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Title: Cool Change
Artist: Peter Piccini Jazz Trio - Peter Piccini (accordion), Christopher Paraldini (bass) and Dennis Bird (drums).
Supplied by: Peter Piccini
Review date: August 31st 2001

1. Cool Change
2. Pete's Blues
3. Movin'
4. It's You
5. Bass 'n' Keys
6. Just Fine
7. Paris Mood
8. Soft As Velvet
9. Mood Swings
10. Accordion Caprice

On this 2nd recording, accordionist and entertainer Peter Piccini presents himself as a leading instrumentalist of his jazz trio which includes bass and drums.

This recording consists of 10 tunes, all composed and arranged by Peter in the jazz-swing style.

My first impression about this band was that these three instruments blend in together ideally. Although they are in the "back ground", drums and bass give good foundation. Their presence adds nicely to the overall sound image, creating a really "cool" jazz experience. As a listener I really appreciated that all the instruments were acoustic - no electronic attachments. The sound and the "feel" of an acoustic band is irreplaceable to me personally, with all due respect to modern technology.

Secondly, I loved Peter's playing style. His jazz-swing is mellow, yet full-flavoured and mature as well as technically clear and crisp. Peter plays with a lot of style and I enjoyed listening to his recording very much.


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