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Title: Iona Reed Trio
or Lovers Only Latin, Continental and American Dance Favourites
Artist: Iona Reed (Accordion), Ron Kelly (Guitar), Bill Tuttle (Drums & Percussion)
Supplied by: Iona Reed (Accordion), Ron Kelly (Guitar), Bill Tuttle (Drums & Percussion)
Review date: 18 May 2005

Each of the three musicians in this outstanding trio has earned a reputation for excellence and success throughout a long period of musical activity in Canada.

Iona Reed (Pukara) won the Coupe Mondiale in 1962 held in Prague, Czechoslovakia. She and her teacher, Karl Pukara (who later became her husband), made several recordings together as well as performing and adjudicating in throughout Ontario and Quebec, in the United States and in Europe.

Ron Kelly has been playing guitar for more than 47 years and has performed with many Canadian jazz greats. He has performed with Iona Reed since 1984 and is regarded by his fellow musicians as one of the finest jazz guitarists in Northern Ontario.

Bill Tuttle on drums & percussion is a recognized artist as well as a musician. He has 48 years experience performing as a drummer and Latin percussionist with local dance bands. He co-led his highly successful country-rock group from 1978 to 1981.

The Iona Reed Trio is one of the very few dance bands on the music scene today that performs Continental, Latin American and Broadway Standards, according to the liner notes by Judi Koski. All the musical arrangements are by Iona Reed and Ron Kelly. The title of this CD, “For Lovers Only” is most aptly chosen!

These tunes are the kind that make couples want to get out on the dance floor, hold each other close, and whisper sweet nothings while dancing to these very danceable melodies with interesting rhythms and fine arrangements. Some of the tunes you will know immediately, others you may need to look up, but all of them are well chosen. The experience of the group is evident.

Everyone will enjoy this CD but the “over 50 crowd” will really love it. Actually, anyone who likes to dance will love it! All of you accordionists wishing to play for the society fund-raisers and clubs that feature dinner dances should study this CD. It has just the right assortment of dance styles to keep the crowds happy. They are played very well with nice dynamics and colorful selections of switches. Great listening, but you honestly won’t want to listen; you will want to dance!

The CD sells for $20.00 Canadian and the price includes all taxes plus a donation to the Alzheimer Society. Purchases may be made by contacting Iona Reed or by e-mailing although the Trio is in the process of obtaining an website at the moment, so it may be best to look that up when ordering.

Supplied by: Joan Cochran Sommers (May 2005)

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