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Artist: Friedrich Lips, Bayan
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Review date: 02 March 2007

NO COMMENT – Friedrich Lips, Bayan

This outstanding CD has great examples of both arrangements made especially for the bayan and of pieces originally composed for it and, in some cases, dedicated to Friedrich Lips. And, as always, the world famous bayanist Friedrich Lips performs the repertoire with his usual impeccable perfectionism! He has proven infallible not only in his choice of repertoire but also once again his abilities as an arranger.

Lips has always shown an interest in building the concert repertoire of the bayan. He has provided inspiration to composers and, in addition, guidance by working with them in the final realization of the pieces, thereby making the repertoire not only suitable for the instrument but also playable. Of course, Friedrich Lips offers even more incentive to composers by giving the works their consummate performance whether recorded or in public concerts. The accordion/bayan players, now and in the future, must be extremely grateful for this growing list of additions to the serious repertoire. This CD has examples of several such original works, and all are by well-recognized composers who have made a significant contribution by composing for the bayan.

Some of the original music written for the bayan today seems almost beyond the ability or capability of normal performers. But this CD has selections which are not always that; they are accessible and, therefore, more likely to be performed many times throughout the world. This CD by Friedrich Lips without doubt will embolden and encourage many performers to examine and consider the selections for their future study. They cannot go wrong by doing so.

You will admire the artistry always inherent in the playing of Friedrich Lips! I believe you will also appreciate and enjoy the music on this NO COMMENT recording. I recommend it very highly; it gives even more credence to the distinguished reputation long held by Friedrich Lips.

Reviewed by Joan Cochran Sommers, March 2007

Note: For full biographical information and to order this or any of Friedrich Lips' CDs, see his site at

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