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Title: El Tango En Africa

Cape Town Tango Ensemble - Stanislav Anguelov (accordion), Henryk Jacek Domagala (violin), Albert Combrink (piano) and Basil Heald (bass).

Supplied by: Stanislav Anguelov
Review date: July 18th 2003

1. Made in Africa
2. Adios Nonino
3. Oblivion
4. Por Una Cabeza
5. Milonga de la anunciacion
6. Bonita Nina
7. A Borges
8. Jealousy
9. La Cumparsita
10. Chiquilin de Bachin
11. Primavera Porteno
12. Tango pour Claude
13. Libertango

Stanislav Anguelov comes from Bulgaria. Stanislav studied at the Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria with Peter Marinov and received a degree in accordion in 1991, after which he taught at the "Constantine Preslavsky" University in Shumen. He has taken part in competitions and concerts in Bulgaria, France and Poland, both as a soloist or member of an accordion orchestra. In 1992 he moved to Cape Town in South Africa, where he teaches and performs.

Stanislav has completed recordings of Classical Music for the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), and has been featured in many CD's with other artists. He released his solo album called "Stanislav" in 1998 and the first CD of his Cape Town Tango Ensemble called "El Tango en Africa" was released in May 2003. In 2001 he appeared with the Cape Town Tango Ensemble in the production of the show "Tango del Fuego" at Oude Libertas Amphitheatre; Grahams town, Klein Karoo and Potchefstroom Arts Festivals; and in the TV series "Back stage" on E-TV.

Stanislav is a leader of the following Ensembles: Cape Town Tango Ensemble (accordion, violin, piano & bass); Blue Danube Trio (violin, accordion & bass); Mediterranean Ensemble (violin, accordion & mandolin); and Playing with Fire (clarinet or saxophone & accordion).
In addition, he very often accompanies opera singers. He is also member of the "Simka" Klezmer band and often performs as a soloist at Concerts or Corporate and Private Functions.

Featuring a genre of tango, the Cape Town Tango Ensemble shows a potent, full bodied and competent performance. A great variety of tango composers are presented on this recording: Piazzolla, Galliano, Malando, Florio, Gardel and others, which offers a variety within the genre and makes it really interesting. Stanislav does a professional job on the accordion as does the Ensemble as a whole. The pianist in particular, made quite an impression on me. On some tracks (1, 5, 13) different kinds of African drums were used (Talking Drum from Ghana, Kayomba from Kenya, Djembe Drum from West Africa), and that gave a special African 'flavor' of wildness and mystery to those particular numbers - I found them colorful and interesting. The Cape Town Tango Ensemble are quite good at what they are doing. ****


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