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Title:  Recollections of Piazolla
Artist: Yuri Medianik (bayan), with “Piazzolla Quintet” and “Gnesin Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra”
Supplied by: Artist
Review date: 30 March 2007

Recollections of PiazollaYuri Medianik (bayan), with “Piazzolla Quintet” and “Gnesin Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra”

Listening to this Cd based singularly on the works of Astor Piazolla, a composer that Yuri Medianik had already interpreted with distinction ( on his previous disc “Resurrection ofAngel”) one can only confirm ones admiration of the technical and musical talents of this young russian musician ( who is also an accomplished violinist).

The talents of the soloist – which are clearly revealed in the two tracks recorded with only the bajan, that is Pedro y Pedro ( the only piece composed by Piazolla for bandoneon solo) and Oblivion – are however admirably supported and valued by the talents of his supporting artists who are the “Piazolla Quintet” (formed , other than Medianik, by M.Durnad – violin, M.S.Khokhlov- piano, A.Doynikov – percussion, M.Khokhlov – bass; with the parcipation of the cellist E.Tonkha) and in the suite The Seasons with the “Gnesin Virtuosi Chamber “ orchestra, directed by M.S.Khokhlov ( the pianist of the quintet).

If we add to the musical talent and the technical bravura, as is most certainly found on the disc, the validity of the arrangements and the orchestration..well, one really can , say to have had the pleasure and fortune of listening to a first class recording, even though the programme contained has no novelty.

One last point: the refinements of certain tracks( like Bordel 1900,Nightclub1960 …and the unusual, almost “provacating“ version “slow remix” di Libertango) can be seen even in the ideas and realization – text and graphics – of the accompanying booklet ( written in russian,english and french).

This CD is available from the site of Yuri Medianik.

Reviewed by Alessandro Mugnoz, March 2007

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