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Title:  Sarakina-Junctions
Artist: Jacek Grekow (accordion), Jan Mlejinek, Karol Sypytkowski
Supplied by: Artist
Review date: 20 April 2007

Sarakina-Junctions Jacek Grekow (accordion), Jan Mlejinek, Karol Sypytkowski

On the cover photograph an old lady and a young woman are looking into each others eyes. They are wearing the same earrings, the young woman has a trace of make up.

A continuity with the past and a look into the future. In “Junctions” traditional and original tunes alternate and the circularity of the relationship between them breathes life into a CD that seems like the wind through leafy branches. Hats off to Sarakina with a particular mention to the composer and arranger Jacek Grekow, who has given meaning to the encoiunter between cultural and popular music.

The 3 east european musicians are proud of their heritage and their studies in Poland , Austria and Bulgaria and play respectively: Grekow – accordion, kava and bagpipes Jan Mlejinek clarinet and drum; and Karol Sypytkowski – bass, a true cornerstone.

This grouping is enriched by the percussionist Wojciech Bronakowski and in some tunes with the arcane vocal timbres of Maciej Nerkowski. Overall this a is a beautiful CD that always maintains its quality and remains interesting throughout, both in the more rhythmical pulsating tunes and those more calm and reflective. The expressive range of the instruments is taken to the maximum giving this CD a striking personality.

Reviewed by Renato Belardinelli, April 2007

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