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Reviewer: Joan Cochran Sommers
Title: Virtuoso Accordion
Artist: Mikko Luomo
Supplied by: Artist
Review date: 14 March 2008

This outstanding performer has named his CD most aptly! This repertoire requires the utmost musicianship, technical dexterity and bellows control in every single selection. Mikko Luomo certainly has all the necessary attributes of a fine artist in the performances exhibited throughout each and every piece. He also has a tremendous educational and experiential background to back up his performances. In other words, he is more than qualified as a true musical artist.

The liner notes accompanying the CD are quite lengthy and very helpful in speaking of both the compositions and the composer. They would serve anyone well in studying the repertoire or researching more information. I only wish the publisher of each composition had been listed as assistance for any future performers of the repertoire.

The word "esoteric" best describes most of the music on this CD. Although it is of the highest quality, it does take some background to appreciate it the first time around. For those persons who are interested in serious music for the accordion and in the great potential of both instrument and its future players, then this is an ideal recording; it will indeed inspire them.

The most familiar music is the well-recognized "Carpathian Suite" by the equally-well-known performer/composer, Vladimir Zubitsky. It has been a staple in the solo repertoire of many fine players for several years and deservedly continues to be a favorite on concerts and in competitions held throughout the world.

The Finnish composer, Jukka Tiensuu, is represented by two compositions, one of which is a world premiere recording. Admirers of his music will not be disappointed with either of these performances! In fact, there are good remarks to make about all the included compositions throughout the CD. Each selection is a fine example of accordion music to have in one's collection. I recommend "Virtuoso Accordion" by Mikko Luoma very highly.

"Bravi!" to everyone involved in the actual recording, the production, the selection of repertoire and, naturally, above all, to the performer, Mikko Luoma, who holds a position of senior lecturer in classical accordion and contemporary chamber music at Turku Music Academy in Finland. The CD is available through Bridge Records, Inc., or E-mail:

CD Review Joan Cochran Sommers - 14 March, 2008