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Title: Dunkelrote Rose
Artist: Friedrich Lips
Supplied by: Friedrich Lips Productions
Review date: 28 July 2006

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Dunkelrote Rose - encore 2
Friedrich Lips, Bayan

Great musicians are usually great musicians regardless of the repertoire they play! This giant of bayan performers proves that and more with this encore CD. This is music for everyone; it is not only for those musicians who decidedly want to hear original music for the instrument by the latest renowned composer writing especially for Friedrich Lips!

You will find music not always associated with the bayan or the accordion; in these performances, however, you will believe the composers meant them to be. Many of the titles are extremely well known; others are less so, but all are played with a confident air of excitement and enthusiasm to make you swear you've heard them all your life and cannot wait to hear them again. They are also ideal choices for encores!

These arrangements of favorite pieces by some very favorite composers will bring a smile to your face. Some of you will most certainly remember playing your own versions of several of them, only I dare say yours didn't turn out quite so perfectly played or with such difficult passages here and there!

This is great playing by a great artist and it is such a pleasure to listen to…go buy this CD soon for you will enjoy it time and time again. The assisting musicians add tremendously to the success of several pieces and, personally, I wished they had been used even more on this recording. The arrangements are wonderful and feature some really fine playing by all involved! Inspiring? Absolutely!

Reviewed by Joan Cochran Sommers, August 2006

Note: For full biographical information and to order this or any of Friedrich Lips' CDs, see his site at

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