommers
Title: Almost Home
Artist: David Lange, accordion (with assisting artists)
Supplied by: Artist
Review date: 4 April 2008

Almost Home

David Lange - Accordion, Producer, Engineer, Composer, Arranger
Neil Andersson - rhythm guitar and lead guitar
Tom Armstrong - percussion, pandeiro
Keith Arneson - banjo
Orville Johnson - Dobro and rhythm guitar
Jeff Busch - percussion
Michael Gray - violin
Mark Ivester - drums
Cary Black, Keith Lowe and Rick Leppenan - bass
John Miller- guitar; Greg Ruby - rhythm guitar & 7 string guitar
Hans Tueber - alto sax
John Reischman - mandolin

Normally, I wouldn't list all these "assisting" musicians on an accordion CD; however, in this case, they are just so spectacular in their work they must be acknowledged a bit more than is usual. This is a really enjoyable recording by some outstanding commercial musicians! There is something you will want to listen to on every single track. I have listened several times and find myself wanting to listen again; you will feel the same.

To quote from the abundant liner notes: "Almost Home" is very much about returning. The most obvious return is back to playing music; and playing that music on accordion, an instrument I began at age five. Even though I left it for a long time, it is still home to me." And, of course, the title and opening piece on the CD is Almost Home written and played on accordion by David Lange.

There are many exciting arrangements of pieces we all know as well as some originals by the talented David Lange. The sound of the accordion is expertly captured, which is not always the case with recordings. This is easy listening music with some outstanding solo work by all the musicians. It exemplifies American commercial music in the best possible manner in my opinion. The music is enjoyable to hear, with good American jazz elements and no far-out-there experimentation where the melody is totally lost without recovery. Those who like to dance will find it hard to sit still on so many of the pieces, too, what with a samba, tango, pieces with wonderful Latin flavors and Brazilian percussion being introduced. The arrangement of the familiar Tico Tico will bring visions of the famous street dancers in South America. There is wonderful duo work by the accordion and violin on this piece as well as on the other featured tune so long popular with accordionists, Dark Eyes, which has an unexpected working of the piece and a good left hand, too.

David Lange must not have totally abandoned playing an instrument since his technique surely has not suffered! It is clean and rapid, if necessary, and he knows how to play extremely well whether as the soloist or the accompanist. He bends reeds and uses tasteful vibrato and does so in a musical way, not as a side-show. In other words, he knows how to accomplish some of the best attributes of the instrument and uses them well without overdoing them for a non-musical purpose. You will enjoy his accordion playing.

The CD liner notes are very good; they are interesting and comprehensive with wonderful Design, Graphics, and Photos all put together with the first and most importantly crucial element: Great Music! Buy this enjoyable CD at Amazon and itunes or go to for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. You will not regret buying it; you will listen to it many times.

CD Review Joan Cochran Sommers - 4 April, 2008